break-of-day dancing….

It’s been bliss to make nice again
with early mornings,
to raise my hands into still dark sky
and wiggle free,
unloading heavy things
into hands so warm and open and available
they tug the sun up through the woods
while the birds prattle joy
and candles burn slow,
flickering pear and patchoulli
and I take it in hungry
and my body knows the smile of Love
hugging me close
and grinning at my freedom
with knowing nod
….getting me
and eyes dancing welcome,

It’s good to be welcome,
embraced by day,
and there is somewhere for the anger to go,
angry about  those horses harmed
and that mom spitting meanness at her boy
and all the hurtful wrong schmeared on thick and painful

and when I need to lay my mind down
on something soft and tender-strong
and remember the shepherd thing
and take in faithfulness wrapped in skin
and hear “yeah,  it’s bad,  but I’ve got this”,
even when my stomach screams hard
for justice and change,
and my  hands burn to throw rocks
at everything cruel,
to stone it until the rage drains off
and my heart goes all peaceable again,

I can dance on it,
paint and sing and shout and say it out
in stuff You take as prayer
so I’m making friends again
with mornings early
and for this tired heart of mine
it’s. pure. bliss.


  1. Sometimes I find it difficult for my heart to find balance without spilling it’s content when it’s strings are being pulled every which way by all the uglies, whipping around me, around all of us ,but then I see beauty in the littlest things and my heart finds it’s own level and my footsteps quickens.

    How nice to be able to dance in a new day like you do by letting the heavy burdens of anger, fear and resentment dissipate like dew in the warmth of the sun rays.

    Your words smells like a rose garden in all it’s beauty and they stir my soul.

    Hugs, JB

  2. I love this. There is something incredibly special about those early moments and reveling in Him.

  3. Making nice with early mornings. Oh, there is so much in this. And when we scream to stone cruelty, we can dance on it. Paint it, sing it, shout it, write it…and He takes it as a prayer.

  4. embracing each part of ones day is a gift that you wear so well..thank you for your poetic space here!!

  5. Jody Lee Collins says

    Jennifer–what bright joy everywhere on this page. And the wonderful words to go with it.
    I love that you’re a gardener. I’ll be back! (for advice).

  6. What a wonderful way to handle anger and pain…to dance on it in the early mornings with God. So beautiful.

  7. I love love love it every time I drop by your blog. This post resonated very strongly with me … and also reminded me lovingly of Mary Oliver’s poetry.

  8. Oh my, I soooo love this! Moments of bliss mixed in poetic writings. Wonderful!
    The second part of your poem totally resonates with my feelings…it makes me smile.
    Really, you’ve made my day with this post 🙂 I think I’m gonna read it a couple of times through the day as a small reminder.
    The artworks are really cute too. 🙂

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  9. i can’t pull my gaze away from your art this morning…
    take time + just breathe say the wings ~ ~ ~
    + show your sweet face in the middle.
    thank you. lovelove. xox

  10. Jen you really do have to get your writing out there to a wide audience, it’s so powerful, raw and real and uplifting too, not easily done my friend.

  11. You say so beautifully what I have felt…especially this past hard, hard week. I have tried so hard with this child in my class, only to receive one of the most scathing emails Tuesday morning, from her mother…and oh, how I wanted to scream and run and throw stones at cruelty as my heart filled with depression and anger. But I remembered to breathe…and I practiced letting it go like a butterfly…so I could fill up with goodness and cast out the dark. And I love mornings again. Special love to you, too, oh sensitive one, Kath

  12. Dancing, singing, painting is prayer. Keep sharing these jewels. I will keep these words close today.
    Thank you.
    kathy anne

  13. I love your words and photos…spo glad I’ve found your site. I will be back!

  14. Mornings…the time to begin everything anew and set our intentions for the day. To know that what you DO as you live your life is the ultimate prayer….Love to you and your powerful words. xo

  15. What a glorious post. “I can dance on this.” Love it! And I feel the same way about mornings – it’s a wonder I ever want to sleep in and miss them!

  16. Rising in the early morning now dances with new meaning.

  17. Just gorgeous, colourful and inspiring…you speak through your pictures xxx

  18. Hello–I am not a morning person…but I wish I were. The black capped chicadees only sing in the morning, for example, and I”m usually going to bed when they are starting up!

    I wonder if I can turn things around.

    Miss you, dear friend.

  19. I am often left without words after soaking in your verse. I just want to say thank you. Your blog is my hot bath at the end of the long day – I am now refreshed.

  20. I swear, your whole life is a poem. Thank you for sharing it here.

  21. This post touched me deeply Jennifer. Thank you. xxxxx

  22. To see like a gardner and just breathe — breathe in His Presence, living and full and deep. Someone to take it all and love anyway…with abandon. Ahhhh…just joy! These words, your heart spilling over, shared as a gift. Beauty and grace to greet the morning.

  23. Ohhhhh, I had a visit! I love to see this friend come through the fence of air expanse, and into the backdoor of the monitor and give me a neighborly hug of encouragement. AND, then I return a visit through that same expanse and open the back door of her monitor to thank her and encourage her………and, what happens? She invites me to share bliss and dance with her. Truly, your flowers are running over!!!!!! I will leave here again happy.

  24. oh such a beautiful post…you have said so well how i feel in the morning, with my coffee, linking up with people who say things like this…thank you for writing this today

  25. Mornings are a blessing. I don’t always feel that way when my baby is up at dawn. But I try to be grateful. Thanks for the beautiful reminder. xo

  26. this is why i don’t watch the news…but when i do catch wind of cruelty and bad behavior, you are right…all you can do is breathe deeply, send light and let go. otherwise the anger at the injustice would eat me alive.

    (love your garden art!!)

  27. Those words were bliss! You’ve got a great heart. 🙂

  28. I so hear you, Jennifer, as you rail against cruelty and injustice. And I love the idea of ‘laying my mind down on something soft and tender-strong…’
    Finding inspiration in the early morning – something I need to get back to!
    Thank you for the inspiration. You have such a beautiful gift and we’re so fortunate to be able to take in your heartfelt thoughts and words.

  29. Peace when it’s ugly is a hard thing for me. I often struggle with the cruelty I’ve seen, and continue to see, in the world. Knowing that there are beautiful people like you in the world calms my heart during those times, and brings me to the hopeful, spinning place again.
    Your words are luminous, you are luminous.
    xoxo, Anita

  30. Sweet hugs to you my friend! Blessings.

  31. I too feel frustration amid injustice and have to take a moment to know that I do not need to own it, just give it up. I love how you can find serenity as you paint, sing, dance and be free.

  32. Oh, I like that, “remembering the Shepherd thing” and the little guy with his neck through the fence.

  33. Ahhhhh, you always make me smile! Thank you!

  34. Wow. Strong emotion here. You captured it well.

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