Of facts and fountains…..

2015-04-08 14.53.01
So what if I am too tired,
too busy,  too foggy,  too muddled by details
that keep dribbling over the edge of my lists and days
like an overstuffed laundry hamper spilling onto floors that I wish
I could clear and clean and freeze that way.

And what if the nights aren’t strong enough to hold me at rest,
if the mornings smack hard of hurry and go
and if the money that I feel I must need won’t happen unless
I go faster and harder and better and more?
What if everything is just exactly as harsh and unrelenting
and jagged and disappointing as it sometimes seems.
Where do I go with that thought?

2015-04-14 10.58.54

Inside,  to the center of the place where I only ever need to be,
where dwells a  living Love who whispers truth
over all these facts pretending to be real,
over the barbed wire thinking that I sometimes painful feel
and here my heart collapses grateful into the friendly,  worn,  overstuffed chair
of arms that hold me firm inside a living rest
like a fountain pulled around me tender,
making dry bones live again.

I can rethink the messy stuff of living….it just is what it is.
And I’m free to love it all and thrive
just exactly as I am

I love peace.

2015-04-14 13.13.27

“Don’t believe everything you think.”
-Byron Katie


  1. Yes.
    And you have more than a few friends who would happily snuggle into those overstuffed chairs of the mind with you. Revelling and relishing the now. The enough. The peace.

  2. Spring is such a busy time for me too…. So often I feel like that and I have to remind myself just be in the now because that’s all I have, really. When I remind myself that He’s there waiting to care for me.
    The moment moves forward and I have to keep up and not jump to the future or lag behind in the past. The love is in the right now, forever in the right now.

    Sweet Spring my friend.

  3. You constantly inspire and motivate with your beautiful posts. Thank you.

  4. nice pictures! i love spring, with thousands flowers everywhere 🙂

  5. We all need times to retreat and take it slow. Take a deep breath! Loving the photos here, Spring is a great time for renewal!

  6. You remind me, dear Child, to “go out of my mind and come to my senses,” and I love you for it!

  7. Barbed wire thinking…i so love your imagination! And yes…the messy stuff of living….it truly is…just what it is. Like Sue says above…Take deep breaths!

  8. A perfect ending quote I am embracing….’over the barbed wire thinking that I sometimes painful feel’…we do sometimes make our own pain. I too am finding tat peace and solace and saying…today I am resting and enjoying…today the hard work will be to do nothing.

    • today the hard work will be to do nothing.
      that’s good. today, for me, the hard work will be
      to stay in a place of rest (in my heart) even while I’m working
      hard. Freedom in the way’s we’re thinking – yay:)
      thanks for dropping by, Donna,

  9. Oh Jennifer, it’s as if we January girls are thinking from one mind. In my stress, I have been repeatedly reminding myself that I shouldn’t believe my perception, but go into my light, my heart, my soul, my quiet space…and be. Thank you for sharing your beauty. You say it all better than I ever could

  10. OK, don’t laugh at me for this but I think I’m going to print this one out and stick it in my funeral service/memorial file. It so captures exactly how I feel, how I think, how I have lived my life. Right now I feel as though I live more often in that overstuffed chair, having left some of the financial and stressful worries behind me when I left my work. It is thoughts like this that got me through the darkest days and perhaps will someday get me through more dark days. Not too soon, I hope! Splendid.

  11. “And what if the nights aren’t strong enough to hold me at rest,
    if the mornings smack hard of hurry and go”….I’m sending this off to a friend today and putting it on my computer. I don’t know if you have been told this…probably you have….but you have Mary Oliver in you. The reason I say that is that you are not all sunshine and daffodils. the lightness of your love for this world comes from knowing all the dark and not being afraid to speak it out loud. If you have a book of poetry, put me first in line. (Don’t you love Byron Katie?) What a godsend to us all.

  12. (Mary Oliver…..swoon)
    Thanks for your bright encouragement and the lilt and voice
    in your beautiful words….such a gift to me. THANK you:)
    Keep writing and pouring out, friend,

  13. Such a yummy spot of realization that I have been getting too. The lack is an illusion in the grandness of things.xoxo

  14. Yes, ma’am … this life, it is what it is and aren’t we lucky for it? I feel so lucky, also, to have you in my world.

  15. Lord have mercy, Jennifer…how do you always manage to put into words exactly how I’m feeling? “and if the money that I feel I must need won’t happen unless
    I go faster and harder and better and more?” Your words have a way of acknowledging and helping me along to that place of peace. I hope we can both find it and stay there even while all of those details keep dribbling over the edges of our to-do lists. Sending hugs!

  16. wow, your words really spoke deeply to me!! I am going to bookmark this one and reread a few more times!!

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