wildflower grace…

Unspoken love
chatters happily in May,
blooming along roadsides
and spilling down embankments
from fields laughing out loud in daisies and buttercups,
walking right on through my walls
of striving and control
more easily than all the fussy gardens I know
daisy sky
until I’m feeling the updraft
of wildflower grace
~let go
~let go
~let go.
(Isn’t effortlessness gorgeous!)


  1. Yes… it's all so colorfully wonderful right now. Along with the flowers, the birds are making me so so happy. Every time I look out the window and see these little indigo buntings, it simply leave me in awe. What a wonderful color! Nature knows how to live, and we really should learn from the wildness and just leave things alone. I love your wildflowers photos!

  2. S. Etole says

    I love the way they dance as they coax …

  3. Great photos of wild flowers. They are so carefree and perfect. They don't mind sharing space with other who choose to grow by their side, still they look their best. JB

  4. that's why I am drawn to them…i would take a bouquet of them over any other kind…

    much love to you!

  5. the graceful stems in these photos just really make them simply poetic ..you have such a touch and view with your camera & and breathless words

  6. Wild flower Grace…now that is just about the most powerful imagery of Grace that I've ever heard. Can't tell you how that phrase reached out and grabbed me. Bless your Grace filled heart!

  7. Oh yes!! I am so in love with wildflowers and we don't have enough of them here – especially not yet. You made my morning, dear one!

    {p.s. loving all the sprucing up you've done to the blog!}

  8. Christina says

    yes, just* so *gorgeous.

  9. i love the composition on all these photos…and the words….oh so fabulous !!!

  10. Hindsfeet says

    Oh Jen!!!!!! You are just WONDERFUL, in case no one's told you today….

    …I laughed out loud for Joy at the end of this post and breathed a deep, audible, involuntary Breath reading your words, "let go, let go, let go"……..

    …..*oh* how these words rushed in to me like the tide coming in to shore…….

    Thank you Darling Girl ~*

  11. rachel awes says

    these photos are beautiful!
    i gaze up at the sky,
    along with them.
    today they point me there,
    in their pure white outfits.
    loooooove you, jennifer!!!

  12. Oh I want to be a wildflower too in a field right beside Y♥U!!! No striving or control issues ever again keeping me (us) from blooming as freely as we were created to be!

    I just love how wildflowers surprise us sometimes in the most unexpected places. Now every time I see a wildflower, this word picture Jennifer, that you have beautifully written, will forever be attached to it like a bow. THANK Y♥U.

    ♥Lee Ann

  13. PaperPumpkin says

    Lovely! That second photo really makes me happy. ♥kathy

  14. Just Be Real says

    Jen, this is so wonderful and lovely. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  15. How beautiful! These wildflowers really do make my heart soar!

  16. Odd Chick says

    you have no idea how much this helped me today. i've been telling myself to let go, let go, but now I have a beautiful visual, and beautiful words that can take me there so much easier. yes, this new attempt at effortlessness feels gorgeous.

  17. Anonymous says

    So gorgeous. I do love that Emmerson quote, "Earth laughs in flowers." It's such a perfect quote for you. So you.


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