Prickles, pain and portals….

Sometimes into life’s overwhelm come soft days
so thick with grace it seems the volume gets turned up loud
on your joy
and it drowns out some pain
shaking dance back into your feet,
and your heart starts taking on hope
like a ship sinking fast in a sea of beauty
as heaven storms down light so fierce
it swallows up the dark.

When you’re not there right now,
when all you can feel is the cave you crawled in
bone tired and seeking shelter,
and the gloom has worked it’s way on your soul
and you’re hungry for good air and tall sky
but you feel as weak and small as the yelp
that gets stuck in the dry of your voice,
(I know this place)


 Can I remind you,  friend,   it’s still there,   waiting 
and you can go along the backroads of your mind
to that place where darkness once got sliced open and peeled back
and the warm buttery peace of something realer than you can see
wrapped you soft linen in love
and you saw some living light
as it smiled courage into your frightened places.

You felt it then,  remember?
You were maybe still a child but you stood beneath a portal
and in that sweet someplace you felt gentle,  undriven purpose
and profoundly okay.

crack in everything

You are brave enough to let your heart remember.

Open wide and go again….it’s unlocked to you still,
that door that is gift to uniquely you.
You’re welcome and known and waited for with great affection.
Go stand in that place
and let love sing her songs over you again.

You belong,
the starry heavens whisper,
you belong.

“There’s a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.”
-Leonard Cohen


  1. I’m glad I can feel safe again after the storm and letting my brave heart remember that the love and the light brings back the much needed hope for a return to my normal comfort.
    Have a lovely Thanksgiving Jennifer. May your lovely heart be full to the brim with sweet thanksgiving.

    • You do have a brave heart, friend,
      and I love it:)
      Hope you’re loving and living
      these days as they come.

  2. What a lovely, lovely reminder.

  3. What a truly wonderful reminder of the beauty and excitement that may be forgotten – but is never lost.

  4. You have used one of my favorite quotes and I think I am also using it on my blog coming up soon…it is those long ago times that I find myself dreaming still and belonging….just beautiful…thank you, thank you, thank you my dear friend!

  5. I’m always eager for your postings…they take me to a place that I so enjoy…”the backroads of your mind”…oh my…how I LOVE that!! Thank you for your special gift!

  6. Beauty in the remembering … I am thankful for you. K

  7. Oh yes, my friend. I am not in that place, but I have been more than once before and I know it well. To remember there is hope is sometimes all we need to pull through.

    Oh, the beautiful words and thoughts you share. I am so grateful this precious spot is here for all to find solace. Thank you.

  8. That’s one of my favorite quotes. This post rings so true to me…there are days when I’m swallowed up by light and joy, and others when they are both just out of my reach. But the older I get, the easier it is to remember the gray is temporary and the light and joy are there, waiting and real. Beautiful description of this, Jennifer!

  9. “and you saw some living light
    as it smiled courage into your frightened places.”

    thank you for smiling courage into my frightened places, today. ❤

  10. An all too familiar place. Beautifully expressed. Thank you for sharing your courageous journey with us. xo

  11. profoundly okay is good and I really love that word, portal … actually, I love all of your beautiful, healing words.

  12. Lovely meaningful words Jennifer. x

  13. I so love your healing words. I read them over and over Jenn.

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