a warm little bliss list….

I’m joining my joy with Liv’s little bliss list…… sweet somethings that have us all grinning and giddy
this week:

~Sunshine……mounds of the golden stuff,
warm and comforting,
buttery grilled cheese for my soul.

~appointment with a gifted nutritionist,
a generous gift from a gorgeous soul,
new supplements already peeling back fatigue,
and I’m feeling less Winnie the Pooh.

~trekking miles and miles,
sweet wild rambles with friends
through shimmery woods.
and each day,  sunshine joined us.  Happy sigh.

~Refurbished some of last season’s Valentines
and printed on rosey specked recycled paper
with new envelopes in fresh delicious shades of color.

which got me to thinking about hearts and all the ways they get broken, sick, heavy, cold and hard
and WILDLY grateful for all the ways Love can heal, restore, warm, lighten and lift them.

~velvety rich heartshare with youngest son while playing
ping pong.
(so, yes, the new table IS totally worth the space it takes up)

~Hearing my older son’s voice on the phone
from Afghanastan
for the first time since Christmas day
…..still full up from that beautiful, beautiful sound.

~A Spring-like thaw has me outside in T-shirts,
sunkissed freckles out of hibernation
and I know
it needs to go cold again,
to freeze deep the bulbs and bugs and let Winter happen
  this has been a dazzling intermission
and I’m wallowing in every sweet minute of it.

~Sunshine.  Did I mention the sun has been shining it’s big warm heart out?

Bliss List


  1. Your collage is great; beautiful colors! I like your blissful moments also.

  2. such strange unseasonal weather
    glad you’re finding the bliss in it all

  3. LOVE the refurbished collage wishes..so creative ..enjoy the beauty of natures intermission!! such a cool way to think about it!!

  4. Love your bliss list, and your photos/art. Nancy Lennon

  5. You bless my socks off with your description of this past week….I’m loving the weather too but instead of kids bringing my soul laughter it’s my grandkids….I guess it doesn’t matter as long as we get those call, hugs, and play time……

  6. Jennifer, I love how it’s one great thing after another! This made me giddy. More! More!

  7. oh yes, liv is so fun to play with!!
    + oh jennifer, love your list!
    all your words are valentines to me.

  8. So much delightful color to enjoy here.

    May your Sunday be ever-filled with bliss.

  9. Thank you for your sunshine and bliss. Here, we have had days of rain, snow, fog, and severe winds. I needed some sun from dear Jennifer… Ahhhhh. Beautiful. So happy that your son in Afganistan called… I can hear and feel the sweet love. Hugs, Kathy

  10. So much to be thankful for…to love. What a thrill it must have been to hear your son’s voice…I can so relate..and only imagine!

  11. Jennifer, as I read your beautiful blissful expression of gratitude, you remind me of a colorful butterfly , happily lighting on fresh open blossoms on a warm sunny Spring day. Swooping from blossom to blossom, tasting the sweet nectar. I’m happy for you. Hugs. JB

  12. from now on, those freckles/sun spots are going to be considered “sun kissed” as
    that sounds so much better !!

  13. Your bliss list is as beautiful as you are, Jen!
    I’m so happy that you are finding relief from fatigue. I know that feeling well; not fun.
    Valentines to share ~ yay!
    A call from one son, and a game with another? That truly is bliss.
    Happy Sunday to you and yours, lots of love, too.
    xo, Anita

  14. Your way with words is so beautiful and inspiring…what a wonderful list of bliss :).

  15. Jen, I cannot get over how rich in color God’s flowers are. They are magnificent! Blessings to you dear one.

  16. We’re having unseasonably warm weather too! Runners are out in shorts and t-shirts. I walked with Ellie — no gloves, light sweater.

    How blissful that you heard your son’s voice Sigh. So wonderful. So happy for you!

    I believe in love too!

    Love your colours and flowers and spirit.

  17. hi m’dear : )

    I think you’d love Suzanne’s post today too (Privet and Holly)…she’s got a list going as well! : )

    speaking of supplements…..ya might wanna check out Wild Yam….it was a *life saver* for me….(erased peri-menopausal symptoms) …it’s about $9 a bottle and you just take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening….a plant estrogen…..trust me on this one!

    Glad a little bliss has floated your way over there, Jen…..thanks for floating it our way as well….

    (my brother is relocating to Bagram….is that anywhere near your son?)

    hope you have a good week, Jen,
    (sorry for my fragmented reply….worked late tonight and am so sleepy!)

  18. love all the color in these photos! color is definitely bliss-making 😉

  19. It’s is always a JOY
    to visit your beautiful and inspiring blog.

    Seriously, those pansies are amazing.

    Thanks for sharing the BLISS.

    Love it!


  20. Your posts always put a smile on my face! The weather these past couple of days have been splendid!!

  21. great collection of thoughts all pulled together with the undertone of gratitude!! (i am jealous of the ping pong table…always wanted one as an adult!!)

  22. what a sweet wonderful post of joy
    sohappy it is happening to sweet wild you

  23. Feeling completely blissful! Sooooo sweet to read about the call from your son. And a ping pong table! Oh you lucky girl! I haven’t played in ages………….

  24. Oh I love your media work! WOW! I may use it some time in a blog post – ALL credit/link to you of course!

  25. I enjoyed the way you contrasted the down ways (sick, heavy) with the up ways (restore, warm).
    I hope your son and his fellow troops finish their job over in Afghanistan soon and return home.

  26. How delightful once again, Jennifer! I’m glad you’re feeling better, and waxing poetic. I loved every minute of it.

  27. You have much about which to be giddy! I’m reveling in a 50-degree day today — it will chill off, of course, but today was a gift!

  28. There is so much blissful beauty on this earth that you just can’t help yourself taking a moment to admire it.

    healthy diet

  29. Peggy Krantz says

    I see you’re re-doing (love your Valentines)- doing ( love your kitchen)! Always inspiring! I’m so glad you’re not Winnie the Poohing but he s adorable even if he’s a little slow and whiney! I’m so glad youre getting sunshine in your day and your soul so that you reflect that light and gratefulness to us!

  30. I can feel the sun way over here! I read your son is coming home for a visit. How wonderful!!

  31. Not questioning the great weather happening here … I’ll just accept it. Love the collage!

  32. A bliss list linky? I should have done that with my Sweet! list! You’ve got a wonderful light-filled list of bliss here and I’m glad!! Hope your next week’s list is just as long!

  33. It is a bitterly cold day here in Italy so I am staying warm and cosy by the fire and catching up on my blog reading. Your photos and words of bliss brightening my afternoon.

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