again with the hope….

freak flag
There’s a fierce little word fluttering around in my heart
and I want to bring it to you like a gift I’d leave at your door
in an old blue bottle that I bought  for a dime,
washed of decades of dust and disappointment,
and filled with fresh water and a single surprising flower
whispering one single word

because sometimes hope needs to be recycled,  too,

and I want you to notice it in your lovely wings,
the divine quiver pulsing softly,
calling gently,
crying out,  dear braveheart,
dare again.


That thing you wished,  once upon a time
….wished it so hard it hurt?
wish it again.
knock and ask and call again,
imagine again,
dream again,
dig and plant and believe again

Open again to the flickers of firsts,
soften again to possibility,
because it’s the stuff that bliss is made of
to let your heart go wilding for it’s true song.

I’m hearing it strong in the whispering winds,
defy the disappointment,
Go again.

Listen again.

My mama always said life was  like a box of chocolates.
You never know what you’re gonna get.”
-Forrest Gump

The winner of the drawing for my little monthly zine,  Ripplesongs July
(giving me SO much joy,  this)
is Michele Bergh,
webmaster extraordinaire:)
Package on it’s way,  dear one!

Leave a comment and I’ll pull another name
from another hat
next week
(I love this stuff)


  1. How I love your warm, inspirational, beautiful posts. Thank you.

  2. Hi jennifer, what a great poem. I love that you never give up. You are such a leader and you soldier on with wisdom. I can’t help but be dragged in the undercurrent of your infectious optimism. Yes, I will recycle my hopes and dreams.
    Have a great weekend and stay happy.

  3. my God, Jen, you are such a Voice……

    **Thank You**….With all my breathing heart, Thank You, my dear friend……

  4. What a wonderfully inspiring post! And lovely photos too.

  5. Jennifer- I so enjoy your words and photos. They bring a smile to my face.
    Excited to hear that Michele won your giveaway, yeah!!

  6. “because sometimes hope needs to be recycled, too,” Love that!

  7. It’s a difficult thing to dare at times. You make it seem plausible.

  8. Jennifer your sweet words are perfect today as I recycled hope and came up with my new blog…it makes me know I did the right thing and that my hopes for it to sing will be realized…you made my heart sing today dear friend!

  9. thank you for leaving that lovely blue bottle of hope on my doorstop, this morning ❤

  10. I love how you always catch me and prop me up just when I’m sliding sideways.

  11. Perfect! These are indeed tough times and hope is at a premium. Your words are simply beautiful.

    Sorry I’ve been missing in action of late — we had a couple weeks at the lake with very intermittent internet availability, then home got completely out of control. I’ll try to catch up even if I don’t comment on everything. But it certainly is lovely to see your bright colors and beautiful words today!

    • So glad you dropped by….no pressures ever
      to comment or come….we still share the journey
      and it’s always the right time
      no matter how much passes:)

  12. I’m so excited! Thank you so much!!

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