Coming into canopy, again….

Crispy and cluttered and coming undone
I come,
crawling into the lap of love,
my “what if”s coaxed
into caring,  capable hands.

and I go calm as living breezes
croon over me soft
with kisses of courage
and nuzzles of comfort

-this love is clever enough,
doesn’t even need my strength,
just wants me,
my real,  true colors.

I go still
as soothing shelter coaches my soul
to cast off the cares,
toss the control,
and let it captivate me,
this clean cooling light
that cradles,
and companions.

Yeah,  I’m covered.
It’s all covered.

I wrote these words last July and posted them here then,  too.
Just needed them again….needed to tuck in beneath them
and let them work on the tight knots in my soul.

Always I thank you for coming around to let me share.
And what do you think of these paintings I’ve been playing with
for outdoor spaces?
I’m kind of over the moon about this happy experiment
….they do make the woods sing!


  1. I absolutely love these beautiful, bright heart cheer paintings! I can see oodles of wonderful texture in them too.

  2. Jen, glad that you are sharing once again! You are a delight! Blessings my dear.

  3. you make my woods sing too!
    i adore your paintings on trees!!!

  4. How wonderful! Your paintings add a lovely touch of colour under the green canopy of the trees.

  5. I haven’t read that post some time ago,
    Still busy reading your archive ever now
    and then 🙂
    Your poetry is so deeply inspiring, so tender
    and calm while your paintings make
    my heart jump of joy.

    Thank you. <3

  6. So beautiful and comforting…these words of yours. Thank you for being you.

  7. Love the words and the art! Singing woods …love it!

  8. I think they’re brilliant and others do to, hope you sell them all! Love when you not only show up in words, but on canvas 🙂

  9. Pat Petersen says

    Absolutely beautiful. I love every one of them!

  10. I love your paintings in the woods, Jennifer! Sing! Sing!

  11. sweet, sweet, sweet!!! they seem meant for that space:)

  12. sweet, sweet, sweet!!! they seem meant for that space:)

  13. THIS resonates deep, the whole thing, but especially, “…doesn’t even need my strength,
    just wants me,
    my real, true colors.”
    OH, to know, experience and GIVE love like this.
    Love your paintings, your perspective, your place here in space.

  14. You bring the woods new life with your vivid colors and words of beauty.

  15. stunning the way you have hung these painting ..the trees love it and so do I!!

  16. I’m in love with your awesome art gallery! And your words…thank you for re-posting!!! Your colors are so wonderful.

  17. I adore those paintings!! And I love how you have them displayed with the trees. Love your words, too. So glad you re-posted them. I hope the knots are gone!

  18. The trees breath in
    brilliant colors of sunset orange,
    electric lime, razzeled-dazzle raspberry,
    lilac luster, and bittersweet blues.
    Oh, how I adore your paintings.

  19. I was about to say I didn’t know which I liked best, the paintings or your eloquent words! I thought you were just showing them outside because they look amazing, but the fact that they are outside paintings is amazing. can you imagine walking into a garden with these? I’d swoon!

  20. Love the paintings! Such happy feelings jump off the canvas and I love the idea of hanging them outside! The poem is a lovely accompaniment. Lovely.

  21. your paintings are very much like your photographs…colorful, cheery and fun!! what a wonderful way yo surround yourself!!

  22. I
    with colour
    in the trees


  23. beautiful happy paintings. happy weekend to you my friend.

  24. since it is summer where you are
    i imagine those cool green leafy canopies
    would bring respite and relief
    with your splashes of colour dotted throughout
    feels like you’ve made a living room for the living trees

  25. ooo that last one is scrumptous
    and yes indeed…rest

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