flutters and wings….

Do you feel it in your wings,
 the changing light
 as it softens
 and goldens?


Do you feel the season turning,
  pushing back from the table
 all full and content
 and grateful.

Do you hear the breeze sigh
  warm and hopeful
 as the earth exhales
 into the turn?

Do you feel a bit tattered
and summerworn?
I see you more beautiful still
and strong
and ready for the changes
as they come.

~flutters of hope to you and your bright wings.

"butterfly wings are transparent,  humble,  small and pretty. 
 they are also strong enough to fly across continents."
-Rachel Awes


  1. good morning, beautiful flutter flight bright friend. xoxox

  2. Stunning captures of this beautiful butterfly!! And – yes – I’m feeling the changing light…

  3. The changing light is always beautiful. The butterflies you captured, Jennifer speak of strength and beauty a striking combination. I also had butterflies on my mind yet for totally different reasons ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I AM feeling some of this lately! Some feels good, and ready to happen, some feels painfully sad as I try to wish summer farewell gratefully and gracefully…but…oh…Honestly, I don’t want it to end. Yet.

  5. Ooooooo those butterflies are awesome Jen!!! Simply awesome. Thank you dear one for sharing.

  6. So beautifully expressed in words and images. So uplifting my friend! Now I’m off to read your Annv. post! So far behind on my blog reading!

  7. i adore butterflies…and your photos captured them beautifully!!

  8. So *very* sweet, Jen….thank you for this……


  9. So beautiful I have not been successful with butterfly shots this summer, you must have tremendous patience. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Such beauty
    captured on delicate wings

    You touch my heart
    and awaken my imagination
    with your beautiful words and photos.

  11. I love the bright colours.

    These always lighten up my days.

  12. Fantastic photography and a beautiful poem.x

  13. Wow, I have been gone too long….your blog is beautiful, rich with life and such beautiful words…..such a talent the way you speak of things….beautiful pictures and touching! I miss blogging and hope to get back someday….

  14. I can feel it. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Gorgeous butterflies also!

  15. I do feel it!! Just a touch of something new in the wind and a different cast to the sunset. I love it!

  16. Wow! Always mesmerized by all the color in your garden. It makes me so happy! Loving the quote by Rachel Awes as well.

    End of summer is feeling quite different here. The drought has taken quite a toll here. It is taking Mother a bit of time to recoup. The days have been cooler and the evenings cold and damp. A welcome change for her as she moistens her lips and prepares for slumber.

  17. Someone once asked me my favorite season and I had to confess what I love most is the change from one season to the next. Right now I’m eager for the rains of autumn to put an end to summer fires.

    Your photographs are spectacular, Jennifer! These digital flutterbys will live on in cyberland long after their physical selfs are gone.


  18. Cousin Cathy says

    I love to watch the graceful butterflies all over my butterfly bush and you make us see them in your writings. Beautiful pictures and words as always. Thanks for always sharing.

  19. absolutely beautiful. change so hard, and yet so necessary!

  20. absolutely beautiful. change so hard, and yet so necessary!

  21. Breathtakingly gorgeous. The colors in your photographs are so vibrant.

  22. Our seasons aren’t turning yet here in Missouri. But, oh, how I long for it.

  23. thank you for encouraging the tatter-winged souls among us, this morning…

  24. I love your simple emphasis on the word Strong. Your writing always warms my heart.

  25. Happy Belated Anniversary to the both of you. What sweet pictures. I’m so sorry I missed it.I now have subscribed to Ripplespeak and hopefully I will be aware when you post something new. You have such a romantic way of writing your delights in this relationship. It’s simply beautiful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I feel like I was in a blogging cocoon for a while. The busyness in my life kept me in that state but I have finally morphed, but I’m not sure that I’m a butterfly yet. It has been a busy summer.

    I certainly feel the changing of the season as I’m very sensitive to change of weather but I welcome the fall. Our summer has been humid and hot and frankly, my wings are pretty tattered but I can still fly.

    Have a colorful and serene weekend.
    Hugs, JB

  26. How did I almost miss this beautiful post?! What a striking combination of word and image.

  27. “…a bit tattered and summerworn?” Yes, that would be me, but there’s always light and encouragement here. Thank you.

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