all will be well…..

Once I was seven and zooming
on hand-me-down rollerskates
……rocketing down the slight incline of  smooth concrete driveway
and onto the spine-tingling roadway with it’s rough grade jarring my bones
clattering my teeth
and blurring houses and trees with speed

until my feet disengaged from the pavement
and flew skyward, 
the weight of the skates flinging them high and out,
 the  sharp crack to my lower back
 grinding the air from my body with
swift mortar and pestle efficiency.

“Help!  can’t.  breathe”…..I rolled over onto my knees and tried to cough the words out.
Stunned,  I crawled toward my mother who would  pound on my back
and help ease the air back inside.

Such a shock……freedom and flight
and then sudden plunge into pain and suffocation.
It rocked me,  this deliciousness so harshly plundered.

I’m feeling seven and slammed again,
 thoroughly knocked clear of words ,
sprawled on rough pavement waiting,
for air to find it’s way back inside
and re-fill my caved in places.

It will come
and I’ll catch the kiss heaven blew me
as my eyes caught the sign on the bus
that took my son
“trust”,  it said……and so did his eyes
as he climbed inside
and I’ll breathe it in deep
and let it billow and lift the heaviness
sitting hard on my chest


“all will be well
and all shall be well
and all manner of thing shall be well.” 
                     ~Julian of Norwich

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