An unlikely symphony…..

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I’ve been unpacking a jar-full of goodness from the year gone by,
scraps of life scribbled down fast
and plunked in grateful
for sweet spots in swirling river time
as she swept along swift and sometimes surly

and I knew there’d be some drifting treasure to unwrap,
some awfully nice bits wedged into the rocks that scraped and pummeled
but I was swept up by the wholly different finished puzzle
of a year gone by
than the one I saw in the sting of hard and tumble.

Like a candid photograph that whispers grace
I see swells of love and aliveness
in moments that met me just exactly where I was willing to watch,
supply showing up in utter need and the simple beauty of working it out,
plenty of stuff springing up goodness in spite of myself;


 that this turned out yummy and that thing turned balmy
(and who’d have expected?)
how sometimes life’s surprises grow sweeter than they first seem
and delight can grow in odd and unexpected places,
all these bits of broken thanks shaken from my jar
craft together a picture of unshakable love and care,
an unlikely symphony

It feels like buried treasure,  these bits of recycled year
and I’d planned to toss them into the fire
but don’t want to now,
they’re not for burning,  these;
I want to compost them  into the soil of what I believe
and let these stories tell themselves awhile longer,
crooning their songs sweet and low
into my listening hope.

It’s crazy-hope I’m growing;
I can feel it gaining weight:)


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“Life is sacred art.”
-Gabrielle Roth

Congratulations to Susie Troccolo
of Life,  Change,  Compost
(where she hangs her beautiful hat)
on winning the drawing for my January issue zine,  Ripplesongs.
Love and cheers to you,  Susie:)



  1. Loving your beautiful, poetic self. And hoping that your crazy hope becomes positively fat.

  2. Your life sure is a sacred art. Wow, that’s a lot of soul spread out through all those little pieces of papers. I always love reading your poetry. It’s like going through treasure chest found buried on a beach. Each piece a precious treasure.


    • Thank you, Julia; I love that:)
      Those bits and scraps I saved to collage are just about a third of the wow that flowed down the river this year; I was undone by the little glints and flecks of gold in what felt more like a mudslide:) So grateful. Just so grateful.
      Thanks for coming by,

  3. Wow! This is so cool! What a great way to honor those special moments of 2014.

  4. Oh boy! I have won your January zine? I’m so happy for myself–he he. I don’t know what Ii did to deserve it. But I settle in with my coffee to read your poetry each time and each time know that you will carry me away. I wonder if my refrigerator and your art’s board have something in friendly common? Or do all creatives scatter papers and images like that? I think we do. Please come visit me at life-change-compost because I’m taking a Blogcation and when you read why, you can send me your love. (I’ll wait to feel it on a butterfly wing.)

  5. That’s amazing — so much goodness and beauty and joy and love in those bits of color! Yes, putting it back into the earth is a wonderful thing to do — although I’m not sure I could part with them! As always, your words lift my heart and brighten my soul!

  6. This is by far my most favorite post of yours! Only you can sum up a year with such eloquence! Love the idea of composting them! Truly fab!

  7. “Composting into the soil of what I believe.” Now there’s hope trumpeting its glorious song. I love that!

  8. Your stash of notes that are filled with aliveness and loveJennifer remind me of a hand-made quilt that keeps one warm and close to one’s heart. You have inspired me to start my own jar of notes and gratitude and to see what I can maybe piece together. xo

  9. I love how you’ve shared the stories of your year and love how your heart sings with the surprises & joy you found.

  10. I love the reminder, ‘how sometimes life’s surprises grow sweeter than they first seem
    and delight can grow in odd and unexpected places’

    I will keep that close to my heart as i look back and look forward and stay in the now sweet Jennifer.

  11. Just beautiful!

    And your magazine is so inspiring – thank you for sending it to me.

  12. What a wonderful idea to compost them, let them become a part of the earth again. Beautiful post! Happy New Year!

  13. I loved this post, was really original! 🙂

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