In shadow and glare…..

2015-04-06 16.25.57
It’s planting time and I’m down in the dirt on my knees
a lot
so I thought I’d scatter some seeds and pour some water
on our maybe parched places
because the harsh glare of living dries us quick
and we sometimes need a little soak.

~You are mighty,   even where you’re weak.
Especially where you’re weak,
those gimpy places a powerful nudge
to tag someone in who is stronger that way.
Some dreams just won’t bloom
while we’re lone-wolfing it.

You are beautiful.
Devastatingly beautiful.
It’s that unique beauty that breaks the back of the slave-making system
that demands you “be like” something else.
Go ahead and shine……there’d be a dark piece of missing sky
without you.

2015-04-06 16.27.59

 There are seasons when you’re hidden,
protected beneath loving wings that can make you feel
Don’t despise those quiet places;  there is wisdom in dormant things.
Your Spring will come.
Some seasons aren’t mild;  don’t fear the shadow
or the glare.

You’re no random bunch of molecules in motion.
You’re here by design,
artisan handcrafted.
(I’ve a gazillion questions,  too,  but I know it to be true.)
I see it in you.
A fierce beauty……..something stunning.
Just so,  so good.
And you’re delighted in by a Love that sings yes and joy and belonging
over your being.

2015-04-11 12.47.54

“I get thirsty people glasses of water,  even if that thirsty person is just me.”
-Anne Lamott

Love and lift to Leslie of Let a Joy Keep You
as my little zine zips across the miles to your hands this week.
Thanks for all the kind comments;  I love this community
and your shiny way:)


  1. What a beautiful uplifting poem for a glorious Spring day Jennifer.
    Such beautiful words coming to the surface to make me feel loved by design.
    Have a sweet week.

    • Loved by design…..I love that:)
      We are, I suppose, just exactly that.
      I love learning to appreciate each unique
      beauty as it was designed.
      Thanks for pointing that out (and for coming by!)

  2. Beautiful, and uplifting.
    Here it is weeding time. For my soul and the garden.

  3. Your words tell of the beauty of spring so well 🙂

    I need to get into the garden to help fine tune my soul 🙂

  4. I so needed to read this today! “You’re here by design,
    artisan handcrafted.” YES!!!

  5. Oh your words speak so WONDERFULLY to my heart,
    when I need those tender but strong pushing.
    I love the permission your blogs bring and give…
    the ‘tag someone who is stronger that way’ …

    I love taking up my piece of sky when I can read your
    wonderful words. I loved the ezine this month. It
    came just in time to sooth my weary heart, getting
    sharpened against the rocks can be tough, but necessary
    some times… thank you for the soothing balm that is
    the way you speak wonderful understanding into life.

  6. Mighty when weak – what a lovely thought and superb shots too.

  7. Ah, thank you for these words of truth, love, and belonging. And I’m so excited to have won this week’s giveaway! (Saw your comment on my blog and immediately started smiling 🙂

    For some reason your blog comment didn’t show up in my email notifications. This is happening with a few of my regular commenters, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why!?

  8. Here by design, artisan crafted. Indeed! I don’t dare plant much yet but lettuce but this is my planting/flower gathering/clean-up weekend. I expect to welcome dirt under my fingernails (to go along with the paint — I don’t think I’ve had good nails for decades!) and add a little color to our greening world. Oh, the smiles (and aching back!)

  9. There is wisdom in the dormant things. How I’m learning this to be true.
    Thanks for the morning uplift as I sip my coffee and plan.
    Warmly, Kathy

  10. Drinking goodness, drinking it in good!

  11. You and Anne always know just what to say … bless your hearts.

  12. I am learning not to fear the shadows or my weak cracked spots….those scars make me stronger….wonderful uplifting words my friend.

    • fearing shadows and glare, both of those places can make me
      ever so uncomfortable, is freedom, I think.
      I love that we get so much practice:)
      thanks for coming by and sharing the conversation,

  13. There would be a dark place of missing sky without you, too, Jennifer. Thank you for empowering us and reminding us who we are.

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