there you are….I see you.

If you get real still,
you can hear it,
the deep warm resonant voice
your childself may still listen for,
a fatherly voice
so moved with affection for you
that you can hear the crinkle around his eyes,
a strong, kind voice lilting with smile.

You can feel the gentle tilt of head
as he tenderly blesses
I see you.”

If your heart is thirsty to hear it
from a daddy who can’t go back and un-forget you now,
his own woundedness  having already spilled over
into your priceless life,
(hard eyes didn’t see him when he was little,  either),
then listen.

Do you hear it?
A father-whisper
(quiet,  because he doesn’t want to scare you),
deeply touched by what he sees
in you,
his big heart thumping warm acceptance
and tender pride,
for who you are.

You fascinate him,
so sweet on you
he can’t look away.

Maybe just be still
and let him dote on you
for a minute.


~ “There you are.  We are intrepid.  We carry on.”
-from Elizabethtown


  1. Hello, great post. I scanned down and visited older post and I am in love with your pictures! So pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your nice comment. Blessings <

  2. This is beautiful…just precious. THank you. I want to live in it. Thanks for the visit and comment today but so glad I found your beautiful share here also. Blessed. In His Grace, Dawn

  3. “You can hear the crinkle around his eyes…” So beautiful, Jennifer. And so insightful into the intricacies of the human heart and human love and human hurt. Thank you for this.

  4. i think this could be taken a couple of different ways
    whichever way one interprets it, there is much here that resonates for many

  5. You deeply inspire me, as always <3
    Ohh I so wish I could write like you!

    Have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

  6. i am smitten with your opening photo.
    what a gift it is to see n be seen.
    love all that goes through your eyes, friend.

  7. Yes and amen! This one goes into your someday book! Love how you delve into the hard stuff with a soft and healing touch

  8. Thank you for the reminder, the invitation to “see” that he sees.
    It’ amazing to me how I can forget that very thing when I get swept up into the fray.

  9. Absolutely beautiful.

  10. So blessed to have crossed paths with you. What beautiful poetry to capture the essence of the Father who sees us. Blessings to you today!

  11. Beautiful…and I always love your photo art. These canvas type textures are gorgeous. LOVE them.

  12. Love the photo with the lovely day lilies popped into the mix of green.

    One main reason I’m looking forward to heaven is b/c I never [rarely, at best] had a good relationship with my Dad in this world. He was saved a few years before he died and we saw each other once for a very short time after his terminal cancer was closing his body. In heaven we will have lots to hammer about after all these years. THAT will be a truly Happy Father’s Day… I’ll finally be a gift of his.

  13. Yes, I hear it. I FEEL It.

  14. Honey what a nice way for me to end my day coming by here and reading your lovely sweet poetry.
    I do feel it and need to be still and listen more often. I am so Blessed and finding you is one of my Blessings.

  15. Beautiful words on a special day. Always inspirational to visit you!

  16. sometimes i forget to listen. thank you for the beautiful reminder…

  17. what lovely words and photos to celebrate your father!! You’re very lucky!!

  18. A father-whisper – a wonderful idea. Thinking about this I wish I could replace that yelling voice of mine with whispers. I offered a few whispers but I should have given more of them and less of the loud angry voice.

  19. This is so gently beautiful. Your photos lend such presence to your words.

    What a gift you have … and are.

  20. How I wish every day that my dad could be here to follow my blog, to know Rick and the kids, to have loved Gypsy like I did. This is such a gift.

  21. So beautiful, in that special way that you have.

    Stunningly beautiful photographs, as well! Do you take them knowing how you will use them, or do you write around them?

    xo, Anita

  22. Janaki Nagaraj says

    Beautiful tribute to a father. I was more closer to my mom, after she passed on, have become much closer to my dad. I like the look of your blog page…colorful.

  23. What a beautiful bit of poetry and your photos are gorgeous. Love all the color in the following post of flowers. Thanks so much for visiting my place and leaving comments, its lovely to find you.

  24. A precious post, even if it did make me feel a little sad.

  25. ro elliott says

    This is just beautiful…yes…HE tenderly calls our name…your pictures are just lovely. so glad you stopped by my place so I could find you…blesssings~

  26. Your words are a beautiful mirror of what our heavenly Father feels for us. And when you paint these words on your canvas for us, you help to pour His love into our hearts. Thank you for blessing me and so many others today. We all needed this, Jennifer!

  27. Lovely, gentle word portrait of a father.
    You are such a beautiful poet.
    So glad I stopped by.

  28. Like girls in skirts playing in the field. Love the thoughtful mood of the next photo.

  29. Like girls in skirts playing in the field. Love the thoughtful mood of the next photo.

  30. nice…such a warm feeling in this…the whispers…and the acknowledgement…i see you…dont we all want that on some level..smiles…

  31. tender and true. this is a blessing. thank you, jennifer.

  32. tender and true. this is a blessing. thank you, jennifer.

  33. Cousin Cathy says

    I wish I could write the beautiful words with such great meaning like you do. You are truly blessed. Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts.

  34. So beautiful, Jennifer! I love thinking about the “crinkles around his eyes”, that One who was wounded for us, who quiets us with his love, who rejoices over us with joyful songs.

  35. Beautiful, light airy love of a Father to us…I wish everyone knew this kind of love…

  36. that was joy

  37. You’ve given me such a beautiful image of God smiling down on me, thank you! His big heart thumping warm acceptance for who you are–loved it, and needed to read it. I want to fully embrace this kind of love our daddy has for us.

  38. You are a blessing of words Jennifer…so beautiful…and as always, such stunning photos. Have a wonderful weekend!

  39. you can hear the crinkle around his eyes…..i swear you have the BEST lines and words……i love that !!!

  40. For some reason these images make me think of fashion designer Thierry Mugler. It’s amazing the feelings that art can invoke.

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