thick with wild hope…


My lap is full of January,
these simple bells,  one for each day,
my heart poured out in bits of art
that keep the stories stirred
and speaking.

I don’t want to forget these riffs,
the horse and rider and rushing water,
blackbirds and hawk and torn feathers beside her,
another year marked with a yes and a go,
crossing the bridge and whistling loudly hope,
of freebird and primroses and stepping into the flow
and open wide and yield inside
down where the soaring grows.


And I’m feeling new spaces
in even old places,
done with grieving things done and gone,
and I’m letting new eyes
open me wide,
fresh born hope lighting me up inside,
forgiveness  lifting off the weight of hard time
till even my air is going softer,
amazed at the grace,
grinning and breathing
and whispering thanks.


January has been intense,
a whole lot of living for just one month
and I’m feeling the wild hope
I dreamed of as a child;
when the words find me
I’ll wrap them up and share
because you’re on my mind always
with an always kind of love.

“When hope is not pinned wriggling onto a shiny image
or expectation,
it sometimes floats forth
and opens.”
-Anne Lamott

(and,  hey,  I disappeared from google reader for several weeks.
I believe I’m back,  restored,
but I think maybe you’ll have to sign up again.
oh bother,  I know.
If you see me there,  will you let me know?)


  1. You are inspiring as your “heart poured out in bits of art”. I love your art, and I love your pouring out!

  2. Both e-mail subs and reader is working again! 🙂 Hooray! Now I will be on time to read your latest posts. Gorgeous artwork you have shared, all the tiny works together in one collage – stunning! 🙂

  3. oh jennifer,
    i adore all your bells! i think of “ring the bells that still can ring.
    forget the perfect offering. there is a crack in everything.
    that’s how the light gets in.”..maybe that’s what i needed to hear
    this morning! i concur about january being looong.
    thank you for your art. it is BEAUTIFUL.
    much love to you! xxoo!

  4. Hi Jennifer, I love your beautiful bells filled with hope and fun and nature and bright colors and words I love. Hoping your week makes for a strong close to January. Hugs, kathy

  5. Good morning Sunshine,
    You are back on my Google Reader and my heart rejoices.
    I agree that January seems to be intense, it has been for me anyway. My wings are feeling too weak to soar right now but I can hear your little bells singing their wonderful sound of hope and it is giving me strength to look up to that beautiful montage of little pieces of your heart in those lovely bells. What a beautiful sight.

    How cleaver that you peel little pieces of your heart and assemble them in the sun to reflect your days. Seeing them all together makes a clearer statement of survival and hope for the new month that is lurking.

    Thanks for your uplifting comments.
    I’m sending warm hugs and strings of love.

  6. january was pretty much an extension of 2012 for us, so i’m ready to say bye-bye. i have big plans for february !!!

  7. I love your cheerful bells full of hope. January has flown by for me, I am wondering where it has gone.

  8. A call to worship as they ring and we hear.

  9. It worked on time in my Bloglovin’ Reader this time Jennifer.
    I can feel the fullness and intensity you experienced in January. The daily bells you have created are so pretty. I enjoy seeing all your beautiful artwork displayed out in nature.

  10. Jennifer,

    you are magical
    like a bell ringing
    calling out
    an angel
    receiving her wings

  11. Oh, you do have such a beautiful way with words … love that you shared this quote from Annie Lamott, one of my long time favorites!

  12. I am loved.

    I am energized being bathed by these wonderful words.

  13. OPEN! OPEN! OPEN! Thanks for the hope filled environment you created!

  14. LOVE the art!!! (and you!)

  15. i see you!!

    Your words are always a treasure and i just love your bells out in the wilderness…i may steal your idea and put some of my own in my large oak!!!

  16. Clicking links has me curious about yorur Trailhead project. I am eager to see more. Love you, friend.

  17. A treasure in your words which lift my spirits. Love the bells.

  18. Always love the splash of colors in your photo’s dear one. Blessings and hugs.

  19. Look at your wonderful bells! How beautiful! I hope your wild January has been a good one and the living just what you wanted it to be. On to February!

  20. awhh……you’re making me cry

    sorry to hear you were wounded
    but so happy to hear that you sing again
    how about a little youtube

  21. So beautiful Jennifer…you are the most awesome bird I know!

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