wishing you well….

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I wish you fresh firm grace,
eyes to see the plenty
and hope enough to call it into
every place of need

that you drink from  living fountains
running strong beneath the dirt of things,
deeper than the chaos,
truer  than the cheap,


and find the sweet spot in all your living
and loving and being;
may there come some fresh wings
and a warm soft breezing:)

“Wanna wish you freedom to do the things you love,
I wish you blessings and kindness from above,
wanna wish you sunlight through the clouds
and I hope you laugh out loud.
….I wish you well.”
-Bill Withers

I'd love to send two copies of the October issue of my little zine,
to someone.....one to have and hold
and the other to gift to someone who could use
some soul spa....a spirit massage and a bold shot of courage:)
Just leave a comment and I'll draw a name Saturday. 


  1. Bonjour sweet Jennifer, I’m drinking it all in, the wishes for the plenty of the soul. Beautiful poetry to refresh and fill all my needs. You’re always a treasure.

  2. Thank you. I need this reminder today. Badly. And the beauty you share is soul healing.

  3. Thanks for all the wishes! beautiful!

  4. Your words are so uplifting. Wishing you a week of sweet peace and strong faith!

  5. Thank you for sharing such life give words Jennifer. May you continue to be refreshed as you do to so many.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful! I love your rich colors and words, Jennifer. Always, kath

  7. I am loving the idea of drinking from living fountains…maybe ache relieving fountains these days…it has been a long road now with knee issues cropping up…but oh the sweet blessings here take it all away especially that blue morning glory…thanks for the love Jennifer.

  8. Thank you for the beautiful wishes.

    I wish you love, laughter, and light to fill your soul. I wish you nights that lull you to dream of beauty. I wish you music and dance to lift your spirits. I wish you well, my friend.

  9. What a lovely and uplifting post. Thank you.

  10. Oh my gosh that Morning Glory is gorgeous!!! As always..you write the most beautiful words!!

  11. Beautiful, you brought a sunny smile to my day. Thank you 🙂

  12. Oh Jennifer, this is so beautiful – both your words and the stunning photos. I had to laugh about the pansy because I just came back from the nursery where I bought a few pansies for a big garden bowl. Beautiful! And the morning glory – Heavenly Blue? – is stunning!!!
    I’d love to get the October issue of your little zine, and I know exactly whom I would give the second copy.

  13. Thank you, as always, for your beauty. If I were to win this week, I would give my second copy to my daughter, who was admiring your loveliness this week and who has had a bumpy couple of weeks…nothing terribly serious…just a couple of “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” I hate to see my children struggle.

    • Thanks so much, dear Jane.
      Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune…..such brilliant words
      and, yes, I feel just exactly what you mean.
      Love and lift to you and your daughter.
      (she’s lucky to have such a mama:))

  14. You do so much for all of us Jennifer, to bless and fill our souls… sharing your beautiful self, your heart and wisdom in each post you write. Thank you!! xo

  15. Thank you and I wanna wish all the same sweetness for you.

  16. Such glorious colors — and how your words go to the very heart and soul of me!

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