truth in the tremble…..

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Stuff is just exactly
as broken
and shaky
and gimpy
as it is,
but hardly hopeless,
oddly beautiful even,
in the coming undone

so I’m gonna re-think the tremble
and not crumple up small
and slide down under
the coming up short,
trying to fix the wobble
and make it seem smooth
so the flaws don’t show;

bloggy thing

’cause even though it may stop the squeak and shudder
when I flatten out low,
I wasn’t born to be the wedge
beneath these shaky table legs
so maybe we’ve got something here
that isn’t quite real.

Let's find another,  truer way
because I don't want to spend another day
 feeling homesick
 for me.
blog ice
(serving this up again because I've had our voices on my heart)
"...the issue of 'stay small, sweet, quiet and modest' sounds
like an outdated problem,  but the truth is that women
still run into those demands whenever
we find and use our voices."
-Brene' Brown



  1. “but hardly hopeless,
    oddly beautiful even,
    in the coming undone”

    Mmmmmmm. Love all of this, but this especially. And your flowers reminded me that spring will come.

  2. So beautifully written – and so inspiring! Thank you.

  3. A million shades of love! Yes!! Always inspiring here…thank you!

  4. I always love how to express yourself and I agree with you on living true the gift of imperfection and finding your true self.
    Is so easy getting lost under the rubble of what’s expected of us.

    Just like your beautiful red Spring flowers, we might be frail looking but we can make a whole room look better by our presence of who we really are.

    Big warm hugs.

  5. As always, my friend, your words ring so true, so full of heart and love and living the life we have in the best ways we know how.

    Your flowers are gorgeous but oh — that fabulous watercolor you did is to die for!

  6. I’ve been thinking a lot about what you are saying—the deep meaning at the core of your words. We have got to become more and more real. There is only so much time. And perfection is so overrated. I was thinking about Brene’ Brown’s comment this morning–is it dyed in the wool for us? Is there any reason we can’t be exactly who we are? No. I guess the practice of it is like a muscle, any muscle. If we don’t use it, it will go away.

    • Exactly like a muscle, I’m thinking, too.
      A muscle we may not even know exists until
      we use it and feel the sore and exhilarating pain
      of “where was THAT before?!?”
      And the sweet inspire of watching others go before us.
      I appreciate those voices so! Thanks for joining the conversation:)

  7. I hear this loud and clear trying to stay true to me with my highs and my lows….

  8. What an inspiring post: wise words peppered with luscious images. It’s sad how strong women who speak their minds still seem to be setting themselves up to get knocked down by others, and when it’s another woman who’s throwing the rocks, well that’s just doubly unforgivable. All the best, Bonny

  9. Jennifer- you wrote….”trying to fix the wobble and make so the flaws don’t show”
    I really like this – “When you hear musicians in a room and you hear the imperfections, that’s the human element. The imperfection gives it the human element which I believe we need more of. That’s how you make magic and great records”
    Rick Hall, Muscle Shoals, AL

  10. Sending you love, my friend. Just sending you love.

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