because the blooming fields….

Because I want to pour you out a river of breeze,
to gather you a bouquet of sweet,  soft lay-me-down moments
and hold this sense of relish like a seashell to your ear
so you can hear the whispers in your wounds
because I think maybe that it’s the sound
that healing makes,


because I feel it so strong inside that you are the priceless art,
more beautiful by design than sea or sunset or gossamer wings,
that there is precious little balm to waste in the hard flee of time
and I choose to share the salve I find
because I know that living can stone you sudden till your heart rattles pieces
and the quiet can be hard to come by


and when you find a well that keeps on giving
your heart stretches out wide and thumps love so stretchy
it reaches and offers and speaks
and you wanna share the shimmer from the waves you’re riding,
the blooming in your field of dreams.

This is mine:  please help yourself to as much as you like,
with love:)


My Ripplesongs July is available now in my little etsy shop
I offer it up with love:)

(and will draw a name Friday from the comments on this post
to give one away!)

“But to be what I am,
to live what I was meant to live,
to want to sound like no one else,
to yield to the blossoms dictated to my heart,
this is what I want
and this  surely cannot be arrogance.”


  1. Oh, the whispers of the wounds hold much to share. If we just listen, we find deep healing, there. Jennifer, your words hold deep meaning and inspiration. XO

  2. What a lovely song…balm for the heart to make it sing…much gratitude for this “well that keeps on giving” my friend!

  3. How I love your beautiful, creative, overflowing, generous heart.

  4. You are such a sharing soul and always giving from that infinite well of love deep inside you through your poetic words and your art. They sooth and comfort and make me float on a dreamy cloud of delicate petals. Your flowers are beautiful.

    I wish you a splendid weekend my friend.

  5. I ADORE my Ripplesongs June, thank you SO MUCH for sending it to me!

    I apologize for not thanking you sooner, but we have been preoccupied with the sad loss of a young man who worked for my husband, and the job of consoling his co-workers and family. Time passes so quickly.

    I have the pleasure now of curling up and revisitng your words and art more slowly now, which makes me quite happy. And I am going to treat myself to July, as well. Keep up your beautiful work, dear friend.

    xo, Anita

  6. how i love your writing and the joy it brings

  7. Your writing is so soothing and uplifting and full of love. Thank you!

  8. Your words are healing to my heart. I just lost my little sister, singing softly to her at her bedside as she died. Did you know that hearing is the last sense to go? Whispering in the wounds is real. It is about as real as it gets. I’m thinking of a mantra: I am remembering who I am, I am remembering who I am….may we all remember.

  9. Gorgeous and inspiring — lovely shots!

  10. Lovely…..touch my on this beautiful July morning.
    Thank you!

  11. You, my friend, are such a poet that your words sometimes make me cry with their beauty and their heart.

  12. Joan Creasy says

    Beautiful, simply beautiful!!! Your words paint images that are vivid in one’s heart.
    Beautiful, simply beautiful!

  13. Oh how I love the song in your heart and soul. I’m so grateful to you for sharing your glory.

  14. Your images against the blue sky are so lovely. I can hear your heart singing.

  15. you are the priceless art – LOVE!!!

  16. i keep looking at that photo of the pink daisy, the way the sun fills it up…just beautiful and goes so elegantly with your lovely words!!

  17. **so you can hear the whispers in your wounds
    because I think maybe that it’s the sound
    that healing makes**

    My heart just skipped a beat. LOVE! x

  18. Wonderful words and pictures. Your photos gladden my soul and your words are a meditation to me. x

  19. Good morning, sweet friend! Your words and gorveous, stunning photos warmed my heart first thing this morning. I like that, thank you!! Big hugs, kath

  20. Wonderful post and beautiful words. the first verses are amazing: Because I want to pour you out a river of breeze,
    to gather you a bouquet of sweet, soft lay-me-down moments
    and hold this sense of relish like a seashell to your ear
    so you can hear the whispers in your wounds
    because I think maybe that it’s the sound
    that healing makes,

    I will take them with me today. Beautiful artwork too

  21. Lynn Wilkinson says

    we talked yesterday so you know what your written words is like to me… straight to the heart… from God to you to my heart! thank you so very much. I love your work…
    getting Christmas in July ready! Look for it… end of next week probably.

  22. Your voice is as bell-like
    as your beautiful heart.
    Thank you for being a friend:)

  23. Your heart. Oh, I do love your heart, my friend. I do.

  24. There’s always tremendous healing that happen each time I read one of your beautiful posts Jennifer. Your photos and artwork always bring such beautiful bursts of colours to uplift one’s soul exactly when it’s needed. xo

  25. Beautiful words for an equally wonderful collection of shots

  26. SO awfully beautiful — and the words are as wonderful as the images!

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