Hello September


Hello September
with your mellowing light,
apples turning ripe on the hills,
warm sunshine and turquoise skies
coaxing the last bit of summer
from the vines.

I’m soaking it in
…tucking away memories
along the backroads of my mind
for the raw, gray wintry days
to come.

I can almost feel the planet
picking up speed
…the year dipping toward the horizon
like a brilliant sunset.


  1. Beautifully said, a poetic salute to the remains of a year. Great photos as well, they vibrate with life

  2. I can see summer coming to an end in my garden too! These photos of sunflowers are beautiful. Especially the one with the butterfly. I'd like to be that butterfly! Are these photos from your garden?

    God has sure blessed you with the perfect job – Professional Gardner- that fits your passions so well. I'm sure you get all kinds of writing ideas from being out in beautiful nature and helping it to grow.

    I want on the list to buy your book when it is all finished. You bless my heart so!

  3. I heard the first acorn hit our tin roof a few days ago. I love that sound, it means fall is on it's way. Oh how I love the smell of apples, apple cider, the smell of the smoke from fireplaces burning. Fall is my favorite time of year. As the bears go into hibernation I seem to come alive. Summer heat just zaps me.

  4. Welcome, oh welcome to my favorite month – September!!

  5. PaperPumpkin says

    Happy September! Your golden sunflowers and bright butterfly just warm my heart and make me smile! Can you see it? ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Dancing Brush by Cheri says

    Love this post. Sunflowers always make me think about summer ending and fall colors approaching.

  7. rachel awes says

    i am
    so grateful
    to have
    on our
    this year.
    with heart full,

  8. as half the world welcomes
    cooler days and golden leaves
    we in the southern hemisphere
    are putting on our dancing shoes
    and welcoming new growth that is spring

    I love your words and photo

  9. I for one, am thankful for this particular sunset…….ready for an end……

    ….and a beginning……..

    Sweet peaceful weekend to you, my friend,

  10. As always your words are beautiful and soothing to the soul….I love coming for a visit because I always leave in a better frame of mind……

    New seasons are always exciting and have their own special events and I look forward to what this new fall is going to bring in it's basket of goodies……..

    Love your photos….have a special weekend and hugs to you friend……
    By the way, I want a book too……

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  11. welcoming words and photos …

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