Learning to love the lion of things…..

I will be grateful for the fires of winter
burning into the deep,  hard,  steely cold,
for the crackling sounds of earth giving up her strength
until ashes and coal
re-heated the heart and bones of me

and my soul sings thanks over old,  dirty snow,
over the slick of ice that skidded and slowed
what wanted to go faster,
wanted to outrun the gray skies closed in harsh
and find pretty things that pull my eyes
to softer places easier to see

blog crocus

  and I’ll call them good,  the little luminaries
in the bitter slow-going,
the bright little beings flocked close around the birdfeeder
and life calling me sometimes out
onto streets I didn’t want to travel,
for the ways it made me braver
and tugged me farther into the wilds of my soul
where seeds waited long for me to sing warm breath
over their hard little shells
until they,  too,  went green and glowing

and how odd that maybe it’s a rich thing ,
how slowly winterness melts and thins,
and draws it out long,   this waiting
for the stuff of fruit and herb and light and loam and bloom
and I’m grateful more than weary
for the lion of even tiresome things

blog daffys

I’m learning to love both the lamb and the lion of this thing called living:)

“….gone are the dark clouds that had me down,
it’s gonna be a bright,  bright
sunshiny day.”
-Jimmy Cliff

I’m gonna give away a copy of the March issue of my bright little zine,  Ripplesongs,
to the name I draw from the comments left on this post
……..jump on in,  if you like!
I’ll post the winner next Sunday:)


  1. My soul and my heart dance when they see you have posted. With reason.
    Long may your green things flourish.

  2. always beautiful here…love ” the little luminaries!”

  3. Ah, it’s hard to love that lion- looking forward to the lamb of Spring! Your photos add a sparkle to the day. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dear Jennifer, I love how you embrace the lion and the lamb of life.
    I too love the warm fire that chases the chills away while I wait for life to emerge from beneath all the deep snow.

    On that special day when all the snow is gone and for the first time I can see the tulips poking through, it’s like a new birth. I’m looking forward to Spring.

    • I’m so looking forward to YOUR Spring for you, too…..I can’t even
      imagine how the endless snow on ground would make me feel smothered.
      You’ve weathered it well, friend.
      Such a sweet inspire (you)

  5. Beautiful – warms my heart!

  6. Luminaries…I love that!! Thank you for sharing some spring with me! I am still buried in snow but now it is light in the evnings! I am hopeful. Peace to you, jennifer.

    • I love the growing light at end of day, too.
      Feels like at least the winterness gets a pink glow
      by end of day. I’m grateful for the dry ground now.
      And excited for your Spring to find you bright and open:)

  7. I love every snippet of your work and your soul!

  8. Beautiful shots of those luminaries! And lovely words about spring.

  9. “Bloom where you’re planted.” I keep telling myself that – I’m where I am for a purpose and I should be grateful and just bloom. xoxoxo

  10. I hope, my friend, that someone is publishing your work professionally because it deserves it. This poem of life, of spring, of slogging through the rough to get to the beautiful, deserves to be read by more than your bloggie friends. It should be read and cherished by everyone for it is indeed true and honest and as bright a gem as that sweet crocus you show. Big hugs to you!

    • That is a hope I hold close to heart with lots of prayer and patience, friend:)
      I appreciate so much your encouraging sparkles;
      feel them to the core of me and I thank you that.
      Big hugs back:)

  11. I love all the pictures of Spring that I am so ready for. I love to hear the words that just flow from your soul. I love you my sister

  12. Lovely….I am learning to deal with the slow melt of winter and the slow melt of me….you have again given me much food or should i say seed for thought….

    • The slow melt of me…..ohhhhh I can sing that song along with you:):):)
      Yes, beautifully put and my heart leaps a little and nods an also to that.
      thanks for coming by and sharing your lovely words,

  13. Oh my gosh, that little crocus is a small bit of heaven on earth! What magic is there. After what you wrote on my blog last week and what you have said here, I am reminded of Rainier Maria Rilke when he said: “Oh Earth, I need no more of your springtimes to remind me. Just one, just one is enough for my blood!” (I may have some small part wrong, I hold it in my memory.) Doesn’t that just say it all?

  14. Beautiful words…and those last three lines just moved me!!!

  15. Being fickle and forgetful humans, I think we need the cold and the hot, the gray and the sunshine, so that we can fully appreciate life! Beautiful post!

  16. These are just too lovely for words.

  17. “easier” + “rich” = Knowing the Lion And The Lamb

  18. So sunshiny strong! Cheering you as you race toward springtime! Me too!

  19. You are such a brave & shiny soul.

  20. You light my soul
    with luminous joy
    your words
    a breath of fresh air
    calling the spring
    to blossom in my heart.

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