Sweetness still unwritten…..

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Life found me crying over yesterday
and when I uncurled my fists and let her take my hand,
gentle voice speaking tender over the sorry and ache,
I heard “regret is trust running backwards”
and so I turned forward into the soft breath of today
and let the leaves whisper their stories
and nuzzle my dreams out of layaway

and I hold them warm against fresh stretch marks
on this hungry heart of mine,
all this sweet buttery hope churned up solid and soothing
and I plop right down into the here and now
like a carefree toddler in the sand
and let the loving grin of this present moment
disarm the missing in all that I’ve missed

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No,  I’m not eyes squeezed shut
to sands swept away by river time;
I’m opening wider still
to the lovely of nexts,
to hovering fresh over wallflower dreams,
brand new songs and fledgling wings.

dear today

 “Drench yourself in words unspoken,
live your life with arms wide open,
today is where your book begins,
the rest is still unwritten.”
-Natasha Bedingfield


  1. Jennifer, this is beautifully written. Yes grace is here and now. Learning to live in the present and letting the past go is sometime very difficult. Ironically even regretful memories are still a gift of the present.
    Have a beautiful week.

  2. Looking forward doesn’t mean being naive about the past, as some people think. It’s a choice to move beyond and hang onto hope, as you so beautiful describe here. Hugs to you and wishes for a blessed week!

  3. beautiful as always! Your words and photos warm my heart.

  4. Oh I had to turn “regret is trust running backwards” over in my mind a few times…fabulous words to remember…I’ll keep my eyes forward!

    • Isn’t it funny how we get turned around in our seats
      and watch out the back window way too often:)
      Thanks for your input in my life….I value and appreciate
      you much, Donna,

  5. A wonderfully inspiring post! Love your words about regret…

    • Thanks for your feedback, friend…..it’s good to have someone say:)
      I love your visits; thanks for coming around,

  6. Like Donna above…that particular phrase is ringing for me too! “regret is trust running backwards…” Beautiful!

  7. My dear Ms. jennifer, why do your words always touch me so? Others have commented on the ‘trust running backwards” — what a perfect way to describe regret. And really, do we want to run in that direction? As always, the images you choose and your careful and inspiring words make my heart soar.

  8. As always…just beautiful…this line in particular caught me…”all this sweet buttery hope churned up solid and soothing”…you paint such pictures with your words!!

    AND…I love the card!!!

  9. Have you ever thought of taking these to a book form Jen?? Because I’d pick it up over and over, like a daily devotional, and let the dance of your words take me on a sweet little journey. When I read these it’s like a reflection pool where my soul stops and ponders..smiles..weeps. And the artwork is always spot on with what you have to say. Lovely!

    • Gosh Cindy, I’d replied to you in my head long ago:) THANK you for your encouraging stir. I do have that hope, plan, wish, dream, longing burning inside. Yes a million times over. It’s a slow delivery, this birth. Thank you SO much for your kindness.
      It means the world.
      Love and thanks,

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