windy wobbles and winsome waves…

“I need to get to the sea,”  I said,
to lean against the winds
and let the waves wash over the weeks of ache
until sky stretches out wide inside my chest,
rising and falling,
with the rhythm of the tides.”

But the week wouldn’t roll with my wishes,
wouldn’t wait for me to go and return
so I leaned instead into Love like-an-ocean
and let the clay of me
dip deep in the waves that appeared
once I traded wanderlust for here and now.

There were whisps of Autumnlight,
like sunsparkles on big water,
and wild wooly winds whipping willows overhead
as I stood beneath
and let them coach my soul easy.

There were waffles and winesaps
and whispering grasses gone dry,
their breezy waving and whooshing a golden tide
finding my weak and wobbly places
and soothing them soft
with great affection.

Right here.
Right now….just where I am completely
there is an Ocean
and I am in it
and it swells and rolls inside me,
it’s gentle comfort brushing back my hair
like the sound of seashell held to wondering ear.

Listen.  Do you feel it?
Go slow and savor.

“If grace is an ocean we’re all sinking.”  
                             – John Mark McMillan



  1. Jennifer, this is such a beautiful poem. It makes me feel like joining you on this soothing journey. I’m so in need of some rest at the moment.

    Here the wind is blowing strong crashing the waves on the river shore ripping leaves from trees and all I want is a little nap to regain my vigor. Have a blessed weekend.
    Thanks for your visit I”m always honored to have you visit. JB

  2. I love this, an ocean within. Once again you’ve painted us a vivid picture of the season and the season of your soul, our souls. You always give us a glimpse of our humanity and wash us with hope. Then there are the beautiful, vivid photos, what a feast.

  3. Your words are magic taking me away where I want to be…Thank you 🙂

  4. But the week wouldn’t roll with my wishes

    I want to go the city . . . but the month hasn’t rolled with mine 🙂

    thanx for this reminder to find the elements of and observe how they are with me already

  5. So, so beautiful–and so needed in my day! Thank you, sweet Jennifer. I mentioned this post in today’s Spotlight at my blog:

    Sending you waves of love and gratitude!

  6. Oh how I have missed you my friend……I miss your pictures you paint with words your pictures you paint with a brush and your pictures you take with a camera……I love this post… goes to show me that I can be in another location and all it’s beauty in my heart’s mind……

    Thank you sweet girl for refreshing my soul……

  7. oh yes, how often i want something out of reach, or of a different time.
    instead, you remind me of now. call me. waves knock on my door.
    such a welcome visitor.

  8. “And let them coach my soul easy”

    Your words
    washing waves of feeling
    deep within
    moving always into
    the ocean
    of love
    where we play
    like children at the edge of the sea
    I joyfully thank you

  9. Nice looking blues mixed with great variety others.
    You are right an ocean doesn’t need water.

  10. Yes – we all carry that ocean within us…even when the weeks don’t roll with our wishes. Simply beautiful – all of every way..with every word!

  11. yes!! how he loves us so, oh how he loves us, how he loves us so….
    we sang that song this morning…
    you have been on my heart, as have both your sons.

    grace, love, and so much love to you dear Jen!

  12. Thanks for reminding me I carry the sea within me. “…and let them coach my soul easy.” I stood beneath some oaks yesterday morning and gazed up at the sky through their branches – thanks for putting words to what I felt.

  13. What you paint with your words is beauty and ocean-filled waves.

  14. How I enjoyed these beautiful words tonight. As always I love your poems.

  15. goodness gracious how i love your attitude and we are on the same cloud filled wave length ..its a good thing I say!!

  16. This ocean poem…it speaks to me and tells me, once again, to savor the moment and roll in the waves! How beautiful…:)

  17. Magical words and beauty in each line. All these photos are great!

  18. What a remarkable quote. Thank you for ending this magic with that quote. I’m off to explore the author.

  19. You have the most beautiful way with words! I can actually feel the ocean, without moving a step. Thank you for that, and the reminder to be present in the here and now. That is very important to me, but at times overlooked.
    Love, love, love,

  20. Jennifer,

    Yes, I felt it … especially when I read,
    “waves wash over the weeks of ache
    until sky stretches out wide inside my chest,
    rising and falling,
    with the rhythm of the tides.”

    Your words and photos also seem to take
    me to the deepest place where healing begins.

    You are so gifted.

  21. Jennifer, your poetry makes me breathe in the salt air, even here, even now. It’s good to lean, isn’t it? Thanks. PS:I love your W’s.

  22. thank you for this much needed Rest tonight, my friend…..a big deep breath…….

    passing on a passage I read tonight…..hope it’s a deep breath for you too….

    isaiah 54:11, 12 —

    “O you afflicted one,
    Tossed with tempest, and not comforted,
    Behold, I will lay your stones with colorful gems,
    And lay your foundations with sapphires.
    12 I will make your pinnacles of rubies,
    Your gates of crystal,
    And all your walls of precious stones.”

    much love,
    your friend,

  23. Your blog is my happy place.


  24. WOW! Your photography is AMAZING Jen! Love each one of these photos but especially the last photo of the sky. I think you should enlarge some of them and sell them.
    I’m so thankful for “grace”. Not sure what I would be without it.
    You are a light of grace to this world Jen! You brighten up the blog world and I’m sure if I met you in person, you would brighten up a place right across the table from me at the coffeehouse!

    Love and Hugs,
    Lee Ann

  25. Beautiful Jen. Thank you for sharing as always. Blessings and hugs.

  26. Hi again, Jennifer- woke up to Time for a Cool Change on the Oldies station. Remember that gem? Your comments always brighten my day.

  27. Wow! Beautiful Photos! Especially the first one… it belongs in a magazine!

    God Bless and have a Wonderful Week 🙂

    *The Old Geezer Blog

  28. What a beautiful soul you are.

  29. Once made me pause and absorb your beautiful words..thank you. When I read your poem, it made me think of a dreamy animation you might enjoy..

  30. Nothing is more healing to me than the ocean. I am glad you have found yours within.

  31. I was just checking in with you about the swap. I hope it was wonderful and encouraging. Thanks so much for playing along with year. I always have such a good time watching people make new friends.

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