the soft soil of eden….


Hello Summer just begun and year half done,
large friendly hum of the warm breath of morning,
a freshborn season for loving and squeezing,
and drinking deep of long days turned ripe and jeweled
like the pearly mounds of berries at the farm stand
fresh picked and still mottled with earth


hello rolling skies and silky rays painting dusk with soft sighs of rest,
lilies and wild things breezing along the roadways
and love songs and light shows riding on the clouds,
cool water splashing fat drops of mercy and tugging the too-hot from me,
joy, and lift and belly laughs,  sweet bath of sunshine and sea,

hello rustle of green and willow and blanket spread beneath the trees,
for soaking and sifting and basking and being
in the places inside where our  hearts are still tending
the sweet, soft soil of eden.


Really,  I hope this season is a hello to restoration
in every way your heart is wilding for,
some fresh sweet freedom in your wanting-spacious places.
Yeah,  I hope Summer splashes you good:)

“Hello,  sun in my face,
hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields….”
-Mary Oliver


I’ve got 5 happy little packages wrapped and ready
for the 5 names I drew
(I wish I could send one to each of you….will offer another giveaway soon with Ripplesongs July)
Please message me with your addresses, dears!
~Amanda Fall,  Simone,  Wanda,  Lynn Wilkinson,  and Anita.
Love and smooches all around.



  1. what a happy post. sunshine, seasides and sunflowers. perfect.

  2. What a sweet picture you are painting of Summer. I can name some unwelcome little visitors that come to spoil my bliss in this much awaited season. We all know them by the names of mMosquitos and Black Flies. lol…
    Hugs to you my dear friend and enjoy the season of abundance.


    • jennifer says

      hope the stinging, biting things
      are swept away by a gentle breeze
      and that your July is going along

  3. I am living your vibrant, colourful summer. And revelling in the pared back elegance of my own winter.
    Congratulations to all those winners.

    • jennifer says

      don’t you just love the whole juicy business
      of seasons?
      always something to revel in:)
      thanks for stopping by,

  4. I am d e l i g h t e d! Oh, my goodness, so excited to see a piece of your heart. Thank you. Thank you.

    • jennifer says

      The sweet heat of the lovely gifts
      you send on the breeze
      light up so many of my moments, Amanda
      ….thank you:)

  5. Joy and sunshine splash out of this post. Thank you!! And congratulations to the winners!

  6. Such gorgeous uplifting pictures and words as usual. I feel so uplifted in spirit just visiting here. Thank you so much for naming me as a giveaway winner. I can’t wait to receive my package from you. x

  7. So enjoyed getting caught up on your postings. I love how YOU LOVE color!!

    • jennifer says

      glad we get to share this bright and shiny road, friend;
      there are buckets of color blooming
      around every bend:)

  8. A hello to restoration is exactly what it is for me 🙂

    • jennifer says

      so glad, friend………hope your heart can hardly believe
      the sweet goodness rolling in your way:)

  9. This made me cry. Your words, “in the places inside where our hearts are still tending
    the sweet, soft soil of eden.” This speaks so much. Just, everything.

    And your sweet encouragement:
    “Really, I hope this season is a hello to restoration
    in every way your heart is wilding for,
    some fresh sweet freedom in your wanting-spacious places.”

    And Mary Oliver’s, too. Thank you ❤

    • jennifer says

      sharing your tears, Leslie…..I thank you from the bottom of my being
      for reading deeply and hearing me true;) love and peace, Jennifer

  10. Half done. When did that happen? (Oh, yeah — this weekend.) How beautiful — we enjoyed a perfect-weather weekend at our little cottage on the lake. I feel restored, finally, after the craziness of the wedding. Happy joy. And more to come. (Your post reminds me I need to plant my sunflower seeds. I hope it isn’t too late!)

    • jennifer says

      Sunflowers taller than I am here….big juicy blossoms singing their brightest!
      Stormy nights have taken a toll on some but they’re still blooming brave.
      Enjoy your summering, friend,

  11. So much happiness in your words and photos. I always enjoy the sunflowers.

  12. You always pluck the perfect words to share along with the beautiful color of your world and I always thank you with all my heart.

    • jennifer says

      plentiful plucking when I’m so inspired, Susan….thanks for your always
      balmy encouragement. I’m cheering just as hard in your corner, too:)

  13. Looking forward to summer splashes sitting around the pool and seeing your lovely face! 🙂

  14. OH how I have missed your beautiful words that make my heart sing. You have painted the prefect picture of our lazy days of summer. If only we all could see life through your eyes.
    Always a Blessing to visit you.
    What lucky winners! Congrats to all of them. They will love your gorgeous pieces.
    I think of you often but am the worse blogger of the year and keep making promises to get better but haven’t been able to keep my promises.
    Hope your well
    Love ya

    • jennifer says

      Maggie! So good to hear from you:)
      Come and sit with me on my front porch
      anytime:) I love your company.

  15. Fabulous words to great summer…I especially felt, ‘ I hope this season is a hello to restoration in every way your heart is wilding for,some fresh sweet freedom in your wanting-spacious places.’

    Indeed it will restorative and fresh and wild and wonderful!! Happy summer to you too my friend!

    • jennifer says

      I love the way your words give my heart a little flight
      as I read hopefully along….thank you:)
      Hope it’s all going swimmingly for you,

  16. Now that I live in CA, where it is basically summer all year long I miss that excitement with summers arrival!! Your photos and words take me back there tho…thanks!! 🙂

    • jennifer says

      Glad to give you a sip of seasons again:)
      Hope you’re enjoying your July in a big way,

  17. Such lovely photos of sunflowers and rudbeckia! They just make me happy – it’s the color I think. Light, warm – and happy.

  18. Oh, that just filled my soul right up with goodness. Thank you sweet friend.

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