love in the time of tulips…

These are the days of tulips and lushness,
each patch of earth a living painting.
I wallow in the beauty
that someone’s vision has become
while winter wasn’t paying attention.
During this exuberant season,  our gardening business gets lots of calls
from potential customers
asking us to come and make their places look
like the ones all decked out in delight.
They want magical, too
These are built in the Fall,  we explain.
Often many seasons ago.
We’re glad to begin the work, help blaze a path,
but if you want the real jewels….  it’s a process.
It takes intention.
Without shameless vision,  bulbs-to-beauty doesn’t happen.
I think about this in the time of tulips.
I don’t want to look back on my life
and regret how much more I could have
built,  been, changed or loved
if I’d have only planted more,
envisioned more,
asked for more.
Polite or not,  I’m asking.


  1. process, intention, vision…i want the real jewels, but sometimes i don't want to wait.

    i wish tulips did better here – winters not cold enough…

    these are beautiful photos Jennifer!

  2. oh I smile at the way they are swaying in the final shot to the rhythm of your poetry here .. such a bright and happy series that celebrates winter not paying attention!!

  3. Just Be Real says

    Oh my gosh are those ever lovely tulips Jen. What beauty. Appreciate you sharing those pictures. Such rich color. Imagine God making all these colors for our pleasure. Awesome. Blessings.

  4. For the book my friend for the book. It's message is for me as well, I'm so glad you found the words to express my heart as well. And the pictures, oh the pictures I can see I need to put one as my desktop wallpaper 🙂

  5. Erin Butson says

    Hi Jennifer, I love this idea of investing, sowing, planting, asking big now and the waiting and trusting, with no regrets, that these will blossom and grow in ways we never could even hope for or imagine or expect. nature always gives the best metphors for life & you always help me see them– and it's such a gift you give to me & all of us who coem here. xoxo

  6. rachel awes says

    i just left you a comment & not sure if it worked! oi! it's so interesting because i wrote about how such lovelies, like tulips, involve faith in what is not seen (all those planted underground months)…& then poof! there (seemingly)went my little words!
    & so i persevere to shoot up again, with my little bit of green love to you. xox

  7. Jennifer,
    I love visiting your blog. I feel like there is always so much beauty and magic waiting for me.
    Thank you from my heart, my friend.

  8. The time of preparation so important to the beauty to come … what a sight this is!

  9. oh crap….you have tulips…..makes my turtles a bit sleepy with all that color !!!…

  10. Jennifer, your tulips are so beautiful, it's worth all the preparations and planning in the fall and Mother Earth rewards our patience with such beauty in the spring. Thanks for sharing. JB

  11. Chris Graham says

    Oh my goodness I just this moment found you. The pictures you took of the tulips are incredible. I used to live outside of Baltimore and there was a park that had thousands. Thank you.

  12. One of my favorite spring traditions is buying masses of tulips for my dining room table.

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