Riffs of remembering….

A vivid December wind scrolls clouds across the early morning sky
and somehow it heals the tired of me,
all this living in longing to do life simple,
to gather up the edges of my hope
and shake it out hard so I can lose the fluff
and draw up solid around me what remains,
like a blanket in the night
and feel it thump comfort
warm against my chest

and it’s a strong shot of courage that there is a bright hope
that remains
and I don’t want to forget that for a minute.

There is a lot I want to remember right now,

~that it’s not time wasted,
soaking in the presence of Love,
that basking is productive.


~that there are angels ready and willing
and watching and waiting,
just listening for a prayer.

~that prayer is so much like gardening,
it’s almost too simple,
(doesn’t much appeal to busyness and bustle)
it’s easy dance with Spirit that plants and weeds and waters
no matter how haphazard or unique to you.
(that listening is prayer,  too)

~that there is enough;
nough to have and be all we’re meant for
without cutting into someone else’s goodness.


~that when we spend ourselves
throwing wood on the fire of joy in this sad world,
sometimes even belly-to-the-ground
blowing hard on graying coals,
shivering and heartsick for flame
in the cold wind of living,
it’s a beautiful thing and it matters.

In fact,  it  shrieks light against the dark
and,  whatever else this season is about,
I want to string more twinkle lights lonely places
because I’m not interested in being cool;
what gets my heart onto paper and wrapped in words
are those moments when we’re decidedly uncool,
when our hearts are hanging out there on our sleeves unguarded
and it’s all just raw and real and true.

I want to remember to say it,  the love,   when I wonder if I should,
to give it when I think maybe I might,
to be crazy generous in these tightfisted times.
Because life is too short to be cool;
I want a red hot love raging strong against the bitter cold and dark.


“The only true currency in this bankrupt world
is what you share with someone else
when you’re uncool.”
-from “Almost Famous”

So glad to be sending a copy of my December issue of Ripplesongs
to Lady Fi;
so grateful to her for the beauty she shares and shines
(please message me,  friend,  with your address)



  1. Beautiful, powerful, heart stirring words which sing loud and true.
    Megathanks. As always.

  2. Lynn Wilkinson says

    words so needed at this exact moment in my life…
    that there is enough for everyone, without taking away from
    someone else.
    hanging twinkle lights
    being uncool in this time of healing…
    with angels ready to come..
    they have come and God has proven He hear’s
    even our simple plea… the answers come on
    strong, and sometimes faster than prepared to take in…
    it’s important to remember (those moments when you
    ask so that when you receive it is with the fullness of all the tis love.
    Merry Christmas Jennifer, I hope that your time slows and you
    catch your breath
    and you feel loved and warm and cozy every time you need…
    that angels will wrap their wings around you to coax you out of the
    winter breezes and into the warmth of God’s abiding love.

  3. Absolutely heartfelt singing a loud YESSSS!!!! Never cool but always loving, and really that is the coolest thing of all….to fling lots of love and light into the world as you do my sweet friend….I adore these pictures and especially the last….masterful and just lit my heart right up!

  4. Absolutely true about life being too short to be cool. And I love your description of prayer, an easy dance with the Spirit… Thank you, Jennifer!

  5. I was going to quote a favorite line or two but realized I’d have to quote it all. Lyrical hopeful generous beauty. I can feel the words rolling around in my body like a warm hug.

  6. “Lose the fluff and draw up solid around me what remains…”That is going to stay with me Jennifer. When your posts come, I go back over and over to absorb your words. You have such love in your world and you share it with us all. I appreciate you more than I can say. My nutty post for the end of the year is another expression of love I guess. The title refers to the Irish expression that the deep winter shows us a very thin veil between worlds–life and death. For me, it isn’t sad. It’s the glorious truth of nature.
    Have a peaceful holiday everyone.


  7. Jenn, I forgot to tell you that all of your zines have been distributed to cancer wards in the Portland area. See how far your influence has traveled! Just thinking that someone could find your words right when they need them is worth it all. Thank you. Thank you.

  8. You spin such pictures with your words, it amazes me cuz it’s not a talent I hold!! Love your last photo too…goes beautifully with your words!!

  9. So much comfort in this quilt of love and beauty that you share.

  10. YES to more twinkle lights, YES to being uncool, YES to ” ~that there is enough;
    enough to have and be all we’re meant for
    without cutting into someone else’s goodness.”
    You words glow with LOVE and LIGHT. I’m reflecting them back to you, my friend. Beautiful.

  11. I thirstily drank in your words like refreshing water that nourished my soul.
    Yes, that’s me, the uncool one wanting more twinkle lights. And coffee.
    Thank you always for sharing your beautiful heart and light.❤️

  12. How gorgeous and inspiring! Love the backlight on that tulip shot. And I’m so excited to win an issue of Ripplesongs. Thank you.

  13. I was thinking about angels too this week. I love how you string twinkle lights in lonely places.

  14. You make hearts sing
    and spirits lift up in joy.

    You make words dance
    and images shimmer in the light.

    You make the world a better place.

  15. Sigh. there are some things, some posts, I just print out and stick in a journal to review now and then, to show to someone else. I may read this one at Christmas to share with my little family and who knows who else might be at the table. Indeed, this is rich beyond words.

  16. I am ALWAYS amazed when I drop in…beautiful!!

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