of friendship and fountains….


Do you know what I love?
I mean really,  really appreciate?
The everyday angels among us who coax our voices out of hiding,
love our trueness till it stands up tall,
and smile,  warmly doting,  at each tentative toddle.

The hearts that cut trails through intimidation,
helping lead other lives out of isolation and into community,
into that mystic beauty of knowing and being known.
I love that rare and nourishing thing,

 and am grateful for the living fountains who aren’t afraid to share and be seen,
aren’t hushed by the hiss that they’re too much.
I want to learn to be one of them…..to be brave in that way.

If I could heal just one disease,   it would be loneliness.

blog fountain

Because we’re all unique treasures,
each of us a package of beauty and worth
mostly wrapped up tight and,
well,  it’s hard to unpack yourself.
Each of us needs.

(it’s our honor to need,  I think….not our shame)

If I dug up the roots of my deepest dreams
and looked real close at the taproot
I think maybe I’d discover
that I simply want to be a friend who loves and sees.

For many,  it’s coming on the lonely season
and I want to cultivate the kind of heart that feels a safe place to be,
to spend more time on the front porch of my life with the kettle ready to pour.
You’re welcome  to stop by and rest awhile.

blog you've got a friend

“When loneliness comes stalking,  go into the fields,
notice something you have not noticed before
– a lifetime isn’t long enough for the beauty of this world
– be good natured and untidy in your exuberance.
Live with the beetle,  and the wind.
This is the dark bread of the poem.
This is the dark,  nourishing bread.”

-Mary Oliver

(I’ll be sending two of the November issues of my little zines,  Ripplesongs,
to dear,  nourishing Susan Etole.
Such a treasure,  that one:)


  1. Beautful.
    And you are, as you so often do, underestimating yourself. You are already an encouraging nourishing friend.
    Keep on being yourself – with every fibre of your being.

  2. You are a jewel that we all love and appreciate. You dig deep into that big heart of yours and pour it out freely for all of us to enjoy. Big hugs.

  3. Oh, how uplifting. That Mary Oliver poem is a treasure too – as are your words.

  4. Jennifer, I never tire of your profound expressions of deep soul extracts and fillings.
    There’s always such nourishment, love and kindness for us in your posts. You’ve become such a darling friend to us all.
    Hugs and love,

  5. Lynn Wilkinson says

    Oh my… OH WOW… Jennifer,
    I finally got to your blog this morning, with quiet anticipation of a good read with a gentle friend..
    as I read, the tears welled up and began to flow, once again you’ve found those stings that pull so tight on the heart (in a gentle wonderful way with joy and welcome).
    I love the part of sitting on the front porch with a pot ready to pour…
    It would be an honor to sit with you for a cup of tea and just listen!
    YOUR words, YOUR heart= they bring a joy to the tired weary fought battles of
    accusations and knowings that very few have ever found.
    Thank you for the time you set aside from all that life commands of you to share your
    heart that we may be so humbly blessed and healed by the images and words that you write. BIG warm healthy healing hugs to you my dear friend.

  6. I LOVE the new sub-title of your blog. It is perfectly you. And the opening photograph with maple leaves and the ancient slow-growing other-leaf-that-I-can’t-recall-the-name-of…-:)) Your words are uniquely special and I think it is because you do as Mary Oliver does, as Billy Collins does, as the best poets do….you embrace the dark along with the light and never gloss. That is why I love your work and treasure it.

    Please note that there is also a delightful Border Collie link on a second post that I did with the “Bouquet to Remember.” I want to direct our friends there because it tells the story of a woman who knows what it means to work with a dog, to take the life of a lamb, and how we can be more than “agribusiness.” She quotes Henry Beston, which is right up your alley: Animals are not brethern. They are not underlings. They are creatures like ourselves caught in this web of life and time.” http://www.life-change-compost.com. Please come see it Jennifer–you may cry; a good cry and a cry of understanding.

    • Hi Susan:) Ginkgo! Those are ginkgo leaves. Aren’t they a wonder?
      And thanks for the tip….I’ll head over to check her out.
      I do love border collies:) A good cry….on my way.
      thanks for coming by with your encouraging way,

  7. You blog is so different, beautiful, awe inspiring, heart felt… stunning, glad i found you

  8. Oh how I love this post and all it contains. I’ve got a permagrin on my face thanks to your warm words and images to match. xoxo

  9. This made me teary. Your November Zine holds a special place in my heart…as do you. Thank you, my friend. For so much. I am honored to know you. Kath

  10. I think that’s a dream worth having – and I think it’s probably already come true time and time again. You’re a sweetheart and I can see you there on your porch, ready to pour. i’ll be right over…

  11. There is so much in this post…so profound…love coming here…xo

  12. Such a wellspring of love you always pour Jennifer. I always enjoy visiting you place. May we all be more observant of those around us. Blessings.

  13. Oh, Jennifer. You are so right — right about wishing to heal loneliness, right about the Lonely Season. I feel for so many who are lost and at sea. Indeed, I can’t think of a better place for someone — anyone — to come home to than the beautiful world of Ripplespeak.

  14. “I think maybe I’d discover
    that I simply want to be a friend who loves and sees.”

    you are that friend.

  15. Thinking what a blessing you are and looking forward to that zine. You see so beautifully.

  16. I think we become the very support we need and you beautiful are one of these! Thanks for YOUR shine!

  17. you most certainly are, friend.

  18. Dearest beautiful Jennifer♡
    Baffled that you do you not seem to see and take in the gigantic-ness of the Beauty and Friendliness that you exude from every pore, from every cell of you…..
    “Do you know what I love?
    I mean really, really appreciate?”
    The everyday angels like you who are, and who create, Beauty with their every brush stroke…….
    I am grateful for you and your sensitivity to all, LOVE Susie♡

  19. I am starting to catch up with blogs and I would not miss yours for anything sweet Jennifer. Such warm toasty friendship served up here. Thank you for the refuge!

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