A Christmas hush….

I’ve listened for  it since I was little,
the hush that seems to fall like snow
these days before Christmas,
a  holy quiet
that hovers heavy
sweet and thick,
even in the bustle,

the universe holding her breath
in wonder.


I’m slipping into the quiet
for a long soak,
making space to bask
and awe
and holding close to heart for each of you
and Christmas hope.

I'll see you back again before the new year.
 "How silently,  how silently
the wondrous gift is given...."

-O Little Town of Bethlehem


  1. i feel like that too Jennifer…slipping into the quiet!!! Merriest of Chrsitmases!!!

  2. Thank you for your beautiful photography and reverent words. Yes, I’ve been trying to listen to the hush also, Jennifer – trying to keep things simple and to not get too caught up in the bustle. Thank you also for your lovely comment on my blog.
    Sending you warmest wishes.

  3. I’m sending you some quiet whispers of Peace, Joy and Contentment while the earth is bejewelled in sparkling splendor awaiting for the special day that gladdens the hearts of children.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Hugs. Of gratitude for the beauty you share, and with love.

  5. Enjoy the peace, the quiet, the beauty. Sending wishes for a wonderful Christmas season to you & your family & loved ones. And a big, sincere thanks for all the loveliness that you share.

  6. The photographs remind me of crunching the new Minnesota snow under my pink boots as I watched stars become snowflakes in the night sky. I loved to snuggle my old lab in the chill and crisp air as I felt a quiet whisper telling me it was all going to be okay. Sending you love and light. Yours, Jema

  7. Wishing you much joy! and looking forward to a wonderful New Year!

  8. I’m right there with you! Such beautiful photos, words and art 🙂

  9. tiptoeing through, as i also am aware of hush…
    even though bustle is all around, the spirit insists.
    (love your black + whites)
    merry christmas, dear friend. xoxooo

  10. Peace and joy, hugs and lots of love to you….

  11. Your photos make me so happy. I absolutely love your message…slipping into the quiet…love. Thats is where I want to be. Have a wonderful holiday.

  12. Wishing you the loveliest and happiest of holidays ever Jennifer.

  13. This morning is cold, quiet, with a dusting of snow. Birds everywhere. Red cardinals against brown branches. Goldfinches turned lovely birchbark greens. Morning doves perched on a birdbath, and downy woodpeckers hopping up the bare redbud tree. I’m ready!
    Merry Christmas Jennifer!

  14. Wishing you peace, love and hope this Christmas and New Year…you bring such joy to all of us and for me you have been a truly incredible gift…I relish each post and bask in its beauty of word and image…Merry Christmas Jennifer!!

  15. Wishing you peace, love and hope this Christmas and New Year…you bring such joy to all of us and for me you have been a truly incredible gift…I relish each post and bask in its beauty of word and image…Merry Christmas Jennifer!!

  16. Lovely Christmas hush! Big like here. Merry Christmas friend!

  17. Only you know how to quickly and quietly transform my hectic mood into calm joy.
    Deep breath. Sigh.
    Thank you.
    Have yourself a merry little Christmas friend.

  18. Lynn Wilkinson says

    It’s been a “busy” that I wasn’t expecting and a hustle that I didn’t want.
    But reading your blog has brought back that expectation of the quiet
    and the peace that rules my heart this time of year when all is right and
    all is quiet and, though it may not be snowing, there is that hush that
    comes with the first of the snow fall.
    Love you, Merry Christmas Sweet wonderful wordsmithing friend!

  19. You, my friend, know where to take us on these sometimes hectic moments before Christmas. My quiet comes Christmas Eve, after the family leaves for home, and I’m left with my thoughts and fond memories. Thank you for bringing me a bit of calm the day before Christmas Eve.

  20. My day today was all hustle bustle, anything but quiet. And then I read your words and felt the exhale… Thank you, Jennifer. May your Christmas be filled with love and light. xo

  21. Wanted to stop over and wish you a Merry Christmas Jennifer. May you enjoy the quietness of the season.

  22. Beautiful. Beautiful!
    Sorry it has been so long since I have found the chance to enjoy spending time on your page. I miss it here in this lovely space. Always feels so good.
    I have been terribly busy and have not had a chance to blog or spend a fair amount of time reading blogs for… months and months. It feels good to find some quiet time to enjoy what I love. You are part of that! Blogging and the blogs I follow are such a blessing to my life. Inspiring, lovely, beautifully spirited.
    Thank you for being a part of my world and I hope your Christmas was fabulous. Happy New Year too (while I’m at it).

  23. I love that hush, too, and your images speak it. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas and your new year is full of blessings!

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