crazy grace in everyday dirt…..

Summer is stomping around
heavy-handed with heat,
the work load daunting,
but  I joy over  grace that billows like breeze
beneath me,
until even in the swelter
I feel again the shelter
of childhood poolside pleasure

and sunsparkles on cool water
as it drapes across shoulders
kissed pink by afternoon sun
and the delicious happiness of Michigan cherries
rolling sweet across my beach towel,
and  somehow I’m carefree,
tucked safe inside a scrumptious story
that is still being told.

 I’m loving these days,
so alive and it’s good
feeling brushed by the beauty that rustles my hair,
grooving to the music of summertime anyway,
and I can only shake my head in wonder
and grin wild and  grateful
at little signs that find me
like love letters left
in everyday dirt.

(and,  hey,  if you have a blog powered by wordpress,  I am forever attempting to leave some love at your site but it gets dumped into spam folders for some
frustrating reason and if  you go in to get it,   allow it back in just one time,  then your blog will recognize me as friend,  not foe,  and show me some hospitality ever after.  I’m all about relationship  and am eager to drop by and visit.  If I don’t seem to be coming around,  it’s likely my comments are trapped in your spam file.)




  1. i didn’t realize how much i loved love letters in everyday dirt until now.
    love to you from the ground up xox

  2. Ah, that top picture of yours is wonderful crazy gorgeous, Jennifer!!! That cooling green popsicle, my favorite kind as a child and still now… Sending you love! Big squeeze and smiles, forever, kath

  3. Ah and I love you too. What a wonderful post. I love coming by here and being inspired.
    Have a wonderful week dear friend.

  4. Oh you’ve so captured the feel of summer and I love it! And your photos, well that popsicle make me drool 🙂

  5. Jennifer, you have the most vivid photos my friend. Love letters in the dirt just makes me smile. Have a great week.

  6. Great summer pics and words. Love that lime popsicle!

  7. What beautiful summer color. Such gorgeous captures of summer heat – in all its beauty!! And – I just love your ‘love’ image!

  8. Sounds like a beautiful summer indeed. Your positive post is just what I needed today. Thank you for that.

  9. i was just thinking the other day how summer has such a different feel to it…maybe it’s all those childhood memories of lemonade stands, biking, swimming and playing kick the can that form in my mind at this time of year. just wish i could put such beautiful words (and photos) to those feelings like you do!!

  10. sorry…i just licked my screen. thanks for the popsicle.
    and i love the love sign !!!

  11. Summertime is just pouring out of this post. Love it! And as a side note… I had trouble with WordPress lately. Now I have to sign in with a WordPress login to leave a comment!

  12. Such uplifting and happy summer moments! After this heat, it’s easy to get a bit summer weary, but your post is a sweet reminder of summertime wonders. Such a pleasure visiting with you Jennifer. Also, LOVE your photo of the little stick message! Sooooo summery and sweet!

  13. I totally feel this one!
    Hungry, smiling
    Summer times. 🙂
    Thank you!

  14. Jennifer, thanks for your summertime smiles, in this happy cool delicious place.

  15. Michigan cherries? Do you know how rare those are? Usually we have them well into July. Last Saturday at market I bought the last peck of them from the only vendor who still had them. Weather — it’s been tough on Michigan’s fruit. But the sun, the gentle breeze — I wasn’t here for the 100 degree heat; I was at the lake where it was “only” 85, but the breeze made it just fine. And is that an Edy’s lime bar? I have some in the freezer and may have to indulge!

  16. i love every line of this… summer is meant to be just like that.

  17. your words are like summer’s heat
    hot and shimmery
    blossoms and beauty

    and… your presence at my place is hopefully
    now welcome and acknowledge!


  18. Perfect timing. Coincides with my post of today. No I will NOT loose heart. Blessings to you Jen.

  19. I am also loving the summer Jennifer, stomping heat, what a great expression!

  20. Beautiful words and summertime images!
    Made me smile and remember summers as a child!

  21. These pictures are so cute. I may actually try doing the one with twigs lol

  22. Your words and photos do a happy dance in my heart every time. You see and share beauty so well.

  23. oh I love cherries…..even WIsconsin ones 🙂
    and lake michigan
    and the sand…..and banana popsicles……

  24. I have just discovered your wonderful blog by your comment on Judy Hartman’s blog. I feel so uplifted finding you and will come again!!!

  25. Cousin Cathy says

    It was so nice and uplifting to read your refreshing words after a couple of days at the doctores with Mom and Dad. It helps us remember all the good things in life that we still have and not dwell on the things we have lost. Thanks again for beautiful expressions of words.

  26. What a carefree post! Love the picture of the popsicle:)

  27. Oh you poet of the earth you. I am lifted too! Have a beautiful summer weekend (I’m adding you to my blog list…I love your posts…and your heart)

  28. I got your love-filled email, my friend. I have missed you, but I can not figure out what on Earth is wrong. I love you. Thank you for your thoughts. I do love your soaring heart.

  29. holding that last picture close today friend …

  30. This is some amazing photography.

  31. The heavy saturation in the first picture gives it incredibly eclectic contrast. I love the colors.

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