a long, slow twirl….


I wish you rich,  sweet rest,

the kind that feels
like a long,  slow twirl
to the sound of silence singing.

a little twirling
is a lot good
for a tired soul:)

“Everything changed the day she realized
there was exactly enough time
for the important things in her life.”
-Brian Andreas



  1. Thank you. And I wish you scented breezes and rainbows in return.

  2. I love the quote and so glad you are taking he time ti twirl some. I am putting it on my list of things to do.

  3. I love that quote, as well as your words and images. So inspiring…they make me want to get up and twirl! Thank you, Jen!

  4. That’s big: Exactly enough time for the important things…powerful realization, huh?!! I will repeat that to myself today! Thanks, Jennifer. Xo

  5. Thanks Jennifer, I sure need a slow twirl for my weary soul.
    I wish you a wonderful day.

  6. I love to twirl! This is a perfect quote to start the weekend! I hope yours is happy!

  7. I love the sound of twirling … reminds me of the scene in”You Got Mail” when she was twirling in the book shop with her mother. I cry every time I watch that scene. Twirling is liberating. I shall now go outside and twirl in the rain. Not.

  8. I need that rest but when will it happen?

  9. I need that rest but when will it happen?

  10. how very very lovely are these images of light and beauty… thank you. (and thank you for your heart, always…)

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