There’s a river of glad in these petals,
deep veins of song,
and I’m rich because of their music,
how they swirl their poetry
generous over my eyes
till my soul is humming along

about how sweet the way of seasons
and sunshine and shadow,
and as their joy invites me
lean in close
I listen to them sing their lasts

like wise ones so full of living
at the end
who murmur grateful
about how faithful the love that kept them,
how wasteful the rush,
how needless the worry
how glad for even the hard wind blowing
that gave them their chutzpa
and stirred their muchness bright.

Their colors twirlng praise
for the grace that walks them home
and as their song trickles down peace
I catch a glimpse
…the old woman of me
many years from now,
her seasoned eyes shining with the memory
of my still-to-come.

 And nodding that it had been so good  to be,
that  there’d been nothing to fear.
God had this….had it all along
and this journey,
every second of it mine
not to strive
but to enjoy


  1. Oh my goodness, Jennifer, this is so beautiful! I have been thinking a lot lately about being in the moment and being able to just stop…and enjoy…not always thinking about what may come later or come next. We were meant to go more slowly, to savor, to be grateful not only for this day, but for the moments. I also LOVE your brilliantly bright bouquet. Those vibrant oranges and reds are like bursts of sunshine! Like you!

  2. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous !!

  3. colors twirling praise … that is poetry in motion and color my friend!!

  4. So lovely. Could hardly contain myself. Thank you.

  5. I hardly know where to begin or how to say how much this blossoms in my heart. What a gift of color in word and image.

  6. dearest jennifer,
    one of my wisest clients i’ve encountered in my practice
    shared w/me one day that she once heard the daffodils
    praising God. your post reminds me of this.
    LOVEyou. xox

  7. It’s all so beautiful, the flowers, the words, the message they contain.

  8. You’re my favorite blog poet. Again, so beautiful! 🙂

  9. Interesting. As I read, the words were taking the form of music in my head. It’s as if I was reading a beautiful, delicate song. I could hear the magnificence of the flowers, of life, of you. Thank you for that amazing experience.

  10. The vividness of the flowers’ color along with the pairing of your words is beautiful. I love the name of your blog.

  11. Your words and photos are always so special, I love my visits here.

  12. What beautiful poetry. It matches your photos perfectly. Thank you for sharing your river of glad.

  13. A beautiful river of glad and a wonderful reminder not to worry about the future, but to enjoy today. Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend, Jennifer!

  14. “Their colors twirlng praise
    for the grace that walks them home”

    Beautiful, colorful words, Jennifer. My heart just stopped when I read them. I want to be a flower in God’s garden, twirling praise for the grace that walks me home.”


  15. I think I see a theme forming in the comments, and I must join! “Their colors twirling praise for the grace that walks them home!” It may be cliche but these words are poetry in motion. And the brilliance of the colors in your photos capped it all so beautifully. I couldn’t stop my eyes from reading and absorbing the beauty of your words and the flowers. I am blessed!

  16. Gorgeous – words and photos. The vibrancy of those flower petals is awesome to behold. Glad I stopped by.

  17. Hi jennifer! When I saw the top picture I thought “wild abandon”. I love reading your words- they make my heart sing! patsy

  18. isn’t that the truth…if only i could remember that when i start worrying over things!

  19. Wow! These photos are gorgeous! Those flowers are show stoppers too! just being and not striving….oh if I could remember that every moment. Today I was at the park and a white duck came swimming up close to where I was sitting. She just played and played and then slept and slept and all of the time just enjoying the beautiful lake scenery around her and in the water. She stayed there almost the entire 2 hours I sat at that spot in the park. I felt like God put her there, just like your beautiful flowers to remind me that it was okay to just BE.

    Love to you Jen!
    ♥Lee Ann

  20. ‘not to strive
    But to enjoy’

    Your photos and words
    A perfect harmony
    Of peace and joy
    Balanced effortlessly
    In the flow
    Of life.


  21. Always such a joy to stop by here for beautiful images and words that bring a smile to my face. Much love to you.

  22. Message as always perfect and the beauty of His nature stunning. Blessings dear one.

  23. Little chills running through me with this one, Jennifer. Perfect!

  24. Your photographs and words really hit home for me. Such gorgeous flowers and wise phrases. Jennifer, you are amazing!

  25. bright, beautiful inspiration… with the perfect sprinkling of chutzpah.; )

  26. your flowers sure do have chutzpa.
    Do you grow all these flowers?

  27. you and your flowers sing a beautiful song.

  28. Wonderful colours.

  29. Beautiful melody of flowers!

  30. Oh how I love your flower photos…SO wonderful! Such intence clors you can almost taste them! Happy friday to you : )

  31. …and I do mean “colors” …snicker

  32. I sure do love how you put words together, my friend.

  33. Truly stunning, Jennifer. This post gave me goosebumps, in the best way. I adore these bright colors, too!


  34. Did you take these pictures yourself? They are gorgeous.

  35. These are beautiful. So full of color!!!!

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