To just feel free….

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I’m celebrating my birthday this week
with some gentle hikes and deep breaths and easy togetherness
with ones that I love
and a gift I’m giving myself that is so simple
(like this,  my word for the year)
that it helps knead out the strain I sometimes carry
over being another year into this thing
that I sometimes feel I’m doing rather badly.

It’s such a big deal.
And I want to do it wholehearted.
So I’m giving myself a wide generous spread of permission
to make enough mistakes;
(you almost can’t make enough,  you know)
and to dance badly
and more,  please,

blog brighter

 to love out loud-er,
to ask for crazy stuff,
to not take it on heavy when someone calls my art “my work”
(I know it’s my play)
and to forgive like my happiness depends on it,

to feel free,  in fact,
to give away more than seems reasonable,
to show up even when I’m gimpy
(maybe especially when I’m gimpy)
and to believe that Life is also sweet on me.

blog feel free
To feel free
to just
feel free.

To help celebrate another year of living,  I’m pouring some handwritten love
through my etsy shop this week

…..if you want to order one of these for yourself
or as a gift for someone else,   this gardener will be honored to help
do some intuitive soul-tending in that beautiful heart of yours:)
Because I love sharing the journey with you.

blog louder
I want to sing like the birds sing,
not worrying about who hears
or what they think.”



  1. Happy birthday sweetness.
    We share the anniversary of our birth (down to the week if not the day) and I would be so proud if I could share some of your bountiful heart and talent. I warm my hands at its blaze with each visit.

  2. Happy birthday, sweet friend! I don’t think I know anyone who lives life as whole-heartedly as you do! “Simple” is a great word for the year.

  3. Happy Birthday sweet Jennifer.
    I love your poetic wisdom. Celebrate Life to the full. I hope 2015 is the Best Year yet.

  4. Happy Birthday my dear friend! The perfect word of the year…just live! Love the simplicity of it all!

  5. Happy Birthday! Your sense of celebration and your spirit of freedom are infectious. I just returned from a brisk morning walk with a mix and match group of friends -and today I feel as you do – free. Every stop by your blog brings me inspiration, color and awareness. I really love your perspective on work as play (or it is vice versa ?). For years, I felt like I should turn my play into work – and I was wrong. Have a relaxing Sunday!

  6. Happy Birthday! All those flowers and color are so hopeful….. I’m in a “playing” with art mood these days…. something about January?

  7. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! I’m all for your word and also what Robin said–living fully is the best goal of all. Eyes and heart wide open. Less is often more. The way I see you, you are already there. Now just to continue to BE–what more could any of us want?
    I’m off to swim like a fish in a pool–a warm pool, that is-:) Happy weekend!

  8. Susan recently posted: For everything there is a season: Blogcation!

  9. Wishing you a wonderful birthday full of good things!

  10. Wishing for your Birthday to be as special as YOU ARE Jennifer!! xo

    There’s always comes such a beautiful breath of fresh air when seeing your photos. It takes me back instantly into that sacred place in nature. Lovely post.

  11. Happy birthday, jennifer!! I love that we share a birthday week. I am honored that we have the same sign so that just maybe I share some of your amazing incredibleness. Love you! Kath

  12. Soul sisters:) I love how you love,
    your beautiful heart:)
    Much birthday joy to you
    and may it linger long:)

  13. Huge happy birthday wishes this week to you. I have to say, you have picked quite the amazing gift — not an easy gift to give or receive but boy, if you can master it, three cheers. And if anyone can, I think that will be you. Much joy to you in your new year.

  14. Hope you enjoy a wonderful birthday Jennifer! I love all the beautiful permissions you are given yourself. They are those each could use more. Photos are stunning as always.

  15. Noble goals, all of them and ones I seek for as well. Have a wonderful Birthday week my friend.

  16. Happy Birthday dear Jennifer and live that Life of yours a bit bolder and louder…are enough just as you are right now! Big hugs to you!

  17. Oh, you do my soul so much good. Have a fabulous birthday, dear, sweet sister.

  18. Loving this birthday cheer! Grateful for your big gulp of ease and life. Happy birthday beautiful!

  19. I love that you call your play your PLAY!!!! <3 <3 <3 This is going to be on my mind for some good amount of time. And more space to make mistakes!! yes!! What a crazy cage we have built for ourselves and our fellow humans–that which doesn't allow for mistakes. Bust OUT, baby!! Happy Birthday. Thanks for sharing your play with the world.

    • Bust out, baby….I’ll carry that with me:):):)
      Thanks for those breezy words of wisdom, Jana;
      so glad for the gift of getting to travel along with you this year!
      Glad you stopped by,

  20. Wishing you great happiness and joy that never ends!!!! Happy Birthday Jennifer

  21. I love those wishes….thanks, Kathryn:)
    Much joy right back to you,

  22. Happy birthday Jen!
    The link was not working because you forget the “:” but I corrected the link in my web bar and will take a look at all your beauties. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    (And don’t forget to make a wish!)


  23. Cousin Cathy says

    I know you had an extra Happy Birthday this year just knowing John is a lot better now.
    You write so beautifully for so many people to enjoy and I do thank you for sharing with us.
    Sherri and I are working on getting everyone together again soon!
    Love to you always,

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