roots of something real….

What is your deal?  I mean,  how can you be so up?”
Anyone ever asked you that?

I don’t deny ugliness and injustice,
oppression and cruelty and horror,
that the false walks around puffed up and defiant
and honored often as genuine and good,
that leaders often lie and the lonely often hide
and the walls we keep between us shield us mostly from solution,

and I grieve where money is power
and pretense is importance
and service isn’t noble
and children ache with unmet need
and become parents who pass down the disease.
No,  mine isn’t the bliss of ignorance.

blog 3

I’m marinating more in the muchness of hope,
the kind that isn’t false or tricksy,
in the fierce,  capable goodness of creative Spirit
who gave us this planet to steward and love,
living Love so willing to be lavished on thick,
longing to be invited into the chaos
(I’m thinking God has healthy boundaries….nothing toxic there)

I’m believing in something more,  something stronger
something thoroughly alive,
Light that swallows darkness and does amazing like it’s easy.
It’s real and relational
and I joy more because
I believe
there are  seeds of restoration
in every surrendered shitstorm.

Nothing is beyond redemption.


“I want to unfold.
Let no place in me hold itself closed.
For when I am closed,  I am false.”
-Ranier Maria Rilke


  1. There is beauty everywhere. Even in the dark places. And dwelling on the negatives gives them strength. More strength.

  2. Your words of wisdom are very close to my heart dear Jennifer. There are indeed seeds of restoration in the Shitstorms where we can make a positive change in restoration of hope and justice for the broken and underprivileged.

    Sending you a plentitude of blessings.

  3. i want to spread a blanket under that tree and lie there all day with a book and a picnic basket filled with goodies.

  4. Lynn Wilkinson says

    TO my heart, to the concerns that have been weighing me down and causing me to sit judged and found guilty by so many that I have thought were friends and have given my heart to along the way. I attempt to maintain my life in a small humble way. Sometimes it gets big – then the “shitstorm” hits and I crumble in the eyes of judgment that say “you aren’t worthy of such success or responsibility.” I am looking toward the Lord to be my judge and jury and your words in your blogs, as I’ve said before are GOD speak. They are rebuilding, redeeming and justifying… thank you so much. I love your photos and pray you’ve found a camera worthy of your talent. For to loose those inspiration would be a gentle miss in to your world or wordsmithing… thank you my dear.

  5. Love this message of hope of Jennifer. It is easy to lose heart when look at the state of things in this world but God is bigger and nothing is beyond his ability to redeem. Blessings.

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Words. Pictures. Sentiment. Spirit. All beautiful.

  7. Oh, Jennifer…this is so amazing and beautiful! Coming off of the climate change march here in NYC, your posting couldn’t be more timely and more perfect! Fabulous!!! I’m off to marinate more!

  8. I love this. I love your positivity and I love your rawness that also comes through from time to time. Such is life and your realness is refreshing. Thank you for being you.

  9. Your Rilke quote is new to me (I thought I knew Rilke….) But does anybody ever really know Rilke? Think of this: “Every Angel brings terror.” Is that sweet? No, Rilke KNEW Angels. This is why I love your poetry. Exactly because it is not a bed of roses. In that way it is like the magnificent work of Mary Oliver and Billy Collins. When poetry is too pretty I put the words away. Wasn’t it the Dali Lama who said: “Participating joyfully in the sorrows of the world.” That is how I see you Jennifer. No bed of roses there. And poetry is nothing if not a microchip in each word that explodes in your head with meaning after meaning after meaning. I’m so grateful to have found you.

  10. So many can only still see the darkness…but you have given them a way with this post to move to the light…..I love the lines, ‘I’m believing in something more, something stronger something thoroughly alive, Light that swallows darkness and does amazing like it’s easy.’

    It is why I follow the light because I choose not to dwell in the darkness…thank you for continuing to shine that light.

  11. Yes, I’ve been asked that before. You’ve given the perfect answer, much more eloquently than I did. Thank you!

  12. A beautiful post and your words echo my own philosophy on life 🙂

    I always try to see the light even in dark times… Sometimes it it is difficult, but rarely impossible.

  13. Beautiful. I love your raw shares. I think often misunderstood for being so positive when deep down I ache and hurt for so many things. Then I wake up each morning and feel so grateful for my life and the little bit of good I can do and light I can spread. I bet you relate, friend.
    Warmly, K

  14. I really resonated with… “I believe that there are seeds of restoration in every surrendered shitstorm.” 🙂 I’ve been going through a pretty intense time of letting go, surrendering, learning and letting go some more. I can only imagine the amount of seeds that will get restored from this shitstorm I’ve been through once it’s over. Thanks for putting a smile on my face at the same time. Beautiful sharing!! xo

  15. Your words restore
    hope in the possibility
    of restoration
    in a world
    not yet mad
    at the injustices
    and crimes we commit
    against one another.

    Thank you for once again reminding me, it is how I am in the world that makes the difference in my world.

    Blessings on your day beautiful heart.

  16. Yes and Amen! Here’s to restoration and surrendered shitstorms! I love it, love how perfectly you express not just your heart and spirit but others too!

  17. I so love how you joy.

  18. Light that swallows darkness. I’m going to remember that the next time people start getting on my case about seeing the bright side of things and trying to find something good to redeem the hardest things. Some things, of course, stand alone and there isn’t a lot of choice when it comes to making them better. But most things have something you can grab onto. Lovely post. Indeed, it is joy.

  19. So much thanks, Jeanie; I appreciate your perspective
    and how beautifully you share it:)

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