our deepest yes….

“No” is a beautiful word.
We build relationship,  grow love,
heal,  wake up,  find joy,
tend our gardens,  our hearts,  our lives
for the price of our time,
and our no,
which helps create air and lift
for our deepest yes.

“”Celebrate your freedom.
Share it joyfully with others.
Tell yourself,  tell others,  too,  that you’re free
to trust and follow your own heart.

-Melody Beattie

I appreciate your visits and comments
along this August way
….I’m feeling a powerful change
a change is gonna do me good:)


  1. And no is a word I need to use more often – to set my own yes free. Another beautiful and inspirational post. Thank you.

  2. It’s so true! Our ‘no’s leave room for our yesses! I love how you expressed this!

  3. So important to find the No again!

  4. So important to find the No again!

  5. Learning to say No is very uplifting. It’s honest, too. It is important to be honest, and sometimes just saying No sets the boundary of respect for our self and our time. Saying No used to feel like a negative thing. I have learned that it is honest and freeing instead! Happy new week to you! Kath

  6. Saying no gives us room to say yes to what truly matters. It’s a word I need to practice more often.

  7. I love the word no. It creates such a beautiful space for all we desire when we become comfortable using it in a positive, loving way.

  8. So true! Discovering our no’s makes room for big yeses! Sometimes we find out who are NOT before we really know who we are! 🙂 Beautiful writing about the beautiful word, “no”!

  9. Whoa. You are really good. I’ve always had trouble saying “no.” I think that’s part of the reason I am burned out and often stressed. I love that it is a beautiful world that helps lift us into our better selves. Fabulous.

  10. The “no’s” make give our yeses more meaning.

  11. I used to be a “yes” person… but never a “deep yes”, giving more of my time than I should have, feeling guilty and searching for excuses when I could barely utter the word “no” till my wings became frayed like that butterfly in your picture. I became too heavy for lift off and I had to learn to say “no”, I’ve done my time…. Time for someone else to pick up the slack. Now all the guilt is gone and somehow I feel freer to say “yes or no”.

    Go with the flow this week.

  12. You are right on….No is so freeing and gives yes the ability to fly….

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