a bouquet to believe in….

It seems the world is smoldering
in pretty poisonous lies
and my soul droops a little weary,
heavy with all I can’t trust.
So I made a list of what I can
and it lit me up inside
and grew my peace to see
just how much I can wildly believe.

I believe in seeds and sanctuary,
hot baths and cool breeze,
in seasons and stories
and music and farming
and angels and acorns
and options and dreams.

In starshine and moonglow
and coffee and compost
and Christmastime magic
and moms and dads
and the reckless mercy of a loving God.

I believe in pruning and dancing
and vineyards and wine,
in fresh plenty grace,
even when it feels like I’m sucking it
through a tiny thin straw,
and in slowing down and losing the rush
(which seems to stretch the straw wide again)

I believe in real hope
– that it’s just about stronger than anything,
and that false hope is strong too,
but without the power to change.
I believe in desert
and in beauty
….that it isn’t the same as pretty.

I believe we’re born with our art inside us,
that we come alive as we let it out

and that resting is stronger than striving,
that clotheslines make life smell better
and that there is truth that  is brighter than day.

I believe in twinkle lights and naps
and rainy day rhythm,
in loving wildlife and killing mosquitoes
and that praise springs in vivid color and motion
from every growing thing,
whirling and twirling with wild affection
for a creator who is indescribably  good.

I believe in the smell of baby skin and  puppy breath,
fresh turned soil and pie in the oven,
that there is a peace that can override circumstances,
a love that never fails,
and that impossibles happen
and without fanfare.

And in you,  dear friend.
And that we’ll be okay and thrive
no matter whatever.



  1. How perfect and how simply beautiful. I believe in those things, too. And the part I loved the most is believing that we are all born with our art inside us! Sweet smells from the garden and cooking with its bounty. So much more. I believe in you and all you share with us! Sending warm hugs this Sunday morning!

  2. i believe in all those same things, otter friend,
    that you so beautifully thought to name + sing.
    i was so moved by your recent facebook photos!!!
    BIG embraces to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((so happy!))

  3. Believing right alongside you…how I love the pictures you paint, with your hands, heart and words!


  4. I am hopeful but disillusioned, grateful but sad, loving but lost, strong but kicked…right now. Life is a rollercoaster.

  5. What positive affirmations of all that there is to believe in that is good and life-giving. How beautifully you depict it.

  6. Hi honey
    Such a awesome post. Like Mary said in her comment I too love how you paint with your heart.
    I must visit your shop soon so I can have your beautiful pieces here with me close at hand.
    What a blessing you are in my life.
    Love ya

  7. Just Simply beautiful and powerful, soothing to my soul in both your words and art. Thank you.

  8. This post/poem/wisdom song is so rich with truths and beautiful beliefs, I know that I will read and absorb it again and again. I love your blog banner – your creativity astounds me. I’m so glad to be back to a quieter place in my life so that I can appreciate the gift of your art and words more frequently. Thank you, Jenn, for gracing us with your gifts.

  9. Perfectly, and beautifully put. I’m right there with you, you touch my heart and express it at the same time.

  10. What a great exercise when we feel our souls drooping. Thank you, Jennifer! “…praise springs in vivid color and motion
    from every growing thing,
    whirling and twirling with wild affection
    for a creator who is indescribably good.”

  11. I believe this is such a gorgeous poem, with so many smiles.
    What a great idea to make such a list!


  12. What a great day this has been! I finally put away my jelly jars, finished all the apples that were bagged in my refrigerater and with a little free time I found……yes found….my “believing” friend. Love this post, makes me so happy and glad to be reading your bouquets of goodness. I believe in you, dear young friend. Your love-words will encourage those of us who drop by. They will influence our daily walk and linger with us like the sweet, clean smell of rain. Your art and photography are as beautiful as your precious words. Thank you again for this indescribable post.

  13. Oh boy did I need that! Thank you for this gift of a read.

  14. believing, with you. (you do this so well…)

  15. You are a breath
    of beautiful life
    dancing in the wind
    shimming in the sun
    falling with every raindrop
    into my heart.

    and this… “I believe we’re born with our art inside us,
    that we come alive as we let it out,”

    oh yes!

  16. Inspirational as always, Jennifer. I envy how these words just seem to fall onto your blog with no effort. Such a gift you have….. so nice to read what’s really important and real when all this crazy political stuff is everywhere. I so enjoy reading your comments on my blog, and appreciate your visits enormously. Oh, and I just LOVE little mousey!!


  17. Your wonderful words and photos have brightened my day.

  18. what a wonderful world you create, and then we are inspired to let out that art and calling.Thank you for sharing your heart, love donn xxx

  19. Hey Jenn, that’s about as good as it gets. Grateful, with you, for all of it, especially “the reckless mercy of a loving God”.
    Just killed a mosquito. I’m with you on that one, too.

  20. Just glorious.
    This line especially grabbed my heart: “I believe we’re born with our art inside us,
    that we come alive as we let it out.”

    So blessed to remember what I *can* trust in, too.
    Thank you.

  21. Just beautiful! So much can bring us down, its important to remember all that we have to be thankful for

  22. i believe you are an awesome writer, plucking awesome phrases such as, “I believe in twinkle lights and naps and rainy day rhythm” out of your brain and creating an incredible poem that makes me smile!!

  23. Jennifer,
    I am dancing, and twirling, and weaving through all your beautiful beliefs.
    Oh, how your hopeful words and images bring peace to my heart and soul.
    Thank you for this beautiful breath of freshness

  24. You make me think of the old NPR series, This I Believe. Do you know it?

  25. I like your fresh happy blog.

  26. I believe in all the things you do. And I couldn’t have put them so eloquently no matter how hard I tried.

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