belly burning bright…

I want to see sweetness instead of shortness
in the brief breath of butterfly days,
to taste the seeds of next summer in the last slice of melon
and to believe in restoration even as angry words tumble out on top of themselves.
I want to honor aliveness that way,

 to believe that being is more than doing,
seeing is more than proving,
beauty is more than pretty
and that the oppressed are touched by grace each time we pray,
praying even fierce comfort into their suffering,
comfort that defies understanding,
angels whispering living things that slice right through the torment
and that no one ever,  ever suffers


It’s hard to hear the horror….to let it rake across your soul harsh
until your coals burn gray and ashe,
but I will believe that it matters what our hearts cry out,
that we can hurl our voices into the universe
and they’re heard.
For the lonely,  for the stolen,  for the terrified,
we can release penetrating light and it makes a difference.

We are not helpless;
keep the fire in your belly burning bright.


“The world is indeed full of peril,  and in it are many dark places;
but still there is much that is fair,  and though in all the lands love is
now mingled with grief,   it grows perhaps the greater.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien

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  1. Another beautiful – and powerful post.

  2. Another inspiring and beautiful post. Thank you!

  3. Lynn Wilkinson says

    Jennifer, this spoke volumes to my heart!!! it’s healing and wonderful that those who shout out will be heard.
    The second image, the photograph reminds me of angles rushing to the side, creating a flurry of dust from their wings and their rush… coming to minister to the sides of those who suffer. My depression has been sinking lately and yet your worlds bring me light into the darkness and I haven’t forgotten my promise … just need to be able to send it all out.. .. I love your ministry to those who need to have hearts renewed and reclaimed and souls repurposed when the pain gets overwhelming… you are wonderfully tapped into the words that seem to come from the voice of God to those who need to hear … thank you for the purity of your love and your purpose in life.

    • Gosh Lynn, your heartpours are so beautiful….thank you.
      It’s crazy out there in places and we seem to hear only the horror;
      all the madness can be maddening. I think it knocks us out of a place
      of effectiveness if we suck in the wind behind the despairing lie.
      Truth is just so much more than the sum of facts. I believe truth always liberates.
      So much thanks to you for leaning into truth
      even when the darkness bites hard.
      Love and light (and hugs),

  4. Dear Jennifer, the words of your caring heart floats as a sooting mist through this misery unleashed on our world. We have to believe in a merciful and just God who is still in commend of his creation. We have to believe that the prayers of our heart are heard and that this evil will be defeated, that we will one day all live in peace and harmony with one and another.

    Blessing on your caring heart.

  5. I always love coming here…just beautiful…and thank you so much for your kind words!

  6. You’re beautiful zine is truly a light in the world. Thank you so much for it, Jennifer!

  7. How I love when you said “being is more than doing.” You’re so right. Sometimes we (I) fly around doing, doing, doing. But it is in the silent being that life is so sweet.

  8. Love your words of faith and hope, mingled with the Tolkien quote and your always deLIGHTful images. Believing, with you…

  9. i know we are heard too, altho it may not seem like it at times…the Universe does respond with goodness…just look at those beautiful flowers in your photo…there is goodness and beauty everywhere if we are open to it!

  10. Very beautiful and inspiring – your words are very touching. The photo of the cosmos – so pretty. I love these flowers so very much.

  11. You are such a wise old soul and I mean that with much love and respect.

  12. Oh my it is hard not to have the harshness of life and the world steal our tenderness…I stay away from the news as it steals my heart and the pain is too much…but I pray for the world…

  13. Loved these words… “For the lonely, for the stolen, for the terrified, we can release penetrating light and it makes a difference.” Beautiful Jennifer. xo

  14. It’s good to think that when we pray for those who suffer in this world, that somehow they are touched by grace. There are so many things in our world to be distressed about, I will now think of my prayers and compassion as actually touching the people I am praying for, not just hurtling out into the universe. Your words are so powerful, as always.

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