fresh wings…..


I want dreams that don’t drive me,
vision that isn’t urgency,
and wings that don’t tremble
with go.

“I don’t want to end up having simply
visited this world

-Mary Oliver

 (I’m taking a small slice of time
to slip away from my everydayness
but I’ll be here each day with a short,
just the same.)


  1. Cherish your small slice, be well and happy.
    And yes, it would be truly wonderful to be able to drift rather than be driven some days. To float, and perhaps soar…

  2. this is perfect, Jennifer.
    I’ m reading this while vacationing in Greece! love these daily thoughts!

  3. This beautiful, honest and true. Lovely butterflies! I am smiling to read that you are taking even more quiet time to breathe… So good to nurture one’s Self. Big hugs to you!

  4. Love this… the words, both yours and Mary Oliver’s, and that stunning image. Sweetness filling my inbox today.
    Blessings to you…

  5. Your butterflies and your words are truly perfect companions. I remember these butterflies from your part of the country. We don’t see them often here!

  6. Hi honey
    How beautiful! Love your image too. Your such a dear friend for
    coming by and leaving such a lovely comment about my son Clint.
    I finally made it to Austin to check on him and he is recovering nicely.
    What a horrible scare for all of us.
    Your words always give me comfort.
    Yesterday my dear Sister-in-law was admiring your gorgeous cards I have of yours.
    I will have to buy her some soon.
    Love ya

  7. Hi Jennifer, how refreshing to take time for yourself. We all need time to get away from the busyness of everyday static that clings to our soul.
    I hope that you enjoy some tranquility.

  8. “I want dreams that don’t drive me.” Love that! Those types of dreams can often make you too tired to even dream. Enjoy your quiet moments.

  9. Right now it is a visit…need to savor it

  10. Right now it is a visit…need to savor it

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