the dance of fully living….

It’s coming on a shaking loose the stiff of shoulders tight with cold
and the wide outstretching of a thin ice sky,
the sweeping and springing up fronds of things greening,
uncurling into life

And I want to come unwrapped
to feel the sun on skin still pale,
to be lifted free of weary things,
go wide awake and fearlessly
stride right into the turn of earth as wildly she goes spinning,
boldly dipped and twirled into the dance of fully living


I want to be scooped up
like a bird on currents gliding,
to ride the waves with bold abandon
instead of hiding
or numbing
or just not dying

as I sense the season greening,
turning slow into the springing
all this rolling,  warming,  peeping
my heart bellows to parts still sleeping
how I want to really live
while I’m alive.

“When it’s all over,  I don’t want to wonder
if I have made of my life something particular,  and real.
I don’t want to find myself sighing and frightened,
or full of argument.
I don’t want to end up having simply visited this world.”
-Mary Oliver

I so wish I could read this out loud to you…..could work the tech support necessary.
It’s meant for the hearing,  not the reading.
I will learn this skill,  I will.


  1. Love those daffodills – and your dancing heart and mind.

  2. Thank you for this dollop of longing for springtime living and loving!

  3. Oh, how I love Mary Oliver! Great shots of the daffodils too.

  4. The snow is still dominating our landscape but my heart knows that Spring isn’t far away and your lovely flowers are a real treat for my eyes.
    I love how your words dance on a feeling of anticipation for things to start poking and unfurling, and burst forth with color.
    Welcome March.

  5. Beautiful Vision and Verb 🙂

  6. You have a marvelous way of giving me things I need to read when I need to read them. Today, I have put “to be lifted free of weary things” on my notepad of things that will help me write my book. Thank you Jennifer.

  7. What a joyful lift your bright daffs and happy words give me on this gray day with its “wintry mix” of sleet, snow and rain. I know this comes before the spring, before the daylight savings begins, but I am ready to see the daffs in my yard, too! Till then, I’ll savor yours! Merci!

    • I’m tired of winter’s mix. All the mix. The mix we have here is winter
      one day and early Spring the next. Back and forth. Such an unclear thing
      when seasons begin and end.
      Thanks for coming by and savoring the daffodilia:)

  8. I’m a lover of Mary Oliver too and this sentence just takes my breath away…”I don’t want to end up having simply visited this world.” Thank you…and also thanks for such bright spring reminders that it’s on the way!

  9. Yes, I so want “to be lifted free of weary things” in my body, to ride that wave into springtime.Yes and thank you!

  10. Thanks for all this … i would love to hear your voice reading as we swayed all comfy, curled and relaxed in a hammock under trees swishing in the breeze and the lovely scent of your blooms in the air. Can you tell I am seriously jonesing for Spring?

    • oh how awesome would that be, to just have a sunny,
      breezy gathering and share our words out loud:)
      I love that idea…..I’m rooting for you sooooo hard
      to get some warming soon!

  11. Zena Toledo says

    Such a beautiful post, both images and text are wonderful, this sentence in particular, “how I want to really live, while I am alive” spoke to my soul today…

  12. I am yearning for the spring warmth….to begin to soar again in the sun, amongst my garden….your lovely words bring me needed warmth. Much love to you!

    • yearning here, too, Donna….such a rollercoaster ride.
      Wanting to cultivate the blossoms down inside
      because they’re quite frost damaged in my yard:/
      love and joy to you as we wait,

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