tenderlings and clover…


Hello,ย  little tenderlings
long percolating in the deep,
waiting in the quiet breath
until the earth exhales

and winterbrown fields lift up their voices
and call the robins back,
tugging wiggling life up from loamy-smelling ground.

as there begins blooming such a ruckus,
earth rippling and splashing color
like a meadow of dolphins
and I hold my arms wide


and feel again little girl love,
I who pulled the greens first from the big box of crayons
and spent my most delicious hours
skin to grass and clover

all wrapped up
in the sweet mystery that dwells in mossy groves
and it comes again swirling,
holding open doors
while love pours in to take up
where it started long ago

and like a child making pictures
the earth paints faithful
and new days
and forever
and hope
in every shade of green.


“the world is exploding in emerald,ย  sage and lusty chartreuse
-neon green with so much yellow in it.
And explosive green that,ย  if one could watch it
moment by moment throughout the day,
would grow in every dimension.”
-Amy Seidl

(and, big gulps of thanks to each of you beautiful souls
who wrote such healing words
over my last post….i’ve tried to respond
to each of you personally
and say again how much i treasure
your friendship with
a heartfull of love)


  1. Wonderful post and I love that second photo, those green petals just float, as your writing floats my boat ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Jennifer, I’m so glad that your world is exploding in emerald green, sage and lusty chartreuse, neon green and so much yellow. Happy Spring…..

    Here we are still in the grip of winter even though Spring is wailing at our door, feeling unwelcome. Snow has fallen overnight and has finally turned to rain and wet snow. I have to content myself with the cedar green of the hedge and the bought tulips in the vase.
    I want to run out in the street and scream at old man Winter to relent and let Spring in. I want to serenade Spring into letting us see what is in store for us and beckon the sun to aim it’s rays on our colorless world.
    Surely Mr Winter will realize that he has overstayed his welcome again…

  3. Wow, what clear vivid photos these are…just like how you see!


  4. Girlfriend. You describe the first greens of spring with beautiful words….

  5. beautiful post…i remember those days of anxiously awaiting for signs of spring…not just shades of green but the smells as well!! here in southern california we’ve had the smell of jasmine in the air for weeks now…i feel like i’m in heaven when i step outside!!

  6. always, yes, to green.

  7. I could hardly read this post! We were below zero with our windchill today!

    These pics are great! I love moss and green and the depth of pic two is stunning.

  8. Ooooh. We are just creeping (at a snail’s pace) into Autumn – which I love. Just the same the vibrance and excitement in this post are contagious. Green is SUCH an energising colour. Another wonderful post – thank you so much.

  9. “The world is exploding in emerald, sage and lusty chartreuse -neon green with so much yellow in it.”

    Wow, I cannot wait to go out to have that feeling

  10. I think we are all so ready for spring to explode. Your photos and words give us hope!

  11. I love the colors in these photos, and in the artwork you share here, too. So brilliant and full of life and hope!

  12. Oh my! Nature’s children are so happy
    To feel Spring coming closer ๐Ÿ™‚
    My herbs have their first flowers in the garden,
    while seedlings are still trying to find a good spot.
    Love the green words you have shared! <3


  13. Jennifer your words and photos all brought me such joy. I will be so grateful to see the same beautiful greenery you are seeing right now, hopefully within the month. There’s still a foot or two or snow here with lots of snowbanks pilled up everywhere. But yet spring season has arrived. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Jennifer, I think you show how we must treat ourselves as if we were little tenderlings, fragile and needing space and sunshine to flourish. Thank you for your luminous words.

  15. Exploding in green buds…beautiful photos and poetry, Jennifer! I am in the middle of a snowstorm here, but remain hopeful that spring will enter this place soon! Have a happy weekend. i wish I could visit your gardens…k

  16. So ready to see what lies beneath our still several inches of snow. Enjoying the green here.

  17. Your words explode with the magic of Spring, and make me want to go roll in some soft grass. Thank you for pulling us down eye level with the flowers! Hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend!

  18. What a delightful glimpse of the season, Jennifer! (May it come soon.) Love your outpouring of beautiful words and photos.

  19. It is spring in your world! Like you green simply grabs me by the throat till I can hardly breathe, I am so excited when it comes. For me, the wait continues. But soon, I say. Soon.

    I am catching up and will look at your last post. I hope things are better for you.

  20. I just LLOOVVEE Spring!! Thank you for putting unique words to the beautiful season of sights and sounds. God’s promises are being revealed!!
    Love you!!

  21. I like the picture of the moss. Very cool.

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