suddenly soaring instead….

I'm grateful for freedom
 to create the life I choose
 and even when I hesitate and bumble
 there is beauty in the falling forward
 and grace for go again
 so I help myself to seconds
 and love this life that is pure gift anyway,
  grinning wide and grateful

~for the plenty enough little camera in the apple green case
 and pretty scarves to wear in my hair
 and tall trees and sour pickles and small crisp apples
 and fresh weak tea and finding things
 I didn't yet know I was looking for,
~and reading glasses hiding in the pencil pot
 and  curry powder  and crepe myrtle snow,
 ospreys  in flight and  swallows when they swoop
 and baby steps even when they're  slow

~and naps when it's raining,  molasses when it's good
 and daydreams that make me feel brave,
 Burts bees lip balm and second chances
 and how it's sweet when a cramp
stops cramping.
~how it's  relief when you're driving
 and you see a lump
 flapping helplessly in the road 
up ahead
 and it turns out to be
 only a plastic bag,

and I wonder if they're  plastic bags
 I'm running from,
 just spastic fear mind-painting old despair
 I'm going to press the pedal down 
and go now
 and believe in grace enough to cover
 whatever fresh hell in the road up ahead
 ....I may find myself suddenly soaring instead.

“One of the
saddest lines in the world
is ‘Oh come now – be realistic!’
The best parts of this world
were not fashioned by those who were realistic.
They were fashioned by those
who dared to look hard at their wishes
and gave them horses to ride.”
-Richard Nelson “



  1. Your words sing to my heart today
    adding lift to my wings
    They plump up my joy
    And set my spirit soaring

    What a beautiful gift of words and images and gratitude you share and ARE!

    Thank you Jennifer

  2. and i see you crafting and creating a beautiful, real, full life. one that does not shy away from the hard things, but embraces and pulls out the good in them…joy in the midst of it all…because you are not doing it alone, but the the help of the Master Creator!!

    love you dear Jennifer!!

  3. i love your photos + love letters written all over them…
    + adore all you are grateful for.
    my gift, today, was holding a 30 day old sleeping baby girl for some time at church.
    ahhhh, yes. soaring is within reach. xox

  4. This is so true. We create fears in our minds. It’s taken me way too many years to learn how to silence that voice in my head that likes to spin scary stories. So much wasted time!

  5. The thoughts you share in such a beautiful way are remarkable.

  6. running from plastic bags
    fear mind-painting old despair

    what a wordsmith you are
    fusing links together
    with fine-spun threads of gold

  7. This makes me happy,
    to see how you write about all the beautiful
    things in life.
    Very busy these days but I always make time
    To check your new posts. 🙂


  8. What lovely words of thankfulness.

  9. Hi Jennifer,thanks for the visit and your comment.

    I’m thankful when I open my eyes first thing in the morning when my alarm clock buzz at 6:30 AM. and when I close my eyes at night before the dreams comes but in between, I’m so preoccupied that I forget to savour life little delights and to give thanks each time.

    A thankful heart is a happy heart. Thanks for the reminder.

    I still don’t get notifications when you post on your blog. It’s a good thing that you come by to remind me.

    Happy Labor Day.

  10. Oh this is inspiring! And yes, I can’t tell you how many times I have been relieved to find that the poor thing in the middle of the road…was only a car part or a bag blowing in the wind. I love your poem…such strength. Beautiful, Jennifer! And thank you for your heartfelt teacher words. You made me teary…xo

  11. Free to create the life I choose a beautiful tune to my ears. Jennifer, I’m always refreshed when I visit.

  12. Love your spirit and all that you are grateful for!

  13. Hi there my friend! I too find those “plastic bags” along the roadside of my journey. The fear comes and goes often. I am here to tell you that in my eyes, you have already been soaring….so very high, even doing loopdy loops!

  14. life seems to be treating you well right now…..hang on to that tightly !!
    i hope i can be as grateful for the things in my life….your words are a great teacher !!

  15. i like lumps in the road that only turn out to be plastic bags… here’s to more of them, and less fear.

  16. sing it sister

  17. your lovely words remind me that it’s all the little things in life that makes a life so grand…i forget that at times when at my 9-5, to just sit and be grateful for all the lovely things i do have in my life!!

  18. … and naps when it’s raining. YES, yes, YES!!

  19. All the words on your beautiful images resonate so well with me. My favorite is the one about what my heart saw before I grew afraid! Thank you:)

  20. Words on a page that always take me to a place…these are your words dear Jenn…reflection always comes! Thanks for the creative way that you let you out! I just love it all…the meanderings…the color…the contemplative statements that demand a moment of my time! Thanks…thanks…thanks!

  21. Oh goodness. Love this. You are gifted and I’m priveleged to read such beauty. Love your fresh take on things. Blessings.

  22. This is truly beautiful, Jen! Maybe your best so far???? That would be hard to say, but this is just….BEAUTIFUL!! Love this freedom and LOVE you!

  23. So grateful for this life, whatever fears and bumps may lie ahead on the road, grateful for this life to grasp, and this freedom too, and your beautiful wild wild words! 🙂

  24. I love “baby steps even when they’re slow” and “second chances” and the whole plastic bag thing.
    Bam. That was a sermon in itself, friend.

    (thanks for stopping by my place, too. :))

  25. Jen, thank you for your words of gratitude. Blessings my dear.

  26. i am blessed to know you. you are a beautiful person, inside and out.

  27. Nice – gratitude! i too often forget this…

  28. Thank you, Jennifer, for all these thankful things overshadowing the plastic bag fears. Thank you for your invisible friendship and every happy sunflower face. Bless you.

  29. This was really encouraging, napping when it is raining and burts bees lip balm those are good things to be thankful for and especially freedom and second chances beautiful list! Thank you for your kind comments over at my blog.

  30. This was really encouraging, napping when it is raining and burts bees lip balm those are good things to be thankful for and especially freedom and second chances beautiful list! Thank you for your kind comments over at my blog.

  31. Jennifer thank you for coming by my blog and your lovely message. Sorry I am just getting round to coming by your blog. Can I say your blog is so beautiful and heartfelt, I am adding it to my follow list. I am so glad I came by, you have such a gift. Blessings. Behind The Smile.

  32. Gratitude is a beautiful thing.

  33. Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become igrtanno.

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