January rising….

I love how January settles in with a merry thump,
like a good friend plopping down
with a drink in her hand,
and I welcome the after-busy,
cleansed-palate way she has about her.

I’ve loved this month since I was a girl,
how she holds my birthday,
and feels like maybe it really will snow tonight,
deep and fluffy this time,
and bring the sleds off the wall in the garage
and maybe even close down school,
and what if I don’t even do my homework tonight
because the air smells a little like magic.


….yeah,  I love that about her.

And I remember that January night of many years ago,
dangling over the side of my bed
to peek at a little stack of presents underneath,
wrapped in pale yellow birthday paper,
just waiting until tomorrow,
waiting for me.

I remember whispering,  in the dim sliver of light from the hall,
“I can’t believe I’m almost 5.”

It was pure wonder.

Somehow January takes me there again,
suspended over a pile of unopened presents,
just waiting for the sun to rise.

zine header

“Life is an occasion.
Rise to it.”
-Mr. Magorium

Hello from the holidays.
It’s been an intense time of hospital and emergency and family gathered near and miracles and gratitude
and love overcoming all.
Wonderful and exhausting.

I’d love to give away one of my January issues of Ripplesongs
so I’m having a drawing this week;
leave a comment and you’re in the running:)


  1. I am also a January baby, but am more than certain it won’t snow. Sigh. But the birds will sing regardless – and there WILL be magic.
    Happy Birthday Jennifer, and I hope joy stalks you (and catches you) the whole year through.

    • Cheers to you, birthday girl….I hope you take the whole month, too:)
      (an older January friend insists on calling the whole month hers so I’m taking my
      cue from this bountifully beautiful woman and celebrating the whole month long:)
      Love an cheers,

  2. You’ve had a tough December. I’m hoping January is full of magic, light, and blessings for you! April is my month of magic.

  3. From one Janary Baby to another, happy beautiful January Rising! Love this…

  4. You are encouraging me Jennifer…January is my least favorite month! So, I’ll take your wonderful good cheer and see if it can help me out. I have many friends and family who are “Old Goats” (Capricorns) in January and I love them to pieces, but it still doesn’t help the month!! Happy birthday to you dear Goat-:))

    • old goats:) baaaaaaaaaaahhh. Maybe I should fancy myself
      a climbing goat and go leaping on the heights this year:)
      Thanks for coming by and helping brighten it up around here:)
      love and cheers,

  5. I like your impression of January, the “after-busy, cleansed-palate way” of looking at this month. I love this time between Christmas and New Year’s, a time of reflection and excitement. I would love to win a copy of your January Ripplesongs, so thank you for the opportunity to win one. And thank you so much for the words and beauty that you share with the world!

  6. Happy New Year, Happy Birthday and Happy New Beginnings.
    January is slipping in with ease here too and December is taking a bow for another year.

    May this New Year brings you good health and all the Best.


    • Thanks for those wonderful well wishes
      and i’ hope you’re enjoying your bloggy break
      and being good and generous with yourself.
      I wish the farm could just sleep through winter
      so you could rest:)
      much love and cheers,

  7. ohhh…December doesn’t sound good, hope all is well now. Your words take me back to Wisconsin and snow days! We had a great hill in our big back yard so we never had to go far plus all the kids in the neighborhood came over too…thanks for bringing back the memories! And a VERY happy, happy early birthday wish for a beauiful day!!!

    • thank you dearheart.
      it was actually a beautiful December; such a wild ride, tho.
      My son was very ill and we almost lost him for a short while.
      Got him home from hospital on Christmas Eve.
      Very grateful, that.
      January looks awfully crisp and spacious from here…..I like that.
      love and cheers,

  8. Girlfriend, you have had a hard and painful December so it’s only fair that your January be filled with joy, laughter, and good health…Happy Birthday to a sweetie….

  9. Hi Jennifer, I found your blog by way of Gotham Girl – figured anyone who would comment to wonderful Robin would surely be a new friend worth seeking. And I was not mistaken. Love the bright and vivid colors and the positive energy of your site. You’re skill in crafting a sentence, turning a phrase, and painting a picture with words is extraordinary. Wishing you health and happiness for 2015 – and I’ll stop by again soon!

  10. January is a month that doesn’t usually sing to me but your words have changed all that 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Looking forward to our birthday lunch! And thanks for the beautiful new Ripplespeak issue gift. xoxoxo

  12. I love the quietness and return to normal that comes with January. A time to slow everything down in what is the coldest and darkest of winter months here. I’m so delighted to hear that miracles have happened for your son. Continued healing prayers for him and your family. Wishing you the loveliest of Birthday this month Jennifer… and the very best of wishes to make all of your dreams come true in 2015!! xo

  13. What a wondrous sight seeing those pansies in snow…such a delight and a special view of January…a month that did not have a good vibe for me but now seems to have so much promise and meaning….I welcome her now and wish you a calmer year ahead with health and peace my dear Jennifer….

  14. So many of us special, rockin’, January babes … I always look forward to my birthday month and even more now remembering that we share!

  15. I’ve been following your Christmas emergency/medical activities on facebook and am so very glad that miracles do, indeed, happen. Starting off the new year happy, my friend — and filled with relief for you.

  16. Hospital? I hope you and your family are doing well now! Almost your birthday, I hope you wll enjoy it! This will be your awesome year, you’ll see. 🙂 HAPYY NEW YEAR!!

    Much love,

  17. Hello Sweet Jennifer…. love your tribute to January. Especially the good friend plopping down for a visit. Perfect! Always love your writing!

  18. January is settling in quite nicely and I am excited to make this new year the best ever…it is truly an occasion and I intend to rise!

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