A fearless rest….

blog petals
Remembering an easy gift idea.
Not cheap,
but free
and exquisite,
an ageless beauty tonic
perfect for these hurried days.

Look into your own familiar eyes,
and, even if they disappoint,
lavish on forgiveness thick

 for every misstep and bobble,
every gnarly whoops and fumble,
forgive it all
then smile,


nodding permission
to go live your true colors.
Yeah,  get out there in the jolt and jostle of everything
and just be you.

That’ll do.

Your own heart untangled,
that fresh willowy feeling
of breathing deep and limber
settling in…..
beautiful gift,  that.
Re-apply generously
and often:)

I wish you a fearless rest about it.

joy to you
“I’m not a smart man
but I know what love is.”
-Forest Gump




  1. Hi Jennifer, what great gift ideas for the self. I could use some rest but I’m having a hard time knowing where to find it, lol.
    Keep that warm heart of your kindled.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Beautiful words and a beautiful reminder from your beautiful self. Thank you.

  3. And a fearless rest to you too my friend….’lavish on forgiveness thick’ so important to me and I stumble and bumble about.

  4. You fill up my heart with your poems. They are so selfless and real. So, off we go to try to be as real as we can be and not be effected by any stresses of the holidays. You remind me Jennifer. I send you full and happy days filled with doing all those things you most love and with the people you most care to be with. Love, Susie

    P.S. Don’t pointsettias just fill your heart? How can they have such beauty and color? I have them all over my house and they are keeping me busy with watering!

    • what a bounty of blessing….thanks Susan:)
      So much love:)
      And, yes, poinsettias fill my heart
      all December long and I love especially the unique
      ones that dare to do un-red:) Really brighten my days.
      Thanks for coming by…..love and peace,

  5. A lovely reminder, especially at this time of year…hard to do everything perfectly!!

    Merry Christmas Jennifer…hope you have a beautiful holiday!!

  6. Who ARE you, my dear, that you know so very well just what to say, just what words and thoughts combine in perfect harmony to make the most perfect gift indeed. Forgiveness, indeed, for ourselves. Yes, this one I must carry with me ever day!

    Merry Christmas — and by the way, these photos are just yum! Thank you for sharing your sweet spirit and full heart with us all year long.

  7. Happy jingle and merry revelry! Thanks for shining you!

  8. So beautiful and inspiring! Also – your most amazing magazine arrived today – can’t wait to read all your lovely words. Thank you so much.

  9. “Just be you…” Why does it take so many years for many of us to get it!?! Perfect!

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