I put my hands up…

Sleep slides through the cracks in my peace
where it split like a ripe tomato
roasting on the vine,
so tired it hurts,
the swelter in my heart
hotter than the wilting summer heat
and I reach out a floppy arm
to tag heaven in

 for some help with scooching over,
to see with cooler eyes
and find some fresh ways
like a fistful of new crayons
in colors I haven’t met before

and I start laughing at the words
that tumble silly from my mouth
– angels be busy,
kind of giggled, wholehearted,
because the knot at the end of myself
is feeling rubbed in butter
and I dangle,  swinging low.

And wouldn’t you know,
they swung low,  too,  to carry me some home,
some fresh cooling space to stretch out uncrowded,
and how it calms my wiggly spirit,
the pain no longer rolling me
and  a willowy feeling settled in
when I danced around the room.

And,  yeah,  I’d rather do life with more polish
like a band that’s tight
instead of what I am
but I put my hands up
and grin as they swirl the air
while angels being busy wrap my bits of earth in healing,
raining down protection,
infusing now with forever
like they do.

“Joy is the best makeup”   -Anne Lammott

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  1. joy IS the best make-up
    (awesome quote!!)
    + even better in berries.
    friend, your photos
    are so delicious
    + i wish you, always,
    refreshing sleep
    + sweet dreams.

  2. I love the Joy of blackberries! Yum! You know I like berries of all kinds. Have a joyful week!

  3. Polish is boring! I love seeing you swirl about freely!! Beautiful post.

  4. I think I’ve just been caught up into color-heaven … what a view!

  5. Amazing. You are amazing. You’ve really inspired me to start writing some (probably terrible) poetry. 🙂

  6. Every week I can’t wait to see your next blogpost. That’s why I signed up to receive them in my inbox. Hooray for subscribers! 🙂

  7. Your words are as lush as your photographed flowers. Love that second shot in particular. Beside all the other stresses of life, dealing with the anxiousness of a son in active duty, well that my friend I can only guess at, love the way you work through life and then transform it into powerful writings.

  8. Yay! YAY!!! Thanks for the chance to follow you again! You lead us down such beautiful paths.

  9. Gorgeous photos; the colors are delightful. AND the “Joy” made me grin deeply!!

  10. I agree with Terry reading your post makes me want try my hand at poetry. Such rich vivid imagery and love the accompanying photos.

  11. putting my hands up, along with you ( the colors here, as always, are overwhelmingly stunning.)

  12. Blessings and more blessings….. It is truly a blessings to come to your blog. To see how the Lord is using you. Thank you Jesus.

  13. This is beautiful writing! Thanks so much for stopping by my photography blog and leaving one of the kindest comments I have ever had. Your words “I really love the way you see.” humbled me low. But these are words that speak to a photographer’s heart. Because I am trying to get the viewer to see what I see and hopefully see God in all of it! Thanks so much!!

  14. Beautiful …stunning photos and love those blackberries!

  15. Oh Jennifer, you are consistently amazing. The well of inspiration you draw from waters many a thirsty soul!

  16. Wonderful words you weave here. Such colorful language. Starting with peach split like a ripe tomato roasting…

  17. “as i put my hands up” reminds me of the twins my daughter watches. they just turned 2 and they put there hands up and say, “raise the roof”…….xo

  18. happy to be resting in your colorfilled blooms and poetry my friend ~~ just stunning images!!

  19. You are so good at joy? You know/

    That’s one of the reasons I love you.

  20. there are always little phrases in your poems that jump out at me, that i am loving, such as; is feeling rubbed in butter, and like a fistful of new crayons…just awesome. you’re so creative with words!!

  21. Hi Jennifer! Have a great Fourth of July! Thanks for the chance to be a Follower again.
    Your poetry and brilliant colors make me smile.

  22. You ARE a wiggly spirit, I just know it! And you make me want to be one, too. Hope you had a beautiful 4th!

  23. I love
    that colour
    like honey
    from your words
    and I love
    that life
    like pop corn
    from every photo.


  24. Joy…life has felt a bit too heavy for joy to bubble up…I know it’s there, just sometimes hard to reach.
    Thank you for the reminder that I am carried and that there is joy in the knowing of that even when the feelings don’t accompany the truth of it.

    Much love to you sweet Jennifer!

  25. Flawless photos and cool indeed! How happy they make me feel!

  26. Wow so pretty

  27. Hello Jennifer, Thank you for visiting Reflections and Nature and for your friendly comments! So may I also visit you here and see your gorgeous flower shots, the beautiful butterfly and the blackberrries which know how to write the right words! How lovely to be a gardener! Wouldn’t you say that Nature is out best teacher?
    Have a beautiful day!
    Greetings from Sandra

  28. Amazing floral designs. I love it. Did you take these yourself?

  29. I love the picture with the butterfly. The pattern on its’ wings reminds me of a runway gown from Versace that was featured last season. So random I know lol. I also really like the picture that you took using blackberries. So creative.

  30. I enjoyed coming around after you showed up on the reader on my blog! Nice flowing words and joyful images!

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