heaven humming….


It’s May,
the reason I haven’t come around to visit
or posted for almost two weeks
-my marathon month….the teeeeny tiny little window of time
during which I have to
dig a gazillion holes,
muster up good soil from red clay
and tuck in flowers and veggies and shrubs and trees
then a whole heap more flowers
for about a hundred really excited-to-have-it-done-yesterday folks;
and faster,  please.


It’s May,
the reason I grin at wildflowers winking from the roadside
living out their effortless dance.
They’re so easy to be with.

I’m a little too pooped to write;
just want to share their smiles with you
because really they have their own way of saying
and it’s all  too sweet and sacred
to bungle with words.


And to let you know I think of you as I make my gardens,
your beauty finds me even there
and whispers light and joy
and I hum your names to heaven
and smile inside where I carry you in my heart.

I’ll be back with something more again soon.
I’m almost in the short rows.


“The mere act of breathing is poetry in motion,
the art of life.
We are all artists
-our body is a brush,
the world is our canvas,
and life our painting.”

-Robert Taylor


  1. I love it Jen, that you hum our names to heaven and smile inside where you carry us in your heart. So beautiful to be thought of in that way. Thank Y♥U.

    Also, I hope you know how grateful
    I am for winning your giveaway a few weeks back.
    I haven’t posted yet about it and I don’t want you to
    think I didn’t appreciate this wonderful gift from your ♥.
    I will be I promise! Life has just been a little stuck in
    my world lately and I’m moving slow on everything.

    Please have a beautiful Mother’s Day!

    Love and Hugs,
    Lee Ann

  2. May your efforts multiply into thousands of colors and smiles throughout the summer!

  3. Lovely Jen.

  4. these photos are breath taking, dear!
    loooooooooove to you! xoxoooo

  5. Hi Jennifer, yes it’s May and like me, you have been on your knees, day after day with your face close to mother Earth, feeling her moaning and groaning as she give birth to the beauty all around.
    I have touched her and caressed her sweet life giving loam and plucked and pulled and carried away her tiny unwanted weeds and she forgivingly gives me more. The perfectly formed sweet green and yellow beauties, their healing unused which I have no time to muse, I toss in my bucket.
    They don’t fit into my plan which I have envisioned. Shame on me…I know this , yet every year I succumb to my own dilution that I can make it somehow a better place.

    From the hard bark, I can see a soft little bud that will develop in a fully clothed branch adorned with beautiful fragrant roses. It was my choice to honor my Mother and how she radiated her inner beauty all around her. I planted a rose bush for her and one for my dad. Now I await for the splendor that brings me close to God.



  6. Thank you for sharing the images of the wildflowers. Yes, they say it perfectly, quietly and beautifully. They have a wonderful lesson for us as they lift their wee faces to the sky don’t they. Makes me want to lie down with them, look up and see the sky the way they do. The “bug’s eye” angle from below the flowers looking to the sky is majestic. Great photography. Blessings to you on Mother’s Day. Cheri

  7. Yes, wildflowers are so easy to be with. What a perfect phrase!
    What beautiful work you do – sowing future brilliance into gardens and bringing delight to others. Your photos are just beautiful!
    Happy Mothers Day, my friend. xo

  8. Joy and bliss.
    I am currently gardening up a storm. I fell in love/lust with many, many, many spring bulbs and have been weeding and squeezing them into place. In our spring I am hoping for an explosion of colour.
    In the meantime, I am inspired by the magic you have given us. Thank you.

  9. …almost in the short rows. Oooh, I do love that. Words. Beautiful poetry from even exhausted you! I think of you often, too, Jennifer. Blessings to you. Love, kathy

  10. May is my favorite month as well and so busy….I am enjoying your beautiful flowers.

  11. May is my favorite month as well and so busy….I am enjoying your beautiful flowers.

  12. i can just picture you, painting beauty wherever you go. love those blue flowers, whatever they are… (and thank you for humming our names to heaven as you think of us)

  13. May all the beauty you share embrace you in double measure. Love those fields of wild flowers.

  14. Oh, Jenn, what great images you are creating for us — not only in this post but all those to come that show the fruits of your May labors, your many holes in the ground. You are building smiles for the future! Thank you for giving us smiles.

  15. Jennifer, I love how you write even when you’re too pooped to write. Thanks for humming our names to heaven. I’ll do that with yours, too.

  16. Oh huge sigh of happiness.
    Your pictures brought me smiles.
    Happy, happy smiles.
    I haven’t been around Blog Land much either!
    I think of you and your dancing words even when I’m gone.
    Simply because they (and you) make me smile.

  17. And when the clouds are back we will be waiting for your next post! Doesn’t it feel great to be outdoors, catching so much beauty? Thanks for sharing these few words with stunning garden pictures. Patiently waiting for my garden to transform too. 🙂


  18. i just love, love daisies!!! maybe it’s their simplicity…i don’t know, but they bring a smile to my face too!!!

    Happy planting!!

  19. These are beautiful, and I love that you think of us when you’re working!

  20. It is such a beautiful May.

  21. Love your point of view in these photos. It’s like we are lying in the grass, looking up at these lovely petals and blue sky.

  22. If only we could grow wild and free like the flowers. Thank you for sharing your colorful and fragrant Beauty.
    Rember to take care of yourself during this month of abundant growth.

  23. May is probaby my favourite month! I see in your post a gardener’s happiness…thank you for sharing it with your vibrant words!

  24. Lovely gardens. Lovely photos Jennifer and such beautiful blooms. Tomorrow I will tackle our flower gardens after a long winter. They have patiently waited for me make the time to tend to them and make them pretty once again.

  25. Your pretty blooms, your lovely words & thoughts are so appreciated, always.

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