a healing tide….


There’s a thirsty dream inside me
for a hopeful little local gathering of hearts,
a healthy community of imperfect people
who share their stories and songs and the open road
slow and simple and organic.
No rushes;  no rallies,
just a tribe of traveling companions

with skin for hugging
and differences to discover
and journeys to celebrate and share,
held safe by gentle hearts and hands.

Kind of a church for wild things,
an expansive place where my heart can find rest
and togethering that doesn’t drive me,
leaving plenty of space inside and out
to worship free and uncluttered
with a tribe that helps encourage and stir the grace in each soul
for our own missions and muchness.

In a wide open field brushed by breeze,
safe for knowing and being known.
No hype,  no manipulation,
only sweet sanctuary,
a healing tide.

I wish it out loud to the worker of wonders,
say it strong and without apology
to the one who drags the bottom of my disappointment
and breathes  fresh audacity
right back into my hope.

“dream bigger;  start smaller.”
-Steven Furtick


  1. I need fresh audacity in my hope! Your posts always breathe it back. Thank you!

  2. I am longing for this, too.
    Let’s go.
    It feels so right.

    Big love to you, Jennifer. Thank you for being here, in this very early morning, as a fresh new day begins. I am glad YOU are here.

  3. I think I need some time away as circumstances have changed and I am at a difficult crossroads…

  4. I think I need some time away as circumstances have changed and I am at a difficult crossroads…

  5. Oh, yes, a church for wild things!
    So many of us long for this same thing. Your poem and images say it so well, Jennifer!

    I found it recently in a class called Getting Naked by Julia at paintedpath.org. She’ll offer it again this fall, and I highly recommend it. Stories were shared, love was everywhere, and we came together along our separate journeys. We found that deep down we all are similar in our ups and downs. And the best part was giving ourselves ‘permission’ to be the real wild things that we truly are.

  6. Yes, yes! Church for wild things! You hit something that is resonating with many I imagine.

  7. Good morning Jennifer, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. I always enjoy our little gathering of hearts.

    I love the idea of your thirsty dream of gathering a community of hearts and I hope that it will happen just as you envision it, organic, pure and free.
    Wishing you a dreamy weekend.

  8. I love the idea of a church for wild things. I actually think I have a couple of those in my other groups- – my book club, which has the most fascinating combination of women I’ve ever met in my life — we know that on the day we feel least like going anywhere, that’s when we should go to the savory sisters because we will eat well, be listened to and loved; advised if we want to be, validated if its necessary, honored and respected regardless. My GGs (Great Gang) are like that, too. They understand the wild child because they are! I hope you find that — I think you will.

  9. you speak my language friend.
    i am there, even tho far.

  10. me too….oh so badly, me too…..i wish i was part of “your local”…..xoxo

  11. I agree with Rachel, you speak my language….Don’t we all need that kind of unconditional group where we find rest if only for a moment….
    Hugs sweet friend…

  12. Mmmm. My heart hears your wish and echoes it back to you. May you find exactly what you wish for.

  13. You have me dreaming and it feels good.

  14. Beautiful words and pics. I especially like those sunflowers and dreaming big. Someone once told me that sunflowers always point to the sun, always turning their face to follow the sun as it moves during the day. I didn’t know that, but sure thought that was cool Love you.

  15. Wild things! All I can say is, yes and amen!

  16. That’s my kind of church!

  17. Yes! Outside enjoying all the beautiful things God made for us and helped us make for all to see. Thank you for pointing this out for us to take in. Love to you!

  18. “no hype, no manipulation”—–straight from Joe Sarver 🙂
    We had it there, we can have it again!

  19. Sounds like the perfect gathering…would love something like this!

  20. I always love your writings Jenny… maybe you have noticed I’m very busy these days – I just wanted to let you know I will visit you again later this week to read your poetry… more…slowly…so I can totally inhale the true beauty of it. 🙂


  21. Sounds like just the kind of place I long for but can’t really find the words to describe it. Reading your post Jennifer is always breathing a fresh breeze of spring air.

  22. Hi Jennifer!
    Ahhhhh, I love the pictures you pain with your perfect words! I did not realize my craving for this same community until I read your post today. If you find this place, let me know- I want to join you! 🙂

  23. thanks jen

  24. ♪.♪..Wild thing, you make my heart sing..♪♪ I can hear you girls singing this going down the road all packed in that car and I would be waiting by the roadside hoping to catch a ride with you all. Everything is better when together sharing the joys and the tears.

    doo doo..♪ doo do (I’m still singing! he he )
    ♥Lee Ann

  25. That in’tshigs just what I’ve been looking for. Thanks!

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