Like the color purple….

Winterness can make my belly go cold,
a snoozy fog rolling  in heavy
can steal away vision,
till I feel stuck and sick and sad
faking me out of joy.

Yeah,  the gray can take me
unless I tend the fire in my belly.
And so I light candles and squeeze radiance into my tea
and slowly slice thin ribbons of kale into soup,
and drizzle thanks over everything
like sweet raspberry jam.

And I have to get my legs free…..move them like the light depends on it,
and dig for bright unexpecteds
(like painting cabinets with blackboard paint)
hidden like precious truffles
and hold them warm to face
and sniff them deeply
inhaling the moist creative breath of Love
until it shimmers me awake
like mystic steam rising from morning mug.

And yesterday’s grace….. The Color Purple on stage,
deep medicine for my soul
rich powerful words that I can’t stop singing,
won’t stop until I sing my heart wide open:

“I believe I have inside of me everything I need
to live a bountiful life
with all the love inside of me
I’ll stand tall as the tallest tree
and I’m thankful for everyday that I’m given,
both the easy and the hard ones I’m livin’
But most of all I’m thankful for loving who I really am.
I’m beautiful.  Yes,  I’m beautiful.
And I’m here.”
(- I’m Here,  from the musical score of The Color Purple)

No matter how cold your fingers and toes
how tired your eyes, how sleepy the sky
and hard your feet against frozen ground,
stoke the fire inside tummy-to-summer-sand toasty
……keep your belly warm.

“Like the color purple
where do it come from?
now my eyes are open,
look what God has done.”
(from The Color Purple)


  1. love the joyfulness of your kitchen my friend. Surround yourself with the gift of colour, light and explosions of joy. So glad you got to see the musical, seems it just what you needed 🙂

  2. yes, look what God has done….
    he gifted you beautiful one with everything you need, yes…and he also placed this deep connection to the earth he created, knew you would love it, tend it, nurture it, coax it to life…as the life inside of you blossomed.

    i so love your heart, your spirit that is you!

  3. I love visiting here. you inspire me with your words, your heart, your beauty shining, your spirit soaring.


    thank you.

  4. Ah yes! Amen!

    What a wonderful, warm, welcoming kitchen.

    Purple. The color of royalty.

  5. Song! Love that music. Thank you for singing ” Purple”!!!!!!

  6. i’m thinking i want to drink the same tea you are drinking!
    + i love your cabinets! + how fun/meaningful/soulful/deep belly beautiful to see the color purple!
    oh yes, we do all need such winter nutrients (badly!).
    looooove gorgeous you! xox

  7. Loving the way you color the world through your words and images.

    Are those some of ELK’s gentle birds gracing your kitchen?

  8. i think i want to start drizzling thanks over everything, too…..i love that !!

  9. hmmm…i love the words to that song…will have to check out if the Color Purple will be in my area too!

    Having lived in WI for a very long time and now in California…I know exactly what you’re talking about!! You put it so eloquently…way better than i ever could!!

  10. It is warming to discover inspiration from something simple. Like…paint, chalk, a good play. Winter sucks the life out of me, too, my friend! Keep creating!

  11. I, too, believe that we have everything we need inside us. Sometimes its easy to forget it’s there, but yes indeed, we do have that. (And I love your kitchen!) Hugs!

  12. You have a very inspired kitchen, Jennifer. I love how you tend to the fire in your belly, so colourfully 🙂

  13. I, too, need sunshine and color in my life to keep me going. (Your kitchen put an instant smile on my face). Although, I do have to admit, I do love fog!

  14. Dang woman…. your house is so cheerful and bright! I love bright colors. Hmmmmmm……. maybe you have given me an idea. Thank you for sharing dear one. Blessings.

  15. Such beautiful and inspiring words. Love that kitchen of yours!

  16. Love those cabinets! I just ‘pinned you’ on Pinterest, I am going to have to paint some cabinets now….just so I can play with chalk! Hmmmmmm…….hope you are having a great day Jennifer!

  17. I am so happy that you enjoyed ‘The Color Purple’ so much! I had hoped that you would.

    Your kitchen is making me very happy as well; what a perfect setting for your bright and beautiful self!

    I would love to join you there for a cup of tea.

    xo, Anita

  18. Your kitchen looks so warm and inviting! I would love to have cabinets covered in chalkboard paint. Loved the quotes from “The Color Purple”.

  19. I can always find inspiration and joy here. Thank you, Jennifer!

  20. chalk art cupboards – wheeeee
    and the cutest kitchen sink window and sill I’ve ever seen
    truly a home where the kitchen is the heart

    and is that a fossil rock I see?

  21. What a warm and welcoming kitchen! Love the feel of your post and your home. That canvas on the counter is calling to me.

  22. That first image absolutely thrills my soul. Thank you, my friend, for your encouraging words over at my place. I appreciate them and you more than I can say.

  23. I’m one of the authors of The Color Purple. So happy our words and music spoke to you so. I live by them everyday. Much Purple light sent your way.

  24. What a lovely kitchen you have! Thank you for continuing to post beautiful things that help me feel better.

    I haven’t seen The Color Purple yet. I saw the movie when it came out, but I was rather young and I’m afraid it made me feel rather depressed. I should probably read the book–I know I would get more out of it now!


  25. Hey, what a dear, sweet COLOURFUL person you are 🙂

  26. simply beautiful. But most of all I’m thankful for loving who I really am.
    I’m beautiful. Yes, I’m beautiful. And I’m here.” love.

  27. i LOVE those overblown roses in the pottery vase…such a rich explosion of life and color. and you’re right, we need to look for it. even in the grey times…

  28. “drizzle thanks over everything” what a great thought. Are those your words are from the song?

  29. You are such a beautiful soul Jen, and I’m glad that you are seeing it too! I can just feel the joy of your inside heart exploding as you wirte these words for us to read. I’m so glad you share your heart like you do.
    ♥Lee Ann

  30. you have a heart filled with light and love my friend happy to “know” you and spend time in your color filled space!! xo

  31. mmmmm…such sweet words
    love your cozy kitchen

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