making room for miracles……

Stuff is just exactly as broken
and shaky
and gimpy
as it is
but hardly hopeless
and oddly beautiful in the coming undone

So I think I’ll just re-think the tremble
and not crumple up small and slide down under
the coming-up-short,
trying to fix the wobble
so things go smooth
and the flaws don’t show

’cause even though it may stop the squeak and crumble
when I flatten out low,
I wasn’t born to be the wedge
under shaky table legs
so maybe we’ve got something here
that isn’t quite real.

Let’s find another,  truer way.
Cause I don’t want to spend another day
feeling homesick
for me.

“It’s good to do uncomfortable things.
It’s weight training for life.”
-Anne Lamott

I’m here every day this month
resting my soul by posting each day
the song stirring in my heart.
Join me if you like….I love your company.


  1. Dear Jennifer, I’m glad that you will no longer let yourself be the wedge that has to hold all the weight of that wobbly table…. That is not your purpose in life. You are made to smile and ride the waves, to stand tall and and gaze at stars, to find joy in your art, to dance like a child and cry like a girl, to rest in motion, to follow your hopes and love wholeheartedly and to live in freedom or something like that.

  2. I’ve tried to be the wedge too often myself and found things just kept wobbling anyway. I’m realizing the wobbles are sometimes necessary and as long as I try to wedge them, they’ll never really disappear! Love the way you expressed it (as usual!)

  3. “…feeling homesick for me.” Beautifully said. I do feel that way sometimes.
    When, oh when, will you be publishing your verse in book form?
    Meanwhile – love your blog posts. September will seem empty without your daily thoughts!

  4. ANOTHER beautiful heartfelt post which resonates. So very strongly. Thank you.

  5. Ah yes. “Homesick for me.” I get that. Completely.

    Perfectly imperfect.
    Such is life and so are we.

  6. i am reading a great book. Beauty and the Bitch. Love that someone comes right out and say it!!! From the book, “Our branches were meant to run wild. When we prune ourselves down, straightening ourselves our, we look groomed, but not beautiful.” Now she is not saying we don’t need a little something…she also says, “we want to be true. Our flesh needs something more potent to assuage it.” I am emailing you a longer portion of this…it’s sooo dang good!!!!

    Love you!

  7. It always floors me how in a few, choice phrases full of imagery and passion you can plumb the depths of ones soul.

  8. Did you had a sneak peek in my journal? So resonating, as usual…

  9. …running out of ways to tell you how beyond *grateful* I am for your words that are breath to me right now, absolute daily manna…….

    Thank you, Jen…….with all my heart,
    your friend,

  10. EXACTLY what I needed this morning. Once again, we are traveling the same bumpy road. Love you, friend.

  11. …maybe we’ve got something here that isn’t quite real… That wedge image, under the wobbly leg, is perfect and knowing that fearful thoughts are just that, Thoughts, Not reality, is a huge huge discovery…for Recovery. I am an anxious person, trying to Let Go.

  12. I feel like this at work too much…trying to let it wobble…I have a hard time letting it fall sometimes…but fall it must

  13. I feel like this at work too much…trying to let it wobble…I have a hard time letting it fall sometimes…but fall it must

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