Like someplace made of sky…..

August rolling in under stormy skies
and my heart pounding hard on the keys,
singing songs I’ve never heard before
while strong winds blowing in some cool change
and I need to pull thanks around me snug
to keep out the chill
because I’m unnerved
and gratitude has the potent power to steady
where we tremble.

I want to be curious in the places where I shy,
to be open to the mystery of the messy in-betweens
and so I fling ebullient thanks for summer soup growing wild,
for blossom to apples,  tender sprouts to pickles in a jar,
and baby bump to laughing child,


to lean into it grateful
the hope I hold inside
for a roominess of life
that feels like somewhere made of sky

Now can be delicious,
and it’s what I’ve got,
a rich full slice of it to notice and nuzzle.

And what’s around the riverbend that we can’t dare to see?
…. it may be startling goodness
we wouldn’t ask or dream.


“If you don’t die from thirst,  there are blessings in the desert.
You can be pulled into limitlessness,  which we all yearn for,
or you can do the beauty of minutia,  the scrimshaw of tiny and precise.
The sky is your ocean,  and the crystal silence will uplift
like great gospel music,  or Neil Young.”
-Anne Lamott


  1. “Mystery of the messy in bet wens” now there’s a great quote. As always, rich soul food and photos my friend

  2. Your words and your images always speak directly to my heart. Thank you.

  3. To be open to the messy in betweens …now that’s something I can stand to do as well Jennifer. Beautiful writing and images always. FYI…You can install a plugin that will send your replies to comments to readers by email automatically.

  4. Jennifer, your grateful heart is always open wide, taking in what sprout and grows in the summer soup to fill your life with wondrous delights. I like the baby bump…. Now there’s a delight. Loving the now and the process is living in gratitude.

    I’m grateful for your friendship.

  5. Another delicious post – thank you! And wonderful photos too.

  6. “now can be delicious”- yes I can taste it too! wonderful words and photos, you bring delight to by inbox.

  7. Sunday morning love from and to you! Thank you!

  8. I was so moved by “pulling thanks around me snug.” I remember in a writing course, we were taught to write like that and how much more powerful it could be, as in “my heart is broke.” You do that brilliantly and I always notice! My next post will be lots of photos of my summer garden, so please come by. It is taking me awhile to write these days….but I’ll get there. I don’t want to push myself in any way. If there ever was an organic process, it is grief. I LOVE your photos Jennifer, the sky, the round-the-bend…..thank you as always. Susie

  9. We must always explore around the river bend… It makes us who we are!

  10. To be open to the mystery of messy in-between. I’m drinking in your words like a thirsty child. With a few tears too. An emotional release. Just got my four babies off to school and the house is empty for the first time in two months. Time for them to spread their wings a little more. Time for me to breathe a little deeper. Drink another cup of coffee. And create a little space for dreams to percolate.
    Love, k

  11. another master piece!! I re-read it 3 times…your words always delight me and I get images in my head…just beautiful!!! why do i always see your work in book form…with your photographs!!

  12. Envisioning August through the beauty of your words.

  13. I adore this….
    “while strong winds blowing in some cool change
    and I need to pull thanks around me snug
    to keep out the chill
    because I’m unnerved
    and gratitude has the potent power to steady
    where we tremble.”

    I feel these words now I continue to walk slowly down a new path….warm hugs as we move through this unusual month called August

  14. just beautiful! Love the stormy sky capture!

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