suddenly soaring instead….

I’m grateful for the chance
to create and carve and choose
and hurl my voice into the loving and living I still get to do,
and even when I blunder and bumble and bruise
there is beauty in the falling forward
and so I help myself to seconds of grace
and get back up and go again

This life is short and seems to be gaining speed
with each trek around the sun
so I’ll cry my tears and grin sillier still and throw my arms wider
and grateful more for
~my plenty enough of a little camera still
swinging from my arm in the apple green case
(nope,  didn’t get a big girl camera yet),
~pretty scarves to wear in my hair while the sun beats down
and the wild winds blow
(another busy season is underway and I smell again of ben gay),


~trees in bloom and small sour pickles and everywhere robins
and finding fresh ways and red beans and rice and most excellent tea,
~ a new pair of reading glasses waiting unscratched on the table
and a whole journal full of blank pages just waiting for me there,
~and daffodils and snowbells and primrose and fuzzy pussy willow joy
and baby steps forward,  even when they’re slow,


and how it’s relief when you’re driving and you see a lump
flapping helpless in the road up ahead
and it turns out to be only a plastic bag
and I wonder sometimes if it’s mostly plastic bags I’m running from,
just spastic fear mind-painting old despair.
I want to press the pedal brave and go face down the things I dread
….I may find myself suddenly soaring instead.

I’ve been noticing the early daffodils braving the cold
blooming bright,  outspoken,  and bold
in spite of the pounding they take in the harsh cold winds
-they spitshine my courage just watching them.
Just look at those faces.

“If we never experience the chill of a dark winter,
it is very unlikely we will ever cherish the warmth
of a bright summer’s  day.”
-Anthon St. Marteen



  1. Daffodils encapsulate the magic of the sunshine and shove it into our faces so we can’t forget don’t they? Love them. And pussy willows. Ooooh.
    Revel in your spring. It seems to have been a long time coming – but is no doubt forgiven.

  2. I always know that Spring has sprung when I see the daffodils poking up. Love your photos, I feel inspired to do some painting!

  3. Dear Jennifer, I’m so glad that Spring has sprung up on you already and sweetness awaits you at every sights. Daffodils are trumpeting the newness and Robins are scurrying to build their nest. How wonderful all this is. The sun being more generous and the days being longer.

    Like you said, the things we dread…we may find ourselves suddenly soaring again.
    It’s what I feel after tapping.
    I wonder if I can tap away this cold winter away today. -26〫C or -14.8〫F this morning. The sun will dull the cold a bit but it’s still very difficult to believe that Spring is out there somewhere. Thanks so much for sharing your warm heart and the daffodils on this cold day.

  4. Beauty is there for the taking and boy are you taking it! Wonderful picture marrying the disappearing wonder of winter, the bold message of spring, and the promises of summer. ♥

  5. Ah, this was beautiful and happy and hopeful…and refreshing! I LOVE daffodils…and crocus…and pussy willows…and… Thank you for sunny spring today, jennifer! Please remember to take care of yourself as you garden and garden and garden! Hugs, kath

  6. Jennifer, I love your riot of color and hope. You spit shine my courage just reading this, and I’m so grateful, with you, for second helpings of grace.

  7. Well, I’m so happy to find I’m not alone in cherishing my little camera! I love how it fits in my hand or the pocket of my jeans and doesn’t call attention to itself and has been taking wonderful images for many years … I’m going to keep using it as long as I can. And I will keep thanking you for the gorgeous blooms that you & your little camera send out into the world along with your wise, soulful words.

  8. love all the colour i always find here. hope you are doing well my friend.

  9. Your photos breathe with life and warmth. It’s the photographer, not the camera!

  10. Your early daffs give me great hope! And like you, I don’t have a big girl camera — mine’s not taking quite so clear a photo as yours — what is it? (Mine has been dropped on its head a tad too many times!). Really, you are bringing spring to me, which is a heck of a lot more than outside is giving up these days! Thank you!

  11. Those daffodils represent spring for me, and yours certainly do! They look so happy and brighten up the day. How lovely to see them this morning.

  12. 🙂 Sweetness!

  13. My father always brought my mother a bouquet of daffodils when they first arrived in the grocery stores in the spring. What sweet memories your photos recall.

  14. love this poem, i’ve re-read it a few time! this line always stands out…”so I’ll cry my tears and grin sillier still and throw my arms wider and grateful more for”…love it!!

  15. The fear I perceive is from within, my little girl who was powerless. I too believe those plastic bags are really full of air, they sound so noisy, but in my reality today as an adult I can walk towards them. I can take the once loud, scary plastic bag and look inside, then ball it up and toss it in the dumpster.

    I love your beautiful spirit. You are a shining, bright flower amid the gray.

  16. Oh to see the bright warm sunny daffs soon.

  17. Oh to see the bright warm sunny daffs soon.

  18. Tip top stfuf. I\’ll expect more now.

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