blossom song…


There’s a river of glad in these petals,
deep veins of song,
and I’m rich because of their music,
how they swirl their poetry generous over my eyes
till my spirit is humming along

about how sweet the way of seasons,
of sunshine and shadow,
and their joy invites me lean in close
and listen to their lasts,
like wise ones so full of living,  at the end,
who murmer grateful about how faithful the love
that kept them,


how wasteful the rush,
how needless the worry,
how glad for even the hard wind blowing
that gave them their chutzpa
and stirred their muchness bright,
their colors twirling praise
for the grace that walks them home

and as their song trickles down peace,
I catch a glimpse of the old woman of me,
many years from now,
her seasoned eyes shining with the memory
of my still-to-come,
humming that it had been good to be,
that there had been nothing to fear,
God had had this all along,

and this journey,  every second of it mine,
not to strive,
but to enjoy.


This post is available in my etsy shop (on the sidebar),
poured out in art
on prints bound with simple twine
to gift or display.
There are several there now to choose from
(and a batch in the oven- so. much. fun)

I drew two names from the pot
for the giveaway
(huge thanks for all of those wonderful suggestions
~holding them close to heart and marinating)

it’s joy to send a bundle to
Kathy of Paper Pumpkin
Lee Ann of Encouragement is Contageous

Big thanks for the kindness and  support.
With all my heart I love you all.


  1. Congratulations to Kathy and Lee Ann for winning your give away and thank you Jennifer for reminding me that rushing is wasteful and worrying is needless. It’s two areas of my life that I need to be reminded as I’m always rushed and I worry a lot.

    I need to live with peace and joy in the now while embracing what I will be when it comes.

  2. Two sweet women were blessed to have been chosen winners in your give a way….Both are very deserving…..

    Your words today reaffirmed the very issues I have been struggling with and the soft words from the Father have been convicting me of….Rushing and Worrying….They are not of Him….

    Thank you so much sweet girl..

  3. Congrats to both winners and a big hug for you, wishing you much luck with the start of a new gorgeous project. 🙂 I love the tiny words you have circled on those pages! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. So beautiful..and so inspiring. What a wonderful new project!

  5. Happy spring, my friend. Happy, happy spring. I have missed being here. I always find so much soul and beauty.

  6. Lovely post…such beautiful work. And thank you dear friend for your kind words on my blog. You’re a sweetie! : )

  7. i often have to remind myself to enjoy the journey….i wish i didn’t……xo

  8. I love the idea of myself as an old woman (not so far away!) with “seasoned eyes shining with the memory of my still-to-come.” What an inspiration! Your whole post is a beautiful inspiration! Thank you for that, Jennifer.

  9. ‘There’s a river of glad in these petals…’ These words. That photograph. It’s like that famous movie line – ‘you had me at hello’. Your first line swept me up…and carred me into spring…sense awakened. Spirit alivend. River rapids of swelling gratitude bouncing off the shores of

    • Oops. On my iPhone….somehow, I pressed ‘send’ without meaning to! I’ll just say this…JOY! 🙂 Pure joy!

  10. Congratulations to the lucky winners. I am sure that your work will be cherished in its new homes.
    Another beautiful post. Thank you so much. And I need the reminder not to rush, so thank you again.

  11. Wow! You have taken some major steps forward with all your creative talent. Congrats, well done. I’m off to check those booklets, what a great idea that is!

  12. Aaaaahhhh……!

  13. Hoe perfect, Jenn. Your words give me heart on a day when it is hard to have any.

  14. I am loving the cherry blossom picture at the end.

  15. This is so BEAUTIFUL! This post will be a definite Favorite forever. I love your words, you beautiful poet, you! Amazing art to let it fly. Thank you, Jennifer! Big hugs, kathy

  16. your poem was just what i needed today (especially that last part)!! Thanks SO much for your wise words (and beautiful artwork!)

  17. The hearts in the trees would be a cool decoration idea for Valentines day. It looks very festive.

  18. Hate that I missed the chance at a little piece of you to hang in my classroom…

  19. They are really beautiful colors. I like your photography.

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