the whispering places….

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The green and grassy fields are browning,
summer’s wild things bursting into seed
and I walk among them now and listen
to the whispering places
all crispy and wavy and whooshing
as Autumn sings her brave songs

about how there is grace in even endings,
a re-set to rest,
a keeping sails set
and waiting for winds that will come
and work their mystery


 and somehow they know
there are seeds of life in letting go
and I breathe it in slow
and let Autumn brush her golden wisdom over
the clay of me
because I want to be a friend of her unhurried ways
and un-driven days
and give her plenty of space in this heart of mine

and so I lean in close to feel what she knows
and off roll some fears I’ve been keeping
and my care-worn shoulders go soft
and dread slides off easy
into dry grass and gold.


“To love someone fiercely,  to believe in something with your whole heart,
to celebrate a fleeting moment in time,  to fully engage in a life that doesn’t come with guarantees
-these are risks that involve vulnerability and often pain.
But I’m learning that recognizing and leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability
teaches us how to live with joy,  gratitude,  and grace.”-Brene’ Brown
(The winner of the giveaway is Carola……..thank you all for your generous comments;
I love it when you come around!)


  1. Jennifer, how eloquently you accept changes that are necessary for renewal of new life like the changing of seasons. There is such remarkable wisdom in your words. I always feel that you bend like a reed in the wind and bounce back with new resolve.
    Enjoy this new beautiful season of changes.

  2. Gosh, Julia….those words felt like a shot of B-12 to my soul.
    THANK you. What a gift. Wow. Thanks.

  3. I love your sign, and the determination in it. I read Brene Brown’s book a while back – I’m thinking I should give it another read. So inspiring!

    • I like listening to her read her own stuff on Audible….feels like i sometimes have her chatting with me
      on my phone:)
      thanks for coming by and leaving kindness,

  4. Hi Jennifer! I’ve missed you! I had to take a break from blogging this summer and I am just now back, as of tonight. (come see me when you get a chance on my blog) I’ve had a lot of unexpected changes happen since the beginning of summer, but all have ended up really good.

    I understand fully your heart in your words :
    “and so I lean in close to feel what she knows
    and off roll some fears I’ve been keeping…”
    I think I’m a soul sister to you when it comes to many things but especially when
    it comes to the healing that nature and all of it’s beauty brings to us. There are so many lessons we can learn from the seasons and how the cycles must happen in order to receive, release, let go of to make room for new etc.. And you are so gifted in putting those feelings into poetry and words. I always leave here feeling more grateful than before I came.. Thank you for being YOU!

    ♥Lee Ann

    • I’m so glad you dropped by, friend;
      looking forward to catching up with you.
      Grace and peace to you in the changes as they come,

  5. How beautifully written! There is indeed a grace in endings, because in those endings there are the seeds of new beginnings later on.

  6. This is so beautiful! I love your last image…I will not live afraid…powerful words. I say to myself often…I don’t want to make decisions in my life because I am afraid. This is a wonderful affirmation of that thought.

    • Thanks so much, Michele…..I want to live free from being dumbstruck by fear, too.
      I’m so glad you came by.
      love and thanks,

  7. oh…yes
    I’m ready for Fall
    who knew?

  8. Jennifer, I’m going to copy that piece by Brene’ Brown and put it everywhere! I need to have it sink deeply into my psyche. thank you thank you. Also, the little card you send with your Zines: “We carry our Freedom inside Ourselves.” is in my wallet! Love, Sus

    • Isn’t she fabulous! I love that wisdom quote, too.
      thanks for letting me know that means something to you… so glad:)

  9. Lynn Wilkinson says

    I love the way you welcome what is coming and letting go of that which has reached its time to go. Thank you for sharing this tender, vulnerable side with us, it is healing to soul to read your work and view your pictures… thank you.

    • I’m so glad, Lynn….so so glad that healing sometimes comes from something I write down.
      that just touches my heart so good:) I appreciate your encouragement ever so much.
      love and thanks,

  10. I love your autumn song of words and images. Autumn always warms my heart due to the vibrant colours of the trees.

  11. Yippee Carola! And Jennifer your words like soft winds whisper to me….

    ‘and so I lean in close to feel what she knows
    and off roll some fears I’ve been keeping
    and my care-worn shoulders go soft
    and dread slides off easy
    into dry grass and gold.’

    Magical words to lift me! Thank you….

  12. The perfect beginning of my favorite season! Love your words!

  13. I love your wonderful way with words. You sum up autumn (fall) perfectly! x

  14. That sign is just fabulous. Fabulous too, the idea of not being afraid. I’ve seen so much news lately with all the ebola stuff. They talk about not spreading panic but just talking about it spreads panic. Breathe deeply. Be not afraid.

  15. i love that painting and those words!!!and yes, a re-set to rest…i love that, too!!!

    • Hey Beth…..thanks for stopping by
      and for those encouraging words; big hug.
      Rest to every part of you,

  16. I love the rhythm of your heart and the beat it releases through your words!

  17. corrie anderson says

    Ahhhh Jennifer,
    You & your gift of words are like a drink to this thirsty mama. Thank you for your gift and living life raw, wide open & real. It’s our nature to nurture & you do so with your words & art.
    Feeling a bit nurtured today,

    • Deeply touched by your encouragement, Corrie…THANK you:)
      Big tenderness and loving care to your thirsty parts, sweet lovely;
      you’re cultivating a garden that will yield some mighty fruit.
      Love and thanks,

  18. Oh wow, how wonderful!!! Jennifer, I’m so happy!

    Not living afraid – somehow this has been on my mind very often over the past few months. There is so much that can cause fear in our lives – but I just don’t want to let fear rule my life.
    Is that fruit on the tree a persimmon?

    • So glad you dropped by, Carola…..big on mine too.
      I don’t want to miss out on anything else because I’m distracted
      or dumbstruck by fear. Here’s to freedom there:)
      Yes, that’s a persimmon on a tree that volunteered up through some
      rocks and is first time bearing fruit this season. So sweet.
      Thanks again for your visit….will send your zines on their way:)

  19. not living in fear is good.

    ” I breathe it in slow
    and let Autumn brush her golden wisdom over
    the clay of me”

  20. re-reading this again, this morning. grateful for your spirit, tuned to the gracious lessons of the creation. grateful that you share them, here. trying to rest in my own seasons, and not fret…

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