fountains in bloom…


I’ve been pruning and planting till my bones whimper at night

but the quiet gets loud enough for me to hear
when I’m down there working busy with my hands
while my heart thumps out an easy healing rhythm
and it lights me up,  the love raining down



and it goes rolling like a river,
rolling through all the crazy-making pain that comes along
with living on this planet,
even the small stuff that squirms ugly

like the strange little worms dropping from the trees
that dangle creepy in my hair
and I can’t shake them off so my glove swipes awkward
and I wear their slime on my face
and it smells broken
and my heart nods how the stink is true

but the song rolls on truer, spilling down balm
until it’s beauty slices right through the muck
like powerful incense

and the sweetest fountain I know
catches my heart up into it’s music
and there is peace like a river

"Only reckless confidence in a Source greater than ourselves
can empower us to forgive the wounds inflicted by others."

-Brennan Manning

Sending love to Boston,   to each of you,
and releasing a river of peace
come  a’rolling  to wherever you be 🙂


  1. Gorgeous!!!!

  2. Your hard work of pruning and planting are paying off with these gorgeous blooms. If I were a slimy worm, I too would love to frolic on these gorgeous blossoming branches…They will probably morph into something more acceptable.
    Sending peaceful waves of love your way.

  3. I love wisteria….It grew at my grandmothers house and my mothers house and I want some at my house. Just haven’t found the right spot for such a fast growing vine….But it is gorgeous…

  4. I just love all the beautiful purple flowers mixed in with your poetic words. Your new header is fabulous as well! I love your quote about forgiving the wounds of others. It has been an emotional week for many. The world is so filled with pain. We forget sometimes the importance of forgiveness.

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. There was a huge wisteria at my parent’s place. A joy each and every spring. After my mother died and the house was sold the new owners demolished the house and ripped out the wisteria. I wept – for the wisteria, not the house. A little while ago I noticed that the wisteria has grown back – and cracked the concrete in their new driveway.
    And gardening is hard work, but by the time things flourish and bloom the pain is a distant memory and the pleasure very real.
    Gorgeous post – as always. Thank you.

  6. Wonderful pictures Jen!! We have one of these in our garden too but I’m waiting patiently for the first flowers to appear. 🙂 Have a wonderful day! xxx hugs!

  7. This is almost unbearably beautiful — this is something that doesn’t grow well here, or at least I haven’t seen it and I wish it did. Beautiful words as always. As spring inches in here, we know we have much to do to make our world ready for the beauty that awaits — but that’s where the fun begins!

    Much joy to you this day.

  8. Beautiful Jennifer. I very much love all the purple flowers that you have growing and blooming. Within the next month my lilacs will be in bloom. Beautiful poetry. xo

  9. “but the song rolls on truer…”
    yes indeed it does…and so thankful for that truth!
    love the Brennan Manning quote. did you read his last book?

  10. Love your wisteria photos! Such a beautiful flower. Touching words, Jennifer and I LOVE the Manning quote. Beautiful…hugs and love and prayers, kath

  11. Are these lupine flowers? They are gorgeous.

  12. Love all that purple… your words are touching, love the quoute, it´s so very true. Thanks for sharing

  13. Wisteria makes me think of Mama! Thanks for the memories!

  14. Wisteria can’t grow in our northern clime. Seeing yours, warms my heart and reminds me of all the wonder in the world.

    Little worms in your hair huh? Ooohhh…. now that makes me squirm! 🙂

    Thank you for the breath of spring and love and hope you always bring.

  15. Gorgeous garden pictures and your words bring hope to all of us that if we just dig deep enough we can find the goodness out here in this world that seems to be falling apart.
    My heart to goes out to all of the people in Boston. Your words are always healing.
    I miss my Wisteria that I had in town but I have beauty out here too I just need to take more time to enjoy it.

  16. Oh, I do love Brennan Manning and his Ragamuffin Gospel. I was so saddened to hear of his passing. I am so glad for the wise words he left behind.

  17. Love that wild wisteria – I miss it here in the Austin area. I really need to plant because I love it so. I know what you mean about working until the quiet becomes loud. I need a little loud quiet right now! Thank you for your beautiful word-paintings, and have a beautiful weekend!

  18. What an abundance of beauty you spread before us.

  19. Oh so beautiful Jen and SO IS EVERYTHING YOU’VE CREATED IN MY BEAUTIFUL BUNDLE GIFT I JUST RECEIVED FROM YOU TODAY!!!! wow! You are so giving and your poetry in art form is so so special. Thank you so much Jen. I cannot believe how special this gift is that you’ve given me. I LOVE them so much. In the next few days I am putting up a new blog post and showing everyone what I’ve won from beautiful Y♥U!

    Love and Big Hugs of thanks,
    Lee Ann

  20. So lovely Jennifer. You are writing really strong nature poems here…wonderful : )
    I long for days warm enough to spend outdoors…any day now!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear.

  21. Oh how I love this Jennifer, from the squishy little worms in your hair to the song of peace He puts in our hearts. I’m singing along with you. And the wisteria–gorgeous!

  22. I love the new pictures.

  23. ~ peace like a river ~
    beautiful words & images. This is your yard? I bet it smells heavenly!

  24. I’m sorry I missed this post after the Marathon, Jennifer. Your words always offer solace and love. Boston mourns, but then again, so does everyone when such tragedies occur.
    I love the color purple and these flowers are just beautiful. xo

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