keeping my love alive….

Because I’m not done yet,
resting still  like dough before it’s bread,
paint before it’s dry,
a promise before the  keeping
and no rushes about it,
’cause theres still money in the meter
and it’s not mine to pay.

and looking with hard eyes burns
the becoming
and rushing doesn’t gain me time.
I won’t  let the details drag me,
just keeping  my love alive,
I only need to keep my love alive.

whispers, they walk softly,
time soaking soft  this stony ground
no harm no foul,  tired soul of mine,
so I’ll slow this mind on down
just keeping this tender  love alive.

(patience is love when you’re doing something stretchy.)

“On soft Spring nights I’ll stand in the yard under the stars
-something good will come out of all things yet
and it will be golden and eternal
just like that.
There’s no need to say another word.”
-Jack Kerovac

The one who calls you is faithful and he will perform it~1 thess


  1. Our stories are still being written…

    So glad to be able to read part of yours!

    Much love and grace to you!

  2. may this Saturday of slowing down be a balm for your soul

  3. you are a beautiful soul.

  4. The beautiful taste of hope, keeping us all moving forward in whatever way and speed we need. Lovely.

  5. Hugs to you Jen. Love that last picture with the cloud formation. Awesomely powerful. God is good.

  6. Jennifer: I just soooooo love your words and pictures. What a perfect post for me to read this morning! I really can’t get enough of your writing and seriously think a publication is in your near future! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi sweet Jennifer, such wisdom to help us live by when there is nothing else we can do but to just wait patiently in hope until what is to come, comes to pass.

    Thanks for your visit, it always uplift my soul
    Blessings on your day. JB

  8. Gorgeous color and light..and such uplifting and inspiring words!

  9. your love is SO alive, dear heart.
    i adore all your art + photos.
    you pulse prettily. xox

  10. “theres still money in the meter” – Oh I like that idea.

  11. Well this just blessed my socks off! What wonder you create with your words.

  12. Love this whole thing! And I’m right there with you!! Thanks for expressing it so beautifully!

  13. Thanks for the comment on my ‘wordy’ blog – glad it helped you get a few breaths!

    Great selection of pictures – I love the colours and textures.


  14. Anne Camblin says

    money in the meter and not ours to pay—indeed! The last picture speaks so powerfully; as always, you bless us by sharing your gifts.

  15. I think you read my mind. Love the bird of hope. 🙂

  16. Honey what a prefect way to end my day! You always bless me in such a way when I am lucky enough to visit.
    I am looking forward to seeing your work published one day. So grateful God put you in my life. He always takes care of me.
    Thanks once again for bringing me joy
    Love ya

  17. Such beautiful photos; your heart shows in all that you do.

    Your words are perfect, and those you choose to quote are as well.

    Keep on keeping!

    xo, Anita

  18. thank you for this lovely encouragement in image and word. waiting patiently (and sometimes NOT so patiently) along with you…

  19. that first photo took my breath away …then the words swoop in and leave me even more so ….

  20. oh my

  21. I L O V E that first shot of the flowers against the wood! Gorgeous contrast. Also your words, and precious bluebird brighten my day………


  22. Hiya Jenn! Thank you for this wonderful post–so full of hope. I like the analogy of not rushing the bread dough, and especially that closing encouragement–“The one who calls you is faithful and he will perform it”.

  23. Your words are pictures ~ inspiring and hopeful. Your photographs continue the message with grace and beauty. It is always so rewarding to spend time with you here, Jennifer.

  24. Such beautiful words – – your pictures are lovely too! Seriously beautifully written – I’m going go read again. Thank you for stopping by my world this week and I’m so happy to be introduced to your world, too.

  25. Jenn, you are beautiful. Thank you for your words.

  26. You do have the best photos ever!


  1. how to sing opera

    keeping my love alive….

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